Death Penalty Argumentative Essay


Death Penalty Argumentative EssayWe are a team of professional writers, editors, rewriters and proof readers and today we will consider death penalty essays in our lives. That is a very important but difficult question. Everyone should try to answer it. Yes, there is arguments pro and contra, but we need to set our sights on only one point of view.

Our opinion on the death penalty is ambiguous, and we cannot define it in a word.

We will remind you after all why society should refuse the death penalty. On the one hand, I support the death penalty. On the other hand I understand that it is inhumane and cruel. And in general, it is not in the European way.

Yes, God gives life to people, therefore people have no right to take it away. But there are cases when people have to be responsible for their acts. It occurs in that case when the person himself takes away lives from others. It is necessary to answer wholly for cruel murders, including children, mockeries at defenseless people, tortures. Or for other sophisticated crimes: for example, the official has stolen the money intended for treatment of sick children and those haven't survived.

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Of course, at the same time I understand that the death penalty will hardly reduce amount of crimes in any country. But if someone has trampled on an essence of humanity, he has no right for indulgence.

Some people say that life imprisonment for other criminals is worse than an execution. But probably, different people think in different ways. But the maniac Andrei Chikatilo was so afraid of execution, that he wrote applications on personal pardon till the death. He wanted to live! Could you imagine how he was delighted if the execution was replaced with life imprisonment? He might sit and read books in the solitary confinement. Is it punishment for terrible crimes?!

We will remind you why our society should refuse the death penalty. When writing argumentative essay on death penalty do not forget to use all these arguments.

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1) Possibility of a miscarriage of justice.

Whatever professionals investigators processing the case of the criminal were, whatever convincing proofs of the offender's fault were and whatever fair the court was, - in judicial system of any country on our planet there is always a probability of a mistake. Until the verdict is put in action, the convict still has a hope and an opportunity to collect necessary proofs of the innocence and to convince the investigation and court. After execution of a verdict neither the proof, nor rehabilitation won't be able to return to life of executed any more.

2) The death penalty isn't a limiting factor.

According to researchers of this difficult question, firstly, the person, committing a crime, expects to avoid punishment whatever it could be, so there is no difference whether court will condemn him on lifelong imprisonment or on the death penalty.

Besides, the criminals, knowing that they are waited for the death penalty, often commit new crimes as they know that more terrible measure of punishment won't be any more – there is nothing to lose. Also, for example, the death penalty doesn't matter for the terrorist as he constantly risks his own life.

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3) The execution generates cruelty in society

Since olden times crowds of people were going on the squares to look at how executioners hang up, burn or behead criminals. However, in more ancient times executions were even more cruel and sophisticated – for example watering by the boiling pitch or staking. Nevertheless, methods didn't frighten off the audience, on the contrary - the people wished more and more bloody shows. In the atmosphere of cruelty and nonchalance new crimes were committed with a great regularity. But it was at those times, and it would be possible to tell that society has changed and improved. Actually not: the report of the UN of 2006 has shown that in the countries where the death penalty is allowed, crimes which are "worthy" this punishment happen more often. This argument is really important for the death penalty argumentative essay. Kindly note it!

4) Existence of "institute of executioners".

In the countries where the death penalty is allowed, executioners are legal murderers. A difference between them and those whom they execute, only that the first affect to the benefit of the state, however in the constitution it is stated that murder of the person is penal. Thus the state justifies murder in public consciousness and undermines the fundamental principle of public morals and morality as full inviolability of human life. One contradicts another and the vicious circle turns out.

5) The execution doesn't remove the cause of commission of the crime

The major factors provoking crimes are poverty, ignorance, inequality, mental deviations of the specific criminal. The death penalty can't influence the specified reasons in any way.

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6) The execution doesn't punish.

This is one of the most indisputable arguments in support of the ban of the death penalty. Punishment is the measure of the state coercion applied concerning the person found guilty of commission of the crime, and consisting in a certain narrowing of his legal status, investment him with special rights and duties. The execution assumes deprivation of the condemned right of life.

We hope this article will help you to decide in what manner you will write your essay on death penalty.

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