Teenage Pregnancy Essay. To Be Or Not To Be?


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Parents feel a real shock when they hear the message that at one of schoolgirls there has occurred a pregnancy at early age. Often adults predictably react to such fact: they forbid the children to communicate with a future mummy, write collective letters to school that the violator should be immediately excluded. As though pregnancy is the infectious disease capable to be transferred in the airborne way.  Here you may read about teen pregnancy in the USA.

The wrong education and upbringing are guilty of it. And the problem is much deeper, than the drama of the unique family. Recently all people in the Internet were discussing pregnancy at early age of the American schoolgirl who has made the 30-year-old parents the grandfather and the grandmother. Many gloated over it and ask to what the child was studied, looking at the dissolute parents. That is a cruel and silly assessment of the situation. However, an early pregnancy is heartrending experience for a young organism.

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How pregnancy proceeds at early age

Girls aged from 13 up to 17 years continue to grow and develop. Nervous and endocrine systems up to the end are not formed. Do you understand what problems the women suffering from a hormonal imbalance face? Dense thickets on a face and a breast are just a trifle in comparison with internal disturbances.

At the same time body and skeleton continues to develop, the organism gains weight, and demands a lot of calcium. The cardiovascular system isn't ready to adult loads too. It isn't surprising that juvenile maidens are inclined to neurosises, syncopes and other morbid implications. At teenage years the organism of the girl is defenseless.

Early pregnancy is a terrible stress which forces a body to work for 200% more, than usually. For an adult woman such stressing doesn't pass without leaving a trace. For the teenager it is just a catastrophe. Everything that is weak in an organism, it is shown by all means.

The growing girl needs calcium. If the child grows inside her, both mother, and the child lack calcium. The same concerns all important vitamins and micro-elements. Likely pregnancy at early age will proceed with the most severe toxicosis. The gestosis or anemia can develop, miscarriage or premature births can happen.

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Danger of childbirth at early age

Children who became a fetus of early pregnancy can be distinguished on the small weight, prematurity. Often young mother isn't able to give a birth without help. At the time of childbearing the baby is pulled out by method of Cesarean section, and then the baby is nursed in intensive therapy.

Each naive girl should be explained that pregnancy at early age and Cesarean section will result in big problems with health.

It can happen so that young mother will have no children in the future. Such consequences can bring much grief. Adult women's relation to appearance of the baby changes, desire to give birth to the child from the beloved man comes. Essay on teenage pregnancy is a difficult task, but you will get “A” with us!

Risk for health

From the medical point of view early pregnancy is dangerous first of all by risk of death of a mother and (or) a child. The kid can be born mentally retarded or with physical defects that also doesn't promote the happy future of young mother.

It is difficult to predict psychological and social consequences. Statistically, it is more difficult for young mothers to graduate and to get profitable work. Such women live in poverty.

What can pregnancy at teenagers result it?

Very serious problem which is caused by early pregnancy is chronic stress. Such child is seldom looked forward. He is a problem for all people around. Certainly, the child birth is not a problem; the main problem is inability to explain to the teenager the consequences.

As a rule, pregnancy at early age is series of squabbles between all participants of the tragedy. There is not a place for future child in series of a showdown. A young mother sees only the bad moments in the situation, she is depressed, the situation only worsens.

Any doctor won't undertake to make recommendations what it is better: to interrupt early pregnancy or to give birth to the child. It depends on many factors: health of the pregnant woman, term of pregnancy, the relations in the family. In such situation you shouldn't allow too emotional girl to make the final decision. In case it is about the minor, her parents have to solve a problem. At the same time they are simply OBLIGED to estimate all factors and to make the WISE decision.

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Reasons of early pregnancy

We should tell that there is never the only one cause of pregnancy at the minor girl. It is influenced by several factors at once, and it is necessary to blame not the teenager, but the circumstances in general. Now puberty and consequently also sexual desire, appears at children early enough. Therefore parents have to conduct serious psychological training of the child for the beginning of sex life, and it is necessary to do it in advance, but not then when sex already plays a significant role in his life.

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It is considered that early pregnancy arises more often in dysfunctional families. But now it is not so. Earlier the tendency was observed because children from asocial families were left to themselves. But now there is some social imbalance, and existence of financial prosperity doesn't make children more protected. Even on the contrary, because of material resources they become less reasonable, especially, because of a lack of attention from parents.

