How To Write Your Car Accident Essay?


Hello, dear Reader of the blog! We are happy to see you here again. We know that you are interested in writing your own English essay. However we are always able to help you with your tasks. Today we are going to discuss the problem of road accidents and to write your own car accident essay. In our previous article we have examined the topic about teen pregnancy. Maybe it will be interesting for you too. That article you may read here:

The main reasons for the road accident are road traffic offense and technical malfunction of the car. These are two global causes of accidents.

Let's sort their main background and types, analyze the main reasons for road accident, potential danger and how to avoid road accident in different situations.

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The main causes for the traffic accidents are traffic offense

The road accidents provoked by traffic offense are the most frequent reason of emergency situations on the road, and consequences are always the heaviest:

  • Excess of the allowed speed of the movement. Crashes with other participants of the movement, arrivals on obstacles, road ability loss. It is followed by capsizing, drifts, "departures" about routes and other unpleasant consequences. Speeding consequences with departure on a strip of oncoming traffic and the subsequent crash with the oncoming car/cars are especially heavy;
  • Driving in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication. Despite toughening of punishment for "alcohol or drug intake" during driving, road accident reasons of this sort are frequent and consequences are, as a rule, rather heavy. Here you may read cause and effect essay on smoking, by the way;
  • Non-compliance priorities of driving on crossings of roads. Movement "on red light", ignoring of the sign "Give Way", especially at brisk intersections threatens inevitable collision with the hardest consequences. And what could we tell about failure to provide a benefit to the pedestrian on crosswalk? Collision consequences are often simply fatal to the last;
  • Discrepancy of speed and driving manner to a road situation. Often on the road the marking isn't visible, signs are broken, the traffic light is faulty or frost was just formed... The driver who isn't showing discretion and attentiveness with high probability will have an accident.
  • Non-compliance with a distance. Except that it is dangerous in respect of collision provoking, it also is potentially dangerous from the point of view of simplification of "auto frame-up" to malefactors;
  • Bad training of drivers. It is no secret that the share of "the purchased rights" makes up to 7-8%! I.e. from one million drivers - 70-80 thousand drive, without knowing Rules and without being able to operate transport up to standard!
  • Violation of safety rules. There are conversations by the mobile phone, smoking, an outside talk, derivation on studying of the map of roads, on the navigator, etc. All this distracts attention and is the most important of reasons for the road accident.
  • Fatigue. The dream when driving, especially on good country roads, comes to an end with the tragedy. Morning, pre-dawn hours are especially dangerous.

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Main reasons for road accident-as technical malfunctions

Among technical failures problems with wheels are in the lead– the bursting tires or wheels which are turning off in motion. And other reasons:

  • Failures of brake and steering systems. It threatens with loss of control over the car with corresponding serious consequences;
  • Failures of the light-sound equipment. It is very dangerous to move in twilight and, especially at night with faulty street lights and headlights. You cannot notice the pedestrian, also the forty-ton truck cannot see you in time;
  • Failures of electrical equipment and knots threatening, for example, with ignition in motion or the spontaneous movement of the car.

One of the main reasons of the road accidents is

self-confidence at brief experience of driving

Each driver should pay much attention to self-education and driver's discipline.

With experience ability to expect development of a road situation collects. The skilled driver never overtakes another car, without having convinced of safety of maneuver, doesn't exceed speed not to lose control over the transport, brakes before crosswalks to avoid surprises … Beginners are guided by a marking and road signs, skilled drivers are also guided by a road situation. There is no speed limitation sign? The hot beginner pushes a pedal to the metal. The first birdbath sends the car or the motorcycle to a road ditch. Especially dangerous "age" is the first 1 - 4 month. After this term beginners almost always lose vigilance and are convinced that everything is subject to them. This false feeling of absolute self-confidence over a situation is the reason of so many funerals. Car accident essays could be very interesting, but sometimes terrible.

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Few simple advices how to prevent the main reasons for road accident

  • Always brake before the stopped public transport and crosswalks;
  • reduce speed before educational institutions and in home zones;
  • Move carefully by a row of the cars including parked cars along a roadside. A car door can suddenly open, a child or a pet can run out;
  • In the country you should go along the road midpoint. It is possible not to notice in time the pedestrian or the wild animal, which jumped out on the road.
  • Don't emit gas on "green", you should always remember about fans "to slip" at a mad speed. Start carefully and circumspectly. In case of collision you will suffer more – the blow will be directed to you sideways! And it is deadly!
  • Reduce speed on the wet road! Nobody cancelled hydroplaning and if you at a high speed drive in a big pool – you will surely go out from the route with terrible consequences. The same rule is also for ice slick, especially in boundary weather in the spring and in the fall. On a joint of temperatures together with cold wind, the ice crust on the road can be formed in only a few minutes!
  • You should maintain a distance. The distance to the moving car in good road conditions has to be equal 2 seconds, in bad – five and more. In this case, the distance is expressed in meters which the car passes in two or five seconds.
  • In a stream of cars try to watch not only for the next going car, but also for three-four cars before it. It will help to predict maneuvers.
  • If a certain car behind your car begins "to press" you – go to the right and reduce speed. So you will give that car the chance of overtaking. There is no need in excess nerves, and furthermore blow in a trunk in case of an emergency situation.
  • Always pay attention on the car which stopped on the next driving lane! Perhaps, it passes the pedestrian whom you don't see yet. If you are looking for essays on police brutality, we could kindly help you with them!
  • Take it for the rule never to overtake on the right turning movement. There are three reasons costing to many drivers their life. First, it will demand the additional speed as the radius of the movement increases. Secondly, at the right turning movement visibility is always limited, and dust, dirt from the overtaken transport flies directly on your car. Thirdly, when emergency situation appears, when you lose control over the car, centrifugal force will inevitably take you out on an oncoming lane! At a dense oncoming traffic there will not be any chances to survive.
  • Overtaking always carry out with 150-200 meters of margin! In case of its completion the car can be skidded, for example, and free "oncoming traffic line" will save your life. In case of dense oncoming traffic, there will not be any chances.
  • Truly use road signs of turning! Don't mislead other participants of movement by too early or overdue turning on of "blinkers"!
  • Some cars are completed with very inconvenient mirrors with a set of "dead zones"! It is better to change them for something more informative, however it is undesirable to be fond of installation of spherical (panoramic) mirrors. They distort space and are very dangerous (are deceptive) in respect of reliability, especially for beginners!
  • Before changing lanes you need to be several times convinced of safety of maneuver. Remember existence of bikers on roads! Modern powerful motorcycles overcome one hundred meters for only a few seconds, and irresponsible "riders" like to rush in row-spacings!
  • Take it for the rule to consider that ahead going car is driven by the beginner or the drunk driver. It will allow you to look more soberly at a situation and to be ready to appearance of an emergency situation.
  • During reversing, especially in living areas, be extremely attentive. Behind your car, there can suddenly be a child whom you just will not see because of his small growth.
  • Do not forget to thank and apologize by "hazard warning lights. Sometimes it eliminates the road conflicts or considerably smoothes them!
  • You need surely buy the video recorder! It will save you from many troubles on the road!

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