Autism Essays: Neurodevelopmental Disorder


Autism is a disease that appears in consequence of developmental brain disorder; it is characterized by expressed lack of social communication and interaction as well as limited and repeating actions. The expression of all mentioned symptoms begins at the age up to three years. This disease exerts the great impact on the early development of a child and on person’s life in future. There is no medical analysis that allows detecting autism. Only while keeping an eye on child’s behavior and his communication with children around him, you can identify autism. Children suffering from autism do not want to make friends. Such children prefer loneliness and do not play with their counterparts. If you need your autism essays or works on other various topics, feel free to contact custom essay writing services, which can satisfy all your requirements.

Symptoms and features of autism

Symptoms of autism can be revealed even during the period of infancy. Prevalently, this disease is expressed at the age up to three years. Signs of autism can change depending on the child’s developmental level and his age..

Behavioral characteristics used for the description of autism syndrome:

1. The disorder of verbal and non-verbal communication. Features:

- The absence of facial expression and gestures. Alalia can also occur.

- A child never smiles at his interlocutor and does not look into his eyes.

- The language behavior is normal, but a child cannot communicate with others.

- The language behavior is abnormal in content and forms; in other words, a child repeats some phrases heard somewhere, and they do not refer to the situation.

- The speech is abnormal phonetically (problems with intonation and rhythm, the monotony of speech).

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2. The disorder of social skills. Features:

- Children do not desire to communicate and make friends with age-mates.

- Disregarding of the existence of other people (even parents).

- A child prefers loneliness and plays with himself.

- Children do not share their problems with parents, and they do not see a need for it.

- Children never imitate somebody’s facial expression or gestures or they can do it unconsciously, without connection to the situation.

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3. The disorder of imagining that leads to the limited range of interests. Features:

- Unnatural, nervous, estranged behavior.

- A child-autist goes into hysterics when the surrounding is changed.

- A child prefers isolation and plays with himself.

- The absence of imagination and interest in the imaginative events.

- A child feels the need to repeat the same actions.

- A child concentrates only on one thing.

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People suffering from autism are distinct in inconsistent development that gives them a possibility to be talented in a narrow sphere (music, mathematics). Autism is characterized by disorders of the development of social, intellectual and language skills.

Autism causes.

Some researchers suppose that various birth defects, traumatic brain injuries and infections can become autism causes. Other scientists refer this disease to childhood schizophrenia. There is also a hypothesis about innate brain dysfunction. There is a strong possibility that an important role of development of autism is played by innate weakliness of emotions. In such cases, while being under the impact of some adverse factors, a child isolates himself from the outside world. Our autism essay may harass you, so you can easily switch to our Aldous Huxley essay in order to enrich your knowledge in literature.

What should we do?

Certainly, autism is the disorder of child’s development that is preserved throughout the whole lifetime. However, due to modern diagnostics and early correctional help you can adapt your child to life in the society – to teach him to cope with his fears and control emotions. Do not lose an opportunity to make your order right now, if you need your essay of high quality.

Everything depends on parents. Parents should accept their child as such. A child with autism will never survive without parents’ support. If parents detect some symptoms of autism, they should immediately take him to a child psychiatrist. The earlier the disease will be revealed, the more chances a child will have. The treatment of autism is a long and complicated process. However, if parents do not pay much attention to this disease, their child will have no chances. Our professional writers are doing their best to provide you with the best essays, so you can easily appreciate their labor in our alcohol addiction essay:

To make a conclusion, that is necessary to say that parents should not give up. Their patience, sense of purpose and belief in themselves and their children can perform magic. Dear parents, be attentive and if you notice some symptoms of autism, take your child to a health professional. First symptoms can be revealed at the age of 1.5. Look at child’s behavior and language skills. The earlier you detect the disease, the more chances to adjust your child to normal life will appear. You hold the keys to the kingdom. Your child can be saved. Do you have some useful ways to fight off this disease? We are anxious about this problem and try to find effective methods of treatment. Do not be afraid to share your thoughts; perhaps, you piece of advice will help some ill child. We are waiting for your comments. Join us!

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