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The topic of this essay has become a symbol of various noble qualities every person longs for. This versatile article was published by Elbert Hubbard in his own magazine The Fra. He was surprised more than others with the fact that his “literary trifle” had gained so much popularity. In 1913 the world saw over than 40 million copies published in different countries and various formats: articles, booklets, brochures. Definitely, it was a huge success for the beginning of 20-th century. Here a novice writer will find a source of inspiration and will be able to analyze this masterpiece from different points of view. Our essay writing service tried to open the true meaning of a Message to Garcia, looking back on the historical, literary and artistic features of this famous text.

Summarized Plot and Background

The article carries us away to the times of the war between the USA and Spanish Empire. It was a war for the liberalization of former Spanish colonies in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam, and Philippines. Garcia, the person mentioned in the topic, actually was General Calixto García e Iñiguez. He was a commander of the guerilla band withstood formal Spanish authorities in Cuba. He entered into an alliance with U.S. forces that lately occupied the island. There is a strange fact. The “A message to Garcia” essay is not about a message. This is a story of a messenger, Andrew S. Rowan, who had to deliver a letter to already mentioned General. He did not know the certain destination point and was very short in means. After a secret landing on the island, he was met by Cuban patriots. In spite of numerous obstacles he reached his goal and safely returned to the U.S. Not without Lt. Rowan’s successful mission, the USA has won the war. As the result, Cuba gained independence and other colonies became a part of the young republic.

Reflections of the Article and Variety of Its Applications

  • History. There can be a lot of essays written and referring to this article. An essay on history can be enriched by the facts and personalities described there. Message to Garcia is a literal source of the beginning of 20-th century – times of great struggle and trials stood by the USA. It is a perfect description of the role of a single personality in history. An article illustrates that sometimes even the biggest country can pin its hopes on one professional: lives of over than 27 thousands of warriors depended on the Lt. Rowan’s success.
  • Theology. A theologian will find a lot of parallels between the essay and the Bible. Lt. Rowan is a perfect image of God’s messenger. He takes his duty and carries the message without any complaints and fears. Author’s appeal to be such messengers gives rise to the strong association with a divine message to humanity. Rowan’s personal features are very likely to be similar to such a perfect God’s warrior has. The rhetorical question about the possibility to think and consider orders from above has many examples and answers in the Book.
  • Psychology. The psychological aspect of the article is the article is the bright show of the hardworking personality and his actions against the circumstances. The article describes a so-called superman, what must he do to achieve the success. For many years this essay has been a part of the curriculum in schools all over the world. For many of us Lt. Rowan has been a symbol of courage and professionalism. Message to Garcia will be useful as a perfect illustration of the ideal man and emotions in such spheres of psychology as conflictology, pedagogy, sociology, and others.

Also in this section:

Is Lt. Rowan a Perfect Employee?

No matter what essay is going to be written, all writers specializing on various topics and types of papers and providing students with writing services  admire that this essay is the best reflection of a business model. Of course, A Message to Garcia essay will be more likely seen as a part of a lesson on business. The analysis, plot and the message of this text have been studied by many people related to business and management. Numerous arguments and theories around a phenomenon of a “perfect employee” were born owing to Hubbard’s text. This is a brief summary of an analysis of the article from the competitive management point of view.

The situation you need such person as Rowan is a bad situation, especially for business. There’s a famous saying: “The heroism of employees begins when the leaders’ professionalism ends”. If one or another moment of a strong need in Rowan comes, it means you have already missed the opportunity. Of course, you can work according to the schedule “failure – heroism”, but you will never learn your own mistakes and wait for a hero, who will silently take an order and come back only with the result. One should always remember two things. Firstly, it is good to be a president of the USA, when you have millions of people at hand. Among this crowd, it is always easy to find a new Rowan. Secondly, there is a Rowan in the company; it is not a certain fact that he will be ready to fulfill the heroic deeds every week. When he becomes sick and tired of the situation the company will find itself almost absolutely depending on one person. What to do? A good businessman always considers future business plans and risks. So when he needs to send a message to Garcia, he does not need a man but already has a developed communication system. The competency of a leader makes the heroism of a single employee unnecessary.

Obviously, the best help with writing an essay – a variety of available opinions. Another point of view describes Rowan as a perfect emergency manager. He does not ask questions, just hears all necessary information and tries to succeed by any means. The article’s main point concerning this field of knowledge is that there are no blueprints or known ways to success. Usually, the circumstances leave you only with your skills, improvisation, and ability to overcome all obstacles. As a summary, two main features of a true manager can be named: a sense of duty and sharp mind. These virtues build up a hallmark of the management.

Many professional essay writers related to all topics find what they need in the Message to Garcia. The definite peculiarity of this article is its many-sided nature. It can become a good example of various people’s characteristics and will definitely enrich your essay.

As you can see, this article delivers a lot to be considered. There are a lot of useful ideas and unbelievable sides. As you can see, there is still a lot of space for analysis, and it is still being conducted. On our essay writing site we met A Message to Garcia many times. What do you think about using this essay in your writing? Maybe, you have some original thoughts about the essay we are not even wondering about.

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