Essay On Facebook Addiction: What Is The Cure


Essay On Facebook AddictionNowadays Facebook is the most popular social network in the world. The website was created on February 4, 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with his university roommates. The first name of this site was Thefacebook and only the students of Harvard University had an access to it. Then all the USA students were allowed to create an account on Facebook. It has been available for all Internet users since 2006. Facebook is one of the five most visited websites in the world. The latest research shows that the monthly audience of this site is 1.71 billion people. The 23-year-old creator of Facebook happened to be the youngest billionaire on the Earth. However, the more popular the site becomes the bigger amount of people suffer from Facebook addiction. This essay on Facebook addiction will tell about this kind of the Internet addiction which now it is becoming more widespread every day. Many people can’t live a single day without logging in to Facebook. People are dependent on this social network. Their virtual friends and “likes” mean more for some people then the real world around them. Today in this essay we will tell you about Facebook, its history, options, problems and, what is more important, about Facebook addiction and the ways of beating it. Besides, we will discuss the reasons and the signs of this disorder, the methods, which are able to help you, your friends or the members of your family get rid of this addiction.  But remember that, if you have to write an essay on this or any other subject, you can contact custom essay writing service, for example, We are always ready to help you.

Facebook and the problems related to it

As it was already mentioned, the most popular social network in the modern society began its existence in 2004. Since that time this social network has been developing significantly. It has received great popularity among its users around the world. However, Facebook has received a lot of criticism as well since its creation. Many experts are persuaded that it causes a great number of problems in the contemporary society. There are some serious issues as infringement of intellectual property (copyright), absence of attempts to prevent suicide, manipulation of society opinion, tracing of users their messages and locations, dissemination of private information, weak children security system, unethical attitude to users and causing a serious and dangerous addiction. If you have to write an essay on some of above-mentioned subjects you are welcome to write us: “Can you do my homework for money?” and our professional essay writers will be there for you to help immediately.  Despite all these obvious problems Facebook still stays popular and a significant number of users remains addicted to it. By the way, if you want to write an essay dedicated to any other kind of addiction or abuse, remember that our team will gladly help you. Just write us: “Grade my paper online”. Now let’s think about the reasons why this social network is so addictive.

Why so many people are obsessed with Facebook?

There are some reasons which make Facebook so addictive for its users:

  • It allows us to communicate with our friends, relatives or other people with minimal efforts;
  • It gives you an opportunity to share your photos, videos, thoughts and any kind of personal information with millions of people around the world in a moment; consequently, people feel that other users of the network know and understand them better, it creates a strong felling of community among the network users;
  • Human is a gregarious animal, so we have a strong need of communication and interaction; when we are not able to comply with this need in real life, Facebook is our best friend;
  • Facebook allows us to be polite: we receive an opportunity to show people we think about them, in that way we do not have to make extra efforts to call them or meet them, if we do not want to do it now;
  • You may have a great number of “friends”, which make you feel socially accepted;
  • Facebook is a perfect mixture of communication with others, games and fresh news;
  • Besides the opportunity to find new friends, users of Facebook are able to reconnect with old friends (from high school, university, etc.)

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How to understand that you are obsessed with Facebook?

There are some considerable signs of being addicted to Facebook, which may help you to understand that you, your friends or the members of your family need help:

  • You check your Facebook right after waking up and before going to bed; besides, you check it whenever possible during the day;
  • You think about messages, comments and “likes” even when you are offline;
  • You post endlessly some information on your page;
  • You may scroll your news feed for hours;
  • You are extremely eager to add more friends, no matter who they are, the only thing that matters is quantity;
  • You are not able to stop using Facebook and even attempts of cutting it down always fail.

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How to overcome Facebook addiction disorder?

Facebook addiction is becoming more and more relevant problem. Firstly, it may seem quite harmless; however, it may have a great damage for your life. You may lose your friends and submerge hopelessly in the world of online messages, comments, “likes” and “friends”. Your relationship with your family may worsen significantly. Besides, the quality of your professional activity may take a turn for the worse, because your concentration goes down. So it is necessary to fight with this problem. If you want to learn something about fighting other kinds of abuse, it could be interesting for you to read this easy:

We have prepared several useful tips, which will definitely help overcome this disorder:

  • If you have recognized in yourself some signs of Facebook addiction, deactivation your account in this network may help you; it may show you how many interesting sides of life you have been missing while using Facebook;
  • If the first step is too hard for you now, you may make some other actions which will help you; reconsider the list of your friends, there are definitely a lot of people you barely know;
  • It would be also useful to think what is so interesting and attractive for you in this site, maybe you feel lonely or bored, try to communicate with real people more and find some interesting activities for you, enjoy your hobbies;
  • Determine  some certain period of time which you may spend in Facebook during the day; pay attention that this time should be enough just to check your messages;
  • Try to fill your spare time with interesting and useful activities, which will help you forget about your Facebook obsession.

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Hope, our tips and this essay in general will be useful for you and help you or your friends get rid of this horrible addiction. Spend your time in real world with real people!

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