Civil Right Movement Essay: What You Should Know About It


You know nothing about civil rights? It’s incredibly boring and you prefer to spend your time playing computer games? Maybe, it’s high time to change something and become a full-fledged and conscious member of society.  «Do I need to look through the hundreds of dusty pages?» - you may ask me. The answer is NO! In this essay on the civil rights movement our professional website experts offer you a basic information about this unexplored and incomprehensible phenomenon. Let’s start our educational tour with the very first logical question:

What the heck is this essay on the civil rights movement?

The key word you should remember here is equality, before law and between each other. This is the main objective of every civil rights movement. At the majority of cases this political movement understands nonviolent forms of opposition such as rallies, protests, demonstrations etc. But despite the fact that activists usually follow the concept of peaceful problem-solving, there are some cases at the history which forced civil-rights strugglers to armed confrontation.


The peak of this social activity is definitely related with African-American civil rights movement in the year of 1960.  For a long time the color of skin defined the place of a person in the society, level of his/her protection under the law, possibility to participate in political life etc. Black power movement and Martin Luther King’s struggle for the rights of the Afro-Americans, then his surprising success changed the world dramatically. The oppressed suddenly realized that the world was ready to change and everything was possible, inspired by the paragon of King, who was, by the way, a leading figure of the political and social life of that time, and now became a main hero of the numerous civil rights essays. Today, Barack Obama is considered to be his successor as his triumph on the elections of 2008 became a culmination of African-American civil rights movement. If you need to find out more information about the presidency of Obama, read here  Just after this turning point, the struggle for the civil rights begun to develop posthaste almost in all corners of the Earth. Nowadays being engaged in such activity becomes more and more popular.


Speaking about the social groups of people, engaged in the struggle for their rights, the easiest way to generalize them is just to remember an idea of minorities (for those, who need an explanation – minority is a group of people different from the social majority, according to their age, gender, religion, ethos, language and a variety of other characteristics). I hope this wide range of the minority features won’t mess you around and make you to consider every person you meet a part of minority. If we begin to name the groups of people standing up for their rights the first without doubt will be women as the question of woman and man equality today is of current interest.

So, feminists who are sometimes believed to be completely obsessed with their ideas, nevertheless are struggling for better and what is more important for equal women’s living. The feminist movement seeks to cover all spheres of modern woman’s life and define political, social and personal rights. They also promote the independence of woman, integrity of her body and struggle to protect her from violence, find more information here, sexual harassment and rape. If you don’t consider this problem to be serious, find out the real facts here But it must be mentioned that feminist movement now flourish only in the Western part of the planet, as the Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia , Turkey, Iran confront the idea of equality between men and women at all. At the moment the question of feminist civil rights movement in Muslim countries is open, but unfortunately now activists can only blame the government and society (read here «only its male part») of Eastern countries but the real power to change the attitude toward the woman doesn’t belong to them.

Sexual minority is the next group of minority, which was formed at the latest decade as a result of sexual revolution –– bisexual, gay, lesbian and transgender people  now provoke very controversial reaction from total denial to exalted approval. It’s up to everyone to decide how to behave, but the fact is that nowadays sexual minority has become a great force and continues to obtain the different kinds of privileges in society, even despite the strong discontent of certain social groups. In order to get a high-quality essays on this subject and many others feel free to contact our 24/7 available writer team.

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Huge companies are now organized to provide and ensure the civil rights of disabled people, whom are given the protection in the spheres of employment, transportation and accommodation.  The disabled evoke sympathy in a society, but nevertheless it’s almost impossible for them to find a work-place, ridiculous, isn’t it?

Moving toward to the end of this list, the last place is occupied by ethnic minorities which also can be named national. According to the scientists a group of people can be considered as an ethnic or national minority only if they are able to self-identify, speak one language, have a common origin and certain social organization.  I’m sure, everybody has heard about Jew’s problem - the brightest illustration of civil rights violation. Another example is Northern Island civil rights movement, taken place in the early 1960s to defend all basic rights of citizens and protect the guarantees of the freedom of choice and speech. Interesting is that even nowadays, when the entire world is keen on idea of tolerance and loyal attitude toward national minorities, there are still some countries, that don’t want to admit this modern tendency. For instance, North Korea proclaimed that their country is only of one nation, so the idea of national minority is out of the question.  

    To sum up, in recent decades the struggle for civil rights become a style of life for thousands of activists, but at the same time the cases of speculation on the fact of being a part of minority has also grown up. That’s why nowadays it’s important to figure out the processes that are happening in society even on the basic level. That’s why this civil right essay is intended to engage you in this controversial social phenomenon.

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