Gay Marriage Essay: See the History, Pros and Cons


The problem of homosexual people wishing to get married, known as gay marriage, is becoming more than ever serious these days as the society hasn’t yet reached common ground in this matter. In this gay marriage persuasive essay we will look at the history of this phenomenon, and try to consider the arguments concerning this issue.

Actually, homosexual marriage is not something new. According to historians, the first gay marriage between men occurred in ancient Rome. Another thing is that homosexual relations in ancient times were often very different from those that we see today. To know more about ancient Rome you can order custom research paper from our writers.

Any sexual relationships at that time were characterized by bipolarity - active, dominant “male” role on the one hand and passive, submissive, “female” role on the other. Roman and Greek men did not lose their social status, as long as they did not take a passive, obeying role in the relationship. Thus, for free male citizens sexual intercourse with persons of both sexes was acceptable, but as long as they did not go beyond the active role. This means that men were free to engage in sex with other men in a dominant role, without losing their masculinity. You can contact our professional writers to find more about ancient Greece.

According to some reports and essays on gay marriage, 13 of the first 14th emperors of Rome were homo- or bisexual. More than that, historians point out that the Emperor Neron twice married men, and on one of the weddings he played the role of a wife. For you we can write a good essay about the Emperor Neron. Notwithstanding the foregoing, scientists tend to think that homosexual marriages were popular mostly only among the upper classes of ancient Rome, and were much less common among ordinary people.

Homosexual marriage was also permitted in some Indian tribes, but the matrimony was considered from a somewhat different angle. The Indians believed that marriage in the first place represents the match of two souls, and only after that the union of two bodies. Some tribes believed that there are people with two souls living within them: male and female. In such a situation a man could choose the feminine soul, and marry another man.

Homosexual marriage between women. It happened so that in the course of the history female homosexual marriage was always worse accepted by the society and were less common than male homosexual union. That is why there are very few historical documents describing the marriage between two females.

Female same-sex unions were common among some African tribes. Marriages between two women generally contracted in order to help widows, who after the death of their husbands did not wish to re-marry men or return to the parental family. In this situation, the widow could take a wife and turn into the head of the family, and the successor of a kind.

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Thus, we see that unions between homosexual individuals have been existing since very early times though they were not usually registered as marriage. Nowadays, there are enough countries that have already legalized homosexual marriage. Among them are the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Argentina, some states of the US. Other countries do not permit gay marriage, but still recognize it or suggest an alternative form of civil partnership or union with similar benefits. You can read more on this theme in same sex marriages essays. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of homosexual marriage.

Arguments for Homosexual Marriage

  1. Homosexuality is understood in a wrong way. There is an idea in many people’s minds that gays can choose, people of what gender to care for and to be attracted to. Some of them also read from gay marriage essays that homosexuals can easily transform into straights though this is not so. Lots of investigations have proved that erotic identity is innate and can hardly be changed. So being born homosexual, a person can do nothing about it and he/she can be happy only in relationship with a person of the same gender.
  2. Two persons express their love getting married. For two individuals having love, gratitude and affection for each other it is quite natural to enter marriage and to assume obligations to stay together till the end of their lives. Besides that legal marriage is often associated with some guarantees from the authorities. So far gays are deprived of such an opportunity to legally unite with the person they want.
  3. Human rights become infringed. Due to the proclamation of equality of all human beings irrespective of their gender, religious beliefs, national background, etc. everybody is free to do what they want in case it does not damage the liberties of other individuals. Prohibition of homosexual marriage is an infringement of human rights of sexual minorities as it is their strong desire to legally unite with beloved ones and it does no harm to whomsoever. You can read more about writing papers here:

Arguments against Homosexual Marriage

  1. The marriage institution is getting weaker. The explanation of marriage usually implies that it is a union of two people of the opposite sex. Recognition of homosexual marriage will ruin this cultural tradition and adversely affect the institution of marriage. To learn more about it read an essay on American culture. The greater part of world-known representatives of religion perceive homosexual affection as something not acceptable and wicked thus the idea to make such relationships legal is hardy feasible.
  2. Marriage is for childbearing. Giving birth to and raising children is considered to be probably one of the main aims of marriage. As gay couples fail to give birth to a child naturally, only traditional straight couples can provide the society with new generations.
  3. Same-sex couples will struggle for child adoption. This issue directly originates from the previous point as gay couples not being able to procreate will try to raise adopted children. Very little investigation has been done in relation to this. It is believed that a traditional family offers the best conditions for raising children. A child in a homosexual family has a stronger risk of unhealthy way of life, just as social and monetary difficulties. Also such children are constantly facing gay relationship and are often treated ill by other schoolmates. Writing essays about adoption, consider these tips:

So now we can conclude that the issue posed in this essay on gay marriage is really complicated, and includes opinions of opposite groups of people. The question of recognition of homosexual relations has both advantages and disadvantages, and the discussion of them still goes on.

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