Andrew Carnegie Essay: The Legendary Figure Of World Economy


The surname Carnegie is pretty famous, mostly because of its two representatives. The first prominent owner of this last name is an outstanding American psychologist, writer and lecturer Dale Harbison Carnegie. And the second one is a famous American industrialist, who has achieved unbelievable success in steel production, Andrew Carnegie. He is also considered to be one of the most prosperous people in the American history. He was famous as a great philanthropist. People usually confuse them. Some people are even convinced that these two people are relatives. However, you may read in every essay on Andrew Carnegie that it is not true. These people lived in different time. They were not namesakes as well. It is a well-known fact that until 1922 Dale Carnegie bore another surname – Carnagey. The reasons for the change of surname are disputable. Some people believe that Dale has had some mystic motives; others are persuaded that he has taken the famous last name, because of his striving for fame. It is appropriate to mention, if you enjoy reading articles about famous people and their achievements, you would like this essay without any doubts: Nevertheless, this essay is devoted to the figure of Andrew Carnegie. Here you may learn interesting facts about his biography and way to success. Also in our essay you may read Carnegie’s rules, which he has made up for people, who are eager to achieve prosperity. You may use these rules in your daily life and, if you will be patient and persistent, you will definitely achieve great result. We also believe that the story of Andrew Carnegie’s life may inspire you to make progress not only in your professional life, but in your personal life as well. However, if you have to create an article on this or any other subject, but you do not feel confident enough to write it by your own, we have an excellent advice for you: visit and read some additional information about our team and the options we provide. Do not be shy, leave all your doubts and order an essay on any topic whenever you feel comfortable.

How the story of success began?

I suppose it will be appropriate to start our Andrew Carnegie essay with brief fact about his biography. Future world-wide famous industrialist was born in Scotland in 1835 His parents were weavers. Because of hope to find better life conditions, the family of future legend moved to USA in 1848. They had no choice, but get into doubts and little Andrew had to start earning money when he was only 13. His first job was in weaving factory. He was obliged to work 12 hours per day 6 day per week. Then he worked as a delivery boy in Pittsburgh telegraph office. Andrew was extremely persistent and after a short time he was promoted to an operator. Carnegie was rapidly climbing the career ladder. In 1855 he contributed 500 dollars to one of the successful railway companies. Then he received stock of the Woodruff’s railway company. He saved up his capital bit by bit and then it turned to be basement of Carnegie’s future success. We are persuaded that the story of Andrew Carnegie could be a good example for inspirational essay. In addition, if you are interested in such essays, this one will fit you perfectly: However, if you received an assignment to write this kind of essay, you are welcome to use our professional cheap writing service. In 1861 Andrew got the important position. He became responsible for military railways, which were of high importance at that time. He helped to build the railway in Washington and he also took active part in transport of troops. Carnegie helped the North in this war. After these events Andrew left railway business to devote his efforts to the steel industry. Soon Andrew Carnegie opened his first own steel factory. It is interesting enough that he communicated with English poet M. Arnold, philosopher H. Spencer, American writer M. Twain and a few presidents of the USA. In that time his philanthropy activity began. He built a big swimming pool in his native town in 1879. Then he gave money to establish a library there. In 1884 he made a donation of 50000 dollars to a medical college. Carnegie tried himself in writing. In 1889 he wrote an article named “Wealth”. There he expressed his opinion that the life of rich man should consist of two aims. The first aim is saving up the capital and the second one is spending money for good purposes. He also thought that philanthropy is an inseparable part of worthy life. One may say that Andrew Carnegie’s life views are pretty unusual. If you want to write an essay on philanthropy and need essay help online quickly, use our professional service. All you need to do is write us: “Help me write my research paper, please” and you will receive high-quality essay in time for sure. It is useful to know that in the end of 1880s Carnegie Steel Company became the biggest producer of cast iron and steel rails. It is difficult to imagine that this company could produce 2 thousand of metal every 24 hours. In 1889 the production of steel in the USA became bigger than the same one in the UK and Andrew Carnegie played a great role in this progress.

The following years Carnegie spent doing mostly philanthropy. He bought a picturesque castle in his native land and lived sometimes there, sometimes in New York. He dedicated his life to serving to the interests of people and development of education. Thanks to him numerous libraries in Great Britain and the USA were created. He gave money for establishing of Technical School, which then got his name.

He deceased in 1919 because of pneumonia. It is quite interesting that a lot of organizations, locations and attractions bear the name of this outstanding figure.

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Andrew Carnegie listed his own rules of success:

  • Define how much money you want to have; it is not enough to say: “I want to have a lot of money”; this statement is too abstract;
  • Decide for yourself what price you are ready to pay for your desired wealth;
  • Define a deadline within which you should own your capital;
  • Arrange a precise plan of actions, which should bring you to success;
  • Note everything: the sum of money, the deadline, the plan;
  • In the morning and before going to bed read your notes and imagine your future success.

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We hope this essay was useful for you and you have found inspiration in the path of life of this famous person. Be confident and persistent, do not give up and you will doubtlessly achieve significant results in any sphere of your life.

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