Essay on Childhood Obesity: The McDonalds Generation


The children are considered to be overweight if they have an excess body fat. The number of children with obesity has increased dramatically in last decades, the question, our qualified writing team tried to answer in this essay, is why and, what is more important, how overcome this looming health problem.

Childhood Obesity Essay: Who is Responsible?

Firstly, it would be a mistake to underestimate the scale of the obesity, both of children and adults, but the reason why this article is concentrated exactly on the child problem, is that adults are thought to be able to manage with their problem by themselves as they are believed to be conscious and to know what is better for them. On the other side the problem of children obesity is much more difficult to resolve as there are a lot of cases when children just couldn’t realize that they have a health problem. What is more, the fact that they should refuse all junk food, which are especially tasty for children, and do physical exercises day in and day out can be a true tragedy for the next generation. So when one day parents suddenly realize that their offspring has an obesity, the main problem here for them is to force him/her to lose weight. From the point of view of our online paper service, the best way without doubt is to motivate, but you should be experienced enough to know how to do this, so if you get along with your child well, it wouldn’t be a great deal for you.  All in all, it is necessary for parents not to close their eyes to their child’s obesity, or delay the problem’s solution, but pull themselves together and start to combat it.


In order to know exactly how to solve the problem, it’s important to reveal the factors which cause it. Actually nowadays a great dissonance is produced, as two controversial problems exist: for the USA its obesity, and for the countries of the third World a true scourge is malnutrition. But a clash of two different civilization problems is rather eternal, and you are proposed to think it over at your leisure, with other global question emphasized in persuasive essay on global warming.  But returning to our extra weight children, there are several reasons of their obesity:

  1. Lack of physical activity. The Age of High Technologies and large access to the Internet have reduced the level of children’s activity and chained them to their computers, mobile phones or laptops. And if in the past children gathered in companies to spend time together, playing all kinds of outdoor games and exploring the surroundings, now they prefer seating in front of their monitors or sending messages to each other even without getting out of bed. Social networks dependency of our children concluded this decline process.  Reveal the details of this phenomenon in essay about Facebook addiction.
  2. Unhealthy food.  The large dissemination of McDonalds, KFC and Burger Kings chains promoting quick and tasty meals, attract millions of children, who certainly don’t think about a harmful health influence of such kind of food. But how can we demand children to be conscious if even a lot of adults as well can’t stand eating out in McDonalds. The other side of this problem is overeating and eating greasy and fried food, mostly served by mothers who can’t find another way to express their love to the children.
  3. Hormonal problem. Maybe the most serious problem of the above-mentioned, but least spread. In this case we can’t blame neither children nor their parents for the negligence to the child’s health. From the other hand, some people use this pretext as an ideal excuse to justify their obesity, and, in the most cases, strongly believe that they are right. You can easily find out if it is a real problem with hormones – your child just need to pass a little physical exam and a blood test.

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Obesity can be the reason of numerous problems in all spheres of child’s life, starting from serious health problem to the depressive state of mind. Yes, it can be difficult to admit that your child has an obesity, realize that you are also responsible for his health status, and to take measures to prevent putting on more weight, however it must be done as inaction can lead to the catastrophic results.

Health problems that can easily become chronic. Having an obesity your offspring can face to all kinds of breath problems like asthma, sleep apnea (stops your breath for a while) and so on. Furthermore, it can lead to a permanent high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, which, in their turn increase the risk of heart attack and variety of diseases in the adult age. We should also remember about the risk of diabetes appearance and a discomfort connected with musculoskeletal system.

Psychological problem. The first that should be mentioned here is low self-esteem and isolation, which can cause even an alcohol abuse problem (more details here Frankly, lack of confidence is a big problem for children and teenagers even without an extra weight. Of course, it depends on the person as there are many overweight people considering themselves glorious God’s creation, but the majority of people who have an obesity, are not comfortable in their own skin. So teenagers are always occupied by number of problems, and it won’t be a good idea to add in this infernal mixture an obesity.

Communicative problem can aggravate the psychological problem as statistics said that overweight children are bullied much more often, than their peers of average build. I don’t think that bulling and teasing won’t add a confidence to children. School bulling can lead to an isolation of a child and, as a result, difficulties with socialization. To overcome this problem use our agents of socialization essay.


Now we have arrived to the key point of this argumentative essay on childhood obesity: how could parents avoid the overweight of their cherish child? The answer is banal: you should find a time to deal with your child, to get to know his problems, to engage him into all kinds of activities, for example this article can help you to lead your child into the world of art It can be a hobby, carefully chosen together with a child (be ready to try almost all possible occupation in order to choose at least one), it can be every week activities, doing with a child – horse riding, rollerblading, riding a bicycle, sport games and so on. And when your child develops a taste for it, he will find a right company for spending time together, or succeed doing his hobby. In fact, the real helper for the parents is their love and desire to make their child happy! Is this essay useful for you? Contact our custom essay writing service to order an essay on any topic you need.

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