Andrew Jackson Essay: Significant Political Figure


There are a lot of famous American political figures. Every child knows their names; people usually talk about them; their achievements and endowment to the development of the country; pupils and students often receive assignment to write an essay about the life path and career of these people. Among them are George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, John Kennedy and others. The figure of the 7th American President Andrew Jackson is not so popular and discussed in the society. However, his contribution to the American history and development can hardly be overestimated.  It is a good idea to start your essay on Andrew Jackson with the fact that he has served as the President of the USA from 1829 to 1837. He is known to be the first member of the Democratic Party elected to the position of the President of the United States. He was an ardent supporter of expulsion of the Indian population Andrew Jackson also managed to keep up quite warm relations and strong partnership with The United kingdom of Great Britain. Jackson is especially famous for the liquidation of The Second Bank of the USA. Some experts in the field of Politics and History criticize Jackson for this step. Nevertheless, this action led the country to the prosperity and wealth. By the way, Andrew Jackson himself was very proud of this decision and thought it to be the most important step in his career of the President. Before death he was asked: “In your opinion, what is your greatest accomplishment?”. Jackson gave an answer without any hesitation: “I killed the Bank”. In addition, he did his best to deliver the government from corruption and improve financial conditions of people’s life. Jackson supported individual liberty as well. We also want to remind you that if you are interested in search of custom essay writing solution, is one of the best decisions for you. We provide numerous services for pupils and students and may guarantee high quality of our work. In addition, our friendly customer support service works round-the-clock in order to help you any moment. After reading this Andrew Jackson essay, do not forget to visit our site and learn some useful information about us.

Brief information about Andrew Jackson’s life

Andrew Jackson was born in 1767 in the colonist’s family of Irish and Scottish origin. His parents moved to the USA two years before his birth. He also had two elder brothers who were born in Ireland and moved to the new country with parents. Unfortunately, Jackson’s father died two month before Andrew’s birth. His mother named the son after her husband. Andrew and his mother had to live with their relatives for 12 years. The boy studied at school for a few years. His mother wanted him to become a priest. The local teacher taught Andrew to read, write and count. He also tried to rouse boy’s interest to the dead languages (Latin, ancient Greek). It is a well-known fact that Jackson even used some Latin phrases in his following life. From the childhood Andrew did not care for books. It is also interesting that the future President often made mistakes in writing, though his writing style was pretty bright and expressive. By the way if you want to find essay writing service cheap online in order to write your papers without mistakes, we are glad to offer you our services. Order your essay without any hesitations and, be sure, our experienced team will not let you down. Many historians say that Jackson’s mother influenced him greatly. This woman had an extremely strong character and will. She cultivated in her sons hatred against English people, telling them stories about cruel attitude of English to Irish population. So it was not a great surprise that when the War for Independence began, the oldest brother of the family voluntarily joined the army. However, soon he was killed. In 1780 Jackson’s house was turned into hospital. After a short period of time Andrew and his second brother were taken as prisoners. They experienced all the horrors of the war. During that time Andrew received a scar on the head from the rapier thrust. Andrew’s mother exchanged her sons for several English solders. Nevertheless, Jackson’s elder brother died soon after the discharge. His mother decided to go to Charleston to look after wounded soldiers.  Soon enough she died from cholera. So in 1781 14 year old Andrew Jackson became an orphan. For some time he lived in his relatives’ house, but they were dissatisfied with Andrew’s lifestyle. He try himself as a teacher in order to earn his living, however it was not interesting enough for the young guy. Therefore he decided to save up some money and went to Salisbury to study Law. Then he got a job in a legal aid agency. He worked really hard there for two years and was ready to take any task. In the evenings he tried to entertain himself in a wide range of ways. By the way, the city dwellers remembered him as the noisiest person and the most active participant of all gambling games who had ever lived in Salisbury. It is mentioned in many Andrew Jackson essays that he acquired his high society manners in the local dancing school. He had very attractive and unusual appearance. He was 186 cm high, had thick red hair and deep blue eyes. In addition, if you are interested in essays about famous people biographies, you will definitely find this one interesting for you: In 1787 Andrew passed his exams successfully and received possibility to work in court. His first cases were connected with verification of rights for lands, debtors’ issues and execution of contracts. In 1788 he was appointed to be a public prosecutor in Tennessee. Jackson took part in the creation of laws for this state. Then he became its representative in the United States Congress. On the President election in 1824 Jackson got the relative majority of votes, but he did not receive the absolute majority. So the President was elected in the United States House of Representative and they chose John Adams as the 6th Head of the country instead of Jackson. In 1828 Andrew Jackson went to the people for the second time. And this time he was elected.  The time of his government turned to be the period of Democratic Party prosperity. He wanted to expulse Indians from their territories. The white population of southern states supported him and had pretensions for the lands of the Five Civilized Tribes. In 1830 Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. Indians were removed to the so called Indian Territory or the Indian Country. Now this territory is known as Oklahoma. It is worth being mentioned that Andrew Jackson was the supporter of the position of the state interference into economics and politics. It is also well-known fact that Jackson liquidated the second Bank of the United States. It led to the establishment of numerous private loan institutions and return to the gold standard. These events stimulated the progress of US economy. By the way, if you need service to buy argumentative essay on the development of the USA and its economy, you may write us without any doubt. You should also know that during Andrew Jackson government the two-chamber system was reconstructed. He died in 1845 in Hermitage and was buried on Christmas Eve.

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Some interesting facts, which you should know

Besides, we have also collected a few interesting facts about this outstanding figure. Maybe you even did not know about some of them.

  • Andrew Jackson had a few nicknames as “Old Hickory”, “King Andrew”, etc.
  • During his life Jackson received reputation of a quarrelsome man; he took part in numerous duels.
  • He became the aim of the first President Assassination attempt in 1835.
  • He also was the first one to invite the public to inauguration ball. This step made him popular quickly.
  • He was the only President of the USA to ever pay off the debt of the country.
  • He married his wife before she got legal divorce.
  • Jackson was the first President who was taken as a prisoner during war.
  • He adopted two Indian boys.
  • He had taste for gambling.
  • You may see this prominent person depicted on the 20 dollar bill, though the President detested paper money.

This figure was quite influential for the American history. He was successful and popular, though controversial person. We hope this essay has helped you to learn something new about the 7th President of the United States and enrich your knowledge in the sphere of history. Remember that we are always ready to help you with your home tasks. In addition, we also want you to know that our service can help you to hire best college essay rewriter at a low rate.

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