Animal Abuse Essay – Let’s Stop Animal Sufferings


In the minds of most people animals call out some very pleasant feelings and emotions as almost all of us have contacts with these cute creatures during the whole life. All of us know that they are lovely, playful, devoted to their owners and very much rely on humans in their everyday necessities. How does it come then that we speak about stop animal abuse essay in this respect? Whether we want it or not, not all animals enjoy happy life with appropriate care and attitude. If you need a custom written essay on this topic, contact us.

Every day lots of animals suffer from improper handling and violence in our country. These scenes of violence can be intended or unwitting, due to lack of knowledge, and they concern not only domestic animals but also cattle and wild animals. The problem of animal abuse is becoming more and more urgent these days and requires immediate action to prevent animals and even pets from severe suffering. Many of these instances of animal ill-treatment are reported in mass media and get some stir among the public while others remain unnoticed what makes ordinary people think that there is no such problem as animal cruelty. For you we can write an essay about it. Meanwhile, it is very important to report all such cases in persuasive essay about animal abuse to show that there are thousands of animals around the country that undergo ill-treatment and lack of basic needs. So you can ask to do my paper fast on any topic and we will help you.

Different people perceive animals in a different way. Some think that animals exist here on Earth just for our convenience and they can be used for any our purpose like making clothes, using for amusements or testing. Read more about animal testing essays. For such people there is nothing special in beating a dog or a cat for doing something wrong. Other individuals believe that animals are living creature almost equal to humans as they are alive, can breathe, have a heart, can express feelings and emotions. Animal abuse essays state that for such people hurting an animal is like hurting a human, a friend or a family member, meaning it is totally unacceptable. Different perception of animals influences greatly the behavior of persons and determines if they are able to treat animals poorly. Writing an essay, make use of this information:

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According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, animal cruelty can take different forms, some of them are:

1. Accumulation of animals

This is the case when a person gathers in their house or at their territory so many animals that he/she can no longer take care of them. Though the person claims their animals to be happy and healthy, it is obvious to see that the animals suffer from hunger and diseases, due to malnutrition, improper sanitary conditions and medical care. Our best college essay rewriter will help you deal with any related topic. Usually, such people act from the best of motives as they believe to help animals giving them shelter and some food, and they deny the fact that their fosterlings are in a bad health and emotional condition. However, not all people accumulating animals are animal abusers. There are several points to help you tell that a person is an animal hoarder:

  • The number of animals in their possession is enormous and the owner does not always know the precise amount.
  • The place they live in is considerably breaking down (things are in a mess, cracked windows, unclean furnishings etc.).
  • In their home waste products of animals can be found and the smell is corresponding.
  • Fosterlings are attenuate, apathetic and are afraid of people.
  • Parasites can be found.
  • The person accumulating animals does not take part in the life of the community and does not take good care of themselves.

2. Puppy mill

It is a large-format dog breeding kennel that is mostly concerned with making gain rather than comfort of the animals. At such kennels dogs usually live in overoccupied cages with deplorable sanitation having no medical help, suffering from starvation, thirst and distress. Puppies are born from one female animal as frequently as possible leaving no time to recover between broods to get the maximum gain. Then the puppies, usually being 8 weeks old, are taken from their mother dog and sold. You can find such mill puppies at pet shops or on the Internet as well as at jumble sales and swat markets. Using our writing services, you will know more about it. When female animals can be no longer be used for breeding, breeders get rid of them. Such puppies cannot be a good sample of their breed as these dog kennels concentrate on having gain but not the quality. Arriving to their new owners or in pet shops, such puppies already suffer from various maladies. Being taken from their mothers and brood mates at an early age, puppies also have problems with behavior. If you need help with writing an essay about it, read:

3. Dog fighting

 It is a kind of bloody “sport” when specially trained dogs are made to struggle with one another to entertain spectators or help them earn profit. This form of animal abuse is thought to be probably the most disgustful. Owners raise the dogs prepared for fighting separately, thus the main part of their living is spent chained. To be in a good fighting condition such animals are often given preparations to increase muscle bulk and make them more aggressive. And if you ask to do my homework for money online, we are here to help you.

So these are the most widespread and commonly met forms of animal abuse mentioned in this essay on animal abuse though cruelty towards animals does not limit to these forms. Also you can read about death penalty essay. There are plenty of things each of us can do in order to stop animal abuse and the first thing will be educating our children and people around us on how to take care of domestic animals. Those who have some free time or money can do voluntary works in the nearest animal shelter or donate a few dollars for their needs. Even several hours a week can be enough to do some very important job and to make animals happier. And in case you get to know any of the cases mentioned below you are strongly recommended to inform the responsible authorities.

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