Competent psychologists, considering problems of early pregnancy, consider that the main blame should be laid on parents. Their incorrect behavior is a basic reason of the fact that children become unprepared to sex life. If between a mother and a daughter there are no frank relations (because of employment, lack of affection for the child, asocial behavior or on the contrary, because of too strong surveillance), then probability of emergence an early pregnancy in such family is very high.

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Many parents prefer not to penetrate into bases of sexual education of their children. They confer this responsibility on mass media and the Internet. Acquisition of books and contraceptives for children doesn't reduce risk of pregnancy as first of all they should impart desire to use such methods for preserving their health and social opportunities. Therefore early pregnancy at teenage age more often is a consequence of the wrong sex education. All the reasons should be mentioned in your argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy. We are sure that is important!

Problems of early pregnancy

Responsibility for emergence of early pregnancy can't be put only on the young girl, though the most part of society conducts itself this way. That is important information to write teenage pregnancy essay. Future father, parents, teachers and many others also shall understand and fully realize all the events. The main problem of early pregnancy is psychological. Future mother often doesn't know with whom to share her feeling, hides pregnancy, and avoids a talk with parents or the gynecologist. This reaction is connected with the fact that adults always negatively perceive the phrase "I am pregnant" from the young daughters.

On the one hand, the reaction is justified. On the other hand, anger and reproaches can solve nothing. From the very beginning it is necessary to accustom the children to trust as they have to report about the happened problems due time, but not with delay for nine months. It is necessary to make the decision considering opinions of all the family members, but we should not press the daughter by no means. The early pregnancy of minors which ended with abortion can result in sterility. In the future the girl it will suffer because of the incident.

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Also you shouldn't forget about health problems of the teenage girl who plans to become a future mother. The woman can become pregnant since that moment as periods appeared. Even if it has occurred in 11 years. Therefore early pregnancy is divided into age from 11 to 15, and from 15 to 18 years. If it is about the pregnancy of the child (that is up to 15 years), then the organism isn't ready to incubation of a fetus from the physiological point of view. Of course, after 15 years the girl is already more ready to pregnancy and childbirth, but also it will be a big stress for her young organism.

To father a child is rather easily, to carry fetus to term is serious and difficult. During pregnancy consumption of proteins, fats and carbohydrates is enlarged, there is a vitamin and mineral deficiency. All listed elements are spent by larger rates as they are necessary for fetation. But they are also necessary to the teenage girl who is in the period of active body height. Therefore there are various complications of pregnancy bound to disturbance of natural metabolic processes. Early pregnancy and childbearing are a separate conversation as a psychoemotional stress and an exercise stress at this moment extremely serious. Therefore it is much heavier to endure a load of childbirth to the girl with an unstable nervous system, than to the adult woman.

The social problem of early pregnancy is that the girl  loses an opportunity to get an education, to find a good job and to create career. Early pregnancy and its consequences are is heavy to predict. Not every young man aims to become the father therefore often a young mother remains one (it is good if parents help, but it is possible not always).

In the future the vicious circle begins. There is no education, there is no work, there is no money for keeping the kid. Listed above leads to an unfortunate situation that can end with transferring the child to orphanage. It is the worst end, but unfortunately, and the most frequent result of early pregnancy.


The pregnant girl has to make the main decision, but parents and future father have to participate in discussion actively. She shouldn't feel reproaches or condemnation, but at the same time it is necessary to state all facts and prospects completely. It is good if it is possible to get full advice of the gynecologist and psychologist. The medico-social aspect is very important in this case.

The statistics of early pregnancy confirms that most often it comes to an end with abortions (70%). You may read essays on abortion on our site. Also a part of pregnancies leads to childbirth (15%), and a part stops because of a miscarriage. The choice before the girl is very difficult therefore it is better to approach to this question more seriously.


It is always simpler to prevent a problem, than then to solve it. Therefore all parents having children in the puberty period should remember about possibility of early pregnancy in case of the absence of adequate sex education from parents. Therefore not use of contraceptives, but an explanation for the teenager of a possibility of pregnancy, mechanisms of its emergence and those changes which will happen in that case is the cornerstone of prophylaxis of early pregnancy. Then minors will understand why it is necessary to use means of protection from undesirable pregnancy.

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The woman can become pregnant after puberty, especially, if she has regular sex. Therefore teenagers should be very accurate as conception can happen even after one unprotected sexual transaction.

Early pregnancy - what should we do? Answer to this question is extremely hard as each case should be considered in an individual order. But before making the decision, it is necessary to weigh all moments, to listen to opinion of the senior generation and to undergo consultation of the doctor. The main thing: in such cases do not lose contact with parents and do not undertake drastic measures independently.

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