Crime and Punishment Essay: Plot and Characters


When Fyodor Dostoyevsky was in prison, he encountered there not only with political criminals, but also with ordinary criminals - thieves and murderers. The writer carefully studied their stories and explanations of their crimes in connection with what Dostoyevsky came to the conclusion that most of the crimes were committed on the basis of people's discontent of social order in Russia. Crime and Punishment essays say that people were dissatisfied with social inequality, after the abolition of serfdom the peasants in the majority were poor and destitute. They went to big towns, where they began to drink, rob and kill. The way out of this situation Dostoyevsky saw not in the revolution overthrowing the autocracy of Russia, but in the development and improvement of the spiritual world of the Russian people through Christian morality. But crime was rising not only on the basis of economic decline; new philosophies have also contributed to this. You can hire cheap professional essay rewriter online to know more about philosophy.

Friedrich Nietzsche was the founder of one of these young doctrines in Europe, he put forward the idea of ​​"a strong personality and its role in history." These people are conquerors, they rule the crowd, dispose of other people's lives and the future of the world. Crime and Punishment essay topics include different themes, but we will dwell on the analysis and main characters of this novel. We can offer you custom essays on almost any topic.

These ideas did not leave indifferent people in Russia. The character of the novel "Crime and Punishment", Raskolnikov, killed the old woman, the pawnbroker, not only because of his poverty, but also for ideological reasons. He came up with his theory of the world, where people are divided into ordinary and extraordinary. He called ‘ordinary people’ the rubble, which should live in accordance with the law and order set by the society and the state. Extraordinary are those people, actions of which are aimed at achieving the ideas changing the history and structure of the world at their own side, besides extraordinary people have the right to transgress the law, and to dispose of other's life. These are bold and strong personalities. If you need an essay on Crimes and Punishments, you can order it on our website.

Rodion Raskolnikov

Poor, but smart student of St. Petersburg, Rodion Raskolnikov is obsessed with the idea that originates in humanism and universal meaning of life: will violations of the law be justified, if they are made in the name of humanity? External circumstances (poverty and his sister’s forced decision to marry a fortune) put Rodion up to test his theory in practice: he kills an old money-lender woman and her sister Lizaveta. From this moment the ordeal of poor Raskolnikov begins:

  • even physically he can not cope with the commotion: a few days after the murder, he falls into a fever;
  • the investigator starts to call him and question for homicide: suspicions torture the student, he loses the rest, sleep, and appetite;
  • but the most important ordeal is the conscience that demands retribution for the crimson crime committed by Raskolnikov. Our online essay writing service can give you more information about it.

Rodion finds the support in the family and love - these two values ​​Dostoyevsky regards as of paramount importance: only owing to the mother, sister Avdotya and Sonya, which Rodion falls in love with, he finally comes to the conclusion that a person is obliged to receive punishment for every crime. He comes to the investigator himself and admits to the murder. After the trial, Sonya follows him to the Siberian penal servitude. His family or friends did not turn their backs on him - this is the sacrifice and the forgiveness that sublimes a man. Sonya Marmeladova helps Rodion come to the realization of his own guilt and venture into voluntary confession. If you ask to proofread my essay quickly online, we are here to help you.

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Sonya Marmeladova

Sonya Marmeladova is the most tragic and at the same time the most exalted character in Russian literature:

  • instead of contempt, which should a prostitute cause, Sonya is cute and adorable in her sacrifice: she sells herself for the sake of the family;
  • instead of the vulgar and rough street woman of pleasure the reader sees a modest, gentle, quiet girl who is ashamed of her business, but can not change anything;
  • at first Raskolnikov hates her because he feels that he is attracted to her irresistibly: she attracts him so much that he is forced to tell her about his crime in the first place, but then he realizes that Sonya is the salvation which the Lord sent him to comfort. You can find cheap essay writing service online on our website.

Sonya goes hand in hand with Rodion throughout the novel. Her faith, sacrifice, humility and bright, pure love help the main character understand the meaning of a human existence. If you wish to read more books about crime, have a look at this essay:

In his decision to kill the old woman Rodion is trying to check, to what group of people he belongs. Raskolnikov was pretty talented, intelligent and proud young man, but, unfortunately, he could not realize his ambitious dreams because of poverty. Poverty is reflected in his whole life. Rodion’s sister, due to poverty wanted to marry a horrible man. Poverty has got Marmeladov, Sonya's father, a titular counselor, which was reduced, in drunkenness and total depravity as a personality and eventually led to death. Poverty has forced Sonya Marmeladova to go to the streets, to provide for herself and the family. We provide expert online essay help for students on any topic.

But to Nietzsche's philosophical judgments Rodion added his worldview as many essays on Crime and Punishment state. He believed that if the strong person killed a nullity, which was not of benefit to anyone, he thus made everyone happy. Such a murder in the perception of Raskolnikov is neither a crime nor a sin. In this way he was reasoning while killing the old pawnbroker woman, going to help with her money that had been amassed on someone else's grief, such disadvantaged people, as he was himself. However, once the crime had been committed and Rodion’s hands were "in blood", he could not use the stolen money, his conscience was so sensitive that he could not hug his mother and sister with the hands of "a killer". His conscience pricks him, in Raskolnikov it is associated with Sonya Marmeladova. Sonya is in the same plight as he is, but her heart is not hardened, she is not callous, not angry with the world. The girl lives owing to her unshakable faith in God and hope in His justice. Sonya was the first whom Rodion confessed in committing a crime, and from whom he was expecting moral support and understanding. If you are going to type write my research paper cheap on the Internet, we can offer you our services.

Sonya recommended Rodion to confess that would alleviate his suffering, tell all the people about what he has done. He took her advice, confessed to the authorities and went to penal colony. Sonya and Raskolnikov had many things in common, for example, they were both deeply unhappy, they have ruined their souls, but if Sonya was guided by deep moral imperatives, she wanted to help her family survive, Rodion has committed a crime for the sake of an idea. In penal servitude, gradually, thanks to Sonya, Rodion comes through spiritual revival, his life principles change. To know more about death penalty, read:

In this novel Dostoevsky shows that happiness can be achieved only through kindness and forgiveness. There the commitment to Christian morality of the author can be clearly traced. Faith, goodness and love, but not violence and race for power, must reign in the world.

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