Arranged Marriage Essay. What Is Your Choice?


Arranged Marriage EssayThis is the way the things are done in our society: we oppose a marriage of convenience to the union of hearts. However there is one inaccuracy: there can also be love in such marriage. In this case the marriage is concluded for such reasons: this person is good enough for me, he wants love, and I want the same, we surely will receive all this together. Such views can also be regarded as quite reasonable as people appreciate love in the relations and aspire to it. Today we, a team of professional and smart writers, rewriters, editors and proofreaders, will speak about arranged marriage essay. Is it bad or is it good? Everyone has his own opinion on this subject. So let’s find out!

Presently the marriage of convenience is considered an everyday occurrence as people on their nature became more mercenary. However such unions took place at all times. If the noble family wanted to become related with a family, similar to them, they agreed about a marriage between their children, and by the way they did it long before children's growing. It was done on special conditions which were favorable to both parties. By means of such marriage, families resolved territorial, financial and other significant issues, at the same time it was considered as a norm, usual way of connection of the people. Do not forget to mention that, when you think over your essay on arranged marriage.

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Today such marriage is not a rarity too. If couple decides to enter such marriage, so the woman and man completely understand all pluses and minuses of such union. It is considered to be that marriages of convenience cannot become the strong and happy union initially. And, nevertheless, the reality shows an incorrectness of this judgment.

Conveniences when entering the marriage union can be the most various: the aspiration to improve the social status, to increase welfare, for economy reasons, to receive a registration or elementary everyday conveniences or household comfort, fear of loneliness, the aspiration to have stable and lawful sex, desire of a full-fledged family for the child, etc.

If you are writing definition essay on marriage, you need to know many facts about this phenomenon. In most cases arranged marriages in their basis have material reasons when one of spouses wishes to improve the welfare at the expense of another. But at the same time often the second party also has the interests. In this case it is very important that arrangement was true. For example, not young and rich man, who has serious communications and authority in society needs to have the worthy woman near of him: healthy, young, attractive and pleasant in communication. With such spouse it won't be a shame to appear in the society. Besides, such woman will create good image among partners and competitors. In addition in the future this woman will give birth to his successors who will become worthy bearer of the family name. In this case arrangement of the man is clear, but also the woman has a set of benefits from such union. Often, of course, the man is informed about the mercenary purposes of the woman, but he turns a blind eye to it, as his purpose to find the charming and clever wife has been reached.

Today there is a set of prejudices concerning a marriage of convenience. For some reason most of us have obviously negative opinion about such unions. However it is absolutely wrong to consider that the union without love and which is based only on pure arrangement can't be long and happy.

Why it is considered shameful to live with reliable and wealthy man, because man's success in the social plan speaks about his self-actualization in life. And he should be respected for it. Will you find the woman who would refuse to live with the respected man?

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We consider that such marriage can be long and harmonious, upon condition of the correct arrangement. By the way statistical data confirms it. Love marriages break up much more often (40%), than marriages of convenience (5-7%).

By the way, today also a strong half of this world wishes to enter such marriage. Presently you will surprise nobody with a marriage of the young man of cute appearance with an elderly woman, who is successful in every respect. And such unions statistically are not short-term. Nobody cancelled love.

Not less common cause, promoting the entering to the marriage of convenience, is the aspiration of one partner to reach certain social positions for realization some purposes (to enter a prestigious job, to enroll children in prestigious educational institution, etc.). Many people enter into such union for satisfaction of their own need for care of someone or to feel the similar care on themselves. Such arrangement has more psychological aspect, than monetary or social.

The aspiration to create a family can be considered a peculiar arrangement too. Estimated benefit is expressed in financial support, or assistance in upbringing of children. Quite often need of performance of housewifely functions (washing, cooking, cleaning and other house efforts), which can be shifted to future partner, compels to creation of a family.

For the entering to the marriage union, people can unite the aspiration to have children or fear of loneliness. But such marriages usually are affected in mature age when people consciously go on this step, looking for the best candidate.

Dynastic and the unions for political reasons belong to marriages of convenience.

Very often couple enter into marriage for the sake of convenience, proceeding from rational reasons. Such union solves a set of problems. Until the union is favorable to both partners, it will be strong and stable for a very long period of time. It happens so that similar convenient cohabitation begins to develop into more romantic relations, and sometimes into the true love.

In general, statistically marriages of convenience are considered as stronger, than marriages created with love. At the same time if interests on a living space and money are the cornerstone of the union, then strong marriages meet practically always, but there are not happy among them.

In general, if you love the person, then you will think anyway and you will arrange everything. The man, before asking for the hand in marriage, will surely think whether he is able to keep a family, whether he is ready to become a father. The woman, before agreeing, has to answer several questions really honestly: whether she is able to make this person happy, whether she can manage to construct the relations, whether she is able to go on compromises? Truly loving person surely will think of the future which their union expects.

The most accurate arrangement in marriage is that which considers also interests of the partner.

If there are children, then their interests are considered too, including future children. It is good to consider your own interests, but in couple relations only if you think what your partner will receive from the union with you, you will be able to construct something strong. The marriage of convenience implies a certain deal, and it has to be mutually advantageous.

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And still many people consider that marriage without love is not a full-fledged union. Yes, it is wonderful to live with the independent, wealthy and reliable person, to respect him, but without love such union is some kind of suffering, you have to do some things without a pleasure but because it is necessary. If you want the marriage of convenience to be happy and long, it is important to consider not only material aspect, but also some other serious aspects: compatibility of partners in physical and psychological sense, life experience of future spouse, ability to concede and adapt, etc. Therefore if you decide to enter such marriage or you just need to write arranged marriages essay, it is necessary to count all pros and cons in advance.

Pluses of a marriage of convenience:

1) The union for both sides is a responsible and conscious step, spouses aren't in power of feelings, they make the decision in the cold light of day.

2) Everyone receives realization of the intended purpose.

3) In such union of the spouse have no love sufferings, they are saved from reproaches about a lack of attention, etc.

4) There are no reasons for arguments and quarrels.

5) There is no risk that the spouse will fall out of love.

6) Execution of "matrimonial duties" can be not obligatory; the main thing is to father a child.

7) In such union household activities do not threaten in disintegration of a family.

Minuses of a marriage of convenience:

1) Lack of love.

2) Matrimonial duties are not pleasure, but a hated duty.

3) If the spouse pursued the mercenary aims in marriage, she can be under a constant and total control of the husband.

4) There is a probability of a situation "life in a gilded cage".

5) Complete dependence from the person who has money.

6) The spouse-businessman is often absent at home, goes on business trips accompanied by long-legged secretaries and has a rest in clubs and other elite institutions with girls of easy behavior.

7) Marriage "for money" often provides the male relation to the wife, as to the acquired thing.

8) The party which has violated the secret agreement risks losing everything.

Today in the European countries the tendency of a marriage of convenience begins to decline that is caused by existence of the marriage contract. This document provides conditions of possession of property which usually are in separate possession. Therefore the concepts "marriage of convenience" is gradually replaced by marriage contract. Not finance or the social status of this or that party, but hope for creation of the strong union at which there will be a spiritual rest, respect, mutual understanding and reliability are the cornerstone of such union. In such kind of the union often there are warmer relations, than just friendship, and then there can be also love. As a rule, such marriage provides presence of children in the future.

We are sure this article will help you to make a right choice. Also you may use all the arguments mentioned in the article when writing your own essay on love marriage and arranged marriage.

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