Emotional Intelligence Essay: The Unexpected Facts


Every single moment of our life we think on different subjects, imagine something or dream about something. What helps us do it? That is our intellect or, in other words, intelligence. It is quite interesting that our brains do not rest even during our sleep. It is worth being mentioned that our mind encompasses the significant power. This very power helps writers create the worlds described in their books; it generates the brilliant ideas of the most distinguished scientists, scholars and researchers. In addition, due to this power we cope with our daily activities and different tasks. Firstly, it is important to give a definition for this term. Experts mostly define intelligence as the feature of mind, which helps human beings accommodate to various new situations, gives us opportunity to study and memorize things, accumulate our own experience. After all, intelligence even helps us write this short essay on emotional intelligence. Thanks to it we have a possibility to understand and apply abstract concepts. Intelligence also provides us with an opportunity to use our knowledge in our day-to-day life. The concept of intelligence contains all the cognitive capabilities of a human being. Among them are sensation, perception, memory, thinking, imagination, etc. It is a well-known fact that there are a great number of different intelligence tests, which serve to estimate the level of person’s intellect. In this essay you will be able to find some information about intelligence and its kinds, the most popular intelligence tests, interconnection between intelligence and gender, concept of intellectual age. In addition, we will give you some pieces of advice on how to develop your level of intelligence. Besides, this essay reveals the subject of artificial intelligence, which is becoming noticeably popular recently. By the way, we are glad to remind you about Smartwriters.org, which is one of the best essay writing services online. Visit our site right after reading this essay. And remember that if you are interested in our services you may connect us and order your essay any time of the day.

What intelligence really is?

We suppose it we be adequate to start our essay on emotional intelligence with some basic data on the subject of intelligence. As it was already said, intelligence is a special feature of human mind, which helps us learn, memorize and use information. However, many scientists believe that animals possess some primitive features of intelligence as well. They are convinced that animal’s intellect assist them in the process of evolution. If the subject of animal’s intelligence and their rights is interesting for you, you should definitely pay attention to this essay: https://smartwriters.org/blog/essay-on-animal-abuse-the-sore-on-the-societys-body. The development of human intelligence has marked us out among all the species of animals. This has given the beginning for the evolution of human society.

There are some distinguishing features of human intelligence:

  • The working memory capacity;
  • The capability to predict;
  • Logical thinