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All technogenic civilization in the history of mankind, which began in Renaissance and which is still proceeding, is based on the progress of the physical and mathematical and other natural sciences about the nature (fundamental and application-oriented) generating achievements in the sphere of the industry and technique. Scientific and technical progress provided a possibility of increasing of comfort and external benefits of human life. But because of contradictions of social development these opportunities had the partial or even perverse implementation. Along with the periods of heyday there were wild phenomena, rises of reason alternated with barbarity breaks, increase of good was replaced by new, more and more sophisticated and awful forms of the evil. That information will be useful for your art history essay!

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Jean-Jacques Rousseau, during the era of the French the Enlightenment in the 18th century, has noted that technical achievements don't do people happier. And since then this thought is varied and is developed in many philosophical and sociological doctrines up to our days.

Humanistic theories, sciences about the person in the history had, of course, the achievements, but they lagged behind and, perhaps, are still lagging behind technical science. Big philosophical systems during Modern times have arisen after scientific, and their influence on life of mankind was far not so big. The religion was engaged in a human soul mainly, but its doctrines remain invariable throughout centuries.

And nevertheless humanism development in the history took place and is still taking place. Moreover, it has the defining value. If it was not so, then the mankind would have died. It would have been crushed by the forces of evil and buried under ruins of our own civilization which had failed because of insoluble contradictions. Many people see it in the future. But also more optimistic concepts are still possible.

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The Internet

Unfortunately, now there is a lot of information which is available to almost all people without exception. This availability is simply. It is the Internet. With its help, people can also get acquainted with creativity of masters of the arts. It isn't as good as can seem at first sight. Earlier, to see a good performance, it was necessary to leave the house, to buy theater tickets, to spend time for expectation and to go specially for performance. The same can be told also about books. Now on the Internet it is possible to download any piece of literature in several minutes. People, today, don't spend many efforts to search of impressions and brainwork at a meeting with beautiful art.

By means of Internet technologies, on the first places of musical charts, the ratings of cinema, sales of bookstores, gray, ungifted persons appeared. And money is more important for they than art. They use in their works low motives and everything that attracts people not with the force of creative thought, but with simple instincts. Now when watching the movie or listening to music, it isn't necessary to think much. It is like a chewing gum for brains – it is easy and pleasant.

The true art is necessary today only for certain people who don't want to be dissolved in general gray mass that's why they apply the best forces to keep their capabilities. All others don't want to apply any forces for understanding difficult creations of true artists. And those, who now have success in masses, do it thanks to advertising in which modern stars participate. Having some celebrity which became known thanks to money of parents, it is very easy to promote not really good creative project.

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Therefore there is a lot of low-standard "not art" both on the Internet, on television, on radio. Many become well-known because use obscene words in their works. Not really clever people are attracted by this visibility of freedom, and they extend this nonsense further, turning into fashion. There are still many examples of bad art which say that the true art has no influence on the society now.

Perhaps, sometime, art will play a great role in life of people, but now it is very difficult for true artists to be on a roll, to reach success tops because they are stopped by cheap charlatans of art. And the people, unfortunately, are more favorable to low-standard art which doesn't force to think. Therefore, influence of true art in modern society is so tiny.

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The place of art in modern world

One of symbolical forms of culture absorbing the world through system of images is art. It characterizes ability of the person to artly express the inner world. The artistic image to become public, has to possess a recognizable form, but at the same time should not lose the uniqueness. During each era, at each artist and in each type of arts it every time finds other, unique sounding in spite of the fact that the artist is guided by stable rules and fundamental graphic motives. So, language of art is unique, it always a mirror of individual soul, and the art is the field of experiments, a shelter of the geniuses creating new forms and rules. Dynamism, sharpness of reaction to variability of the vital world, fast change of estimates, styles, means of expression are inherent in the most emotional human activity - art.

In art, as in any other area, the artist's breaking the tether of canons is encouraged. However, it is impossible to speak about absolute freedom of the artist because he the derivative quantity of the culture. It is always limited by the valuable and regulatory base of art of his time. But through interaction with it talent of the creator is also created. Its sides are perfected on the one hand by natural aspiration of any artist to overcoming any borders, and on the other hand by need of the accurate organization of an esthetic form.

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Art shall be ennobled and available at the same time. It reflects in an art form the world of feelings of contemporaries, condition of public consciousness in general.

 Art relies on its own criteria and the main things are beauty and harmony. Art establishes proportions, harmony of the person with the world, taking a concept of beauty for a standard and attaching value of nearly sacral significance. Words of the poet Dostoyevsky are much known: "Beauty will save the world". Art is always connected with a certain sensual form, addresses contemplation or imagination and has disinterested character. Beauty is the main art value caused by expression of humanistic ideals.

Thus, art not only describes life, but also gives it the estimates, using at the same time not so much criterion of reliability, identity, how many criterion of plausibility. Force of art is concluded not in blind copying of reality, and its representation in special light. It is reached by means of discharge of the artist from life in limits in which he can structurally connect real with imagined and to clear the relations with surrounding, to transfer extra mental aspects of these relations to the course of consciousness. Art has the greatest potential capabilities owing polysemy and flexibility of the symbolical language.

Art in the modern world, as well as all other spheres of culture, is exposed to cardinal reorganization. Art dies not on the esthetic surface, but in the core, which is the same with a system of a human soul. Symptoms of death are: imagination depletion, replacement of high feeling by pragmatic calculation.

In the modern world, first of all, the artist will be able to protect disappearing humanity because for him as for anybody, the way of emotional contemplation of life and way of art are open. He is the carrier of interest in the eternal, initial reasons which life depends on.

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