Child Abuse Essay: Forms and Impact of Violence


Physical abuse means doing physical injury to a child, inflicting various bodily harm that causes damage to a child's health, disturbs his/her development and puts to death. It includes beatings, torture, shaking in the form of strokes, slapping, burning with hot objects, liquids, lighted cigarettes, bites and using a variety of objects as instruments of cruelty. In this essay on child abuse we will have a look at the consequences that affect children in the result of abuse.

Physical abuse includes the involvement of a child in the use of drugs, alcohol, giving him/her poisonous substances or medications that cause stupefying (e.g., sleeping pills that are not prescribed by a physician), as well as attempts to suffocate or drown a child.

In some families, as disciplinary measures different kinds of physical punishment are used from cuffs and slaps to belting. It is necessary to realize that physical violence is really a physical assault (torture) that is almost always accompanied by verbal abuse and mental trauma. You may use our writing services to know more about it.

Sexual violence or seduction is the use of a child (a boy or a girl) by an adult or another child to meet sexual needs or receive benefits. Sexual violence includes sexual intercourse (coitus), other bodily contacts with the genitals. It also includes involving a child in prostitution, pornography, exposure of sexual organs and buttocks to a child, peeping after him/her, when he/she is not aware of it: while undressing, relieving natural functions. You can hire professional essay rewriter online to find out the details of it.

Psychological (emotional) abuse is constant or intermittent verbal abuse of a child, threats from parents, guardians, teachers, educators, the humiliation of his/her dignity, accusation of what he/she is not guilty of, the demonstration of dislike, contempt to the child. This type of violence includes constant lies, deception of a child (causing him/her to lose confidence in an adult) as well as requirements imposed to a child that are not appropriate to their age opportunities.

Neglect of the interests and needs of a child is the lack of proper provision of basic child’s needs for food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care on the part of parents or persons substituting them, due to objective reasons (poverty, mental illness, lack of experience) and without thereof. A typical example of disregard of children given in almost every essay about child abuse is leaving them unattended that leads to accidents, poisoning and other life-threatening effects. Our team can help you with the essay about these points.

One of the manifestations of child abuse is the lack of love for a child in a woman, when he/she is still in the womb, that is, for a child of an unwanted pregnancy. Being emotionally rejected even before birth, such children are born prematurely twice as often compared to the children of a wanted pregnancy, they are more likely to have low birth weight, get sick more often during the first months of life, are less developed. If you ask to do my research paper quickly, our service is here to help you.

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Any kind of child abuse leads to a variety of consequences, but they all share one thing - damage to a child's health or danger to his/her life. Negative health consequences are the loss or impairment of the function of an organ, the development of the disease, impaired physical and mental development. Out of 100 cases of physical violence approximately 1-2 cases are fatal for children. The consequences of physical violence are bruises, injuries, fractures, damage to internal organs, etc. It takes time to heal these lesions, but more time and effort is required to heal mental wounds, the psyche of the child, affected by beatings. We provide custom essay writing services online help on this topic.

In essays about child abuse there are immediate and long-term effects described.

1. Immediate consequences include physical injury, damage, as well as vomiting, headache, loss of consciousness, specific to shaken baby syndrome that develops in young children, which are taken by the shoulders and shaken strongly. In addition to these symptoms in such children globe-threatening hemorrhage appears. Immediate consequences also include mental disorders in response to any kind of aggression, especially sexual. These reactions can occur in the form of excitement, desire to run somewhere, to hide or deep lethargy, external indifference. However, in any given case, the victim is flooded with acute feeling of fear, disquiet and anger. In older children severe depression with inferiority feeling and inadequacy may develop.

2. Among the long-term consequences psychologists allocate impaired physical and mental development of children, a variety of medical malfunctions, personality and emotional disorders, social consequences. We offer check essay helper online for those interested in this theme.

Disturbances of physical and mental development
The majority of children living in families in which severe physical punishment, abusive language against a child are the methods of education, or in families where they are deprived of warmth, attention, for example, in families of alcoholics, demonstrate signs of delayed physical and neuropsychological development. Experts in their essays on child abuse have called this state of children the inability to prosper. You can turn to us for a profound article review on this topic.

Children who have been abused often decelerate in height, weight or in both from their peers. They start to walk and talk later, laugh less, and perform much worse in school than their equals in age. Such children often have "bad habits": thumb sucking, nail biting, rocking, masturbation. And also the children living in the neglect of their interests and physical and emotional needs, in appearance look different, than children living in normal conditions: they have swollen, "sleepy" eyes, pale face, disheveled hair, negligence in dress, other signs of neglect of hygiene - lice, rashes, bad smell from clothes and body. Our expert writes essay for you quickly if you wish to know more about it.

Mental characteristics of children affected by abuse

Practically all kids who suffered violence and disregard had psychological injury, as a result they develop with certain emotional, personality and behavioral peculiarities, negatively influencing their destiny in future.

Persons which have undergone different forms of violence in childhood are themselves experiencing anger that frequently vents on the weaker: kids of younger age, pets. On frequent occasions their aggression is displayed during the game, and sometimes their rage has no visible cause.

Some of them, on the opposite, are too inactive, and can not protect themselves. And in any given case, the contact, dialogue with counterparts is broken. In unwanted, emotionally disadvantaged kids the drive to attract attention is sometimes shown as calling, exotic actions.

People, who were sexually abused in childhood, get alien to years acquaintance about erotic relations that shows itself in the manner, playing with kids or playthings. Actually, small kids that have undergone sexual violence, are able to be the originators of sex abuse, and engage a great amount of partners in it.

The major typical and painful response to any abuse, not only erotic is self-depreciation that promotes retaining and strengthening of mental instabilities coming from abuse. A person with self-depreciation is undergoing feelings of remorse, disgrace; he/she is characterized by constant conviction of inferiority. As a result, it is difficult for a person to get the appreciation of others and progress, the interaction with counterparts is hampered.

Such kids, even being adults, have a high incidence of depression. This shows itself in episodes of anxiety, unaccountable longing, feeling of desolation, sleeping disorders. In older age, in teenagers attempts to commit suicide can occur.

The social consequences of violence in childhood

We can emphasize two aspects of these consequences: the harm to the victim and to the community.

Persons which have undergone any form of violence have difficulty in social adjustment: they have broken ties with grown-ups, there are no necessary habit patterns of interaction with mates, they do not possess adequate academic performance and expertise to gain prestige in school. Kids, affected by violence, frequently discover the resolution to their obstacles in criminal, unsocial environment that is mostly connected with addiction to drinking, drugs, so they start to thieve and commit other criminal acts.

Young ladies frequently get engaged into sex trade, boys can experience disturbed sexual identity. Both later on have difficulty creating their own household, they will not be able to offer their future kids enough heartiness, as their private mental problems are not solved. You can read about teenage pregnancy here:

As stated above, any type of violence conditions in kids and adolescents such personality and behavioral peculiarities that make them graceless and even perilous for the society. Here you can read about domestic violence that often comes together with child abuse

What are the social costs of violence against children? This is, above all, the loss of human lives as a result of killings of children, or their suicide. This is a loss of productive members of society through violations of their mental and physical health, low educational and professional level, and criminal behavior. This is a loss of parents, who would be able to raise physically and mentally healthy children. Finally, it is the reproduction of violence in society, as former victims often become abusers themselves.

So, the phenomenon of child abuse can take different forms such as physical, sexual, and emotional (psychological) violence and it also includes the neglect of a child’s needs and interests. The consequences of child abuse are both physical and mental, and at any rate they adversely affect the future life of a victim.

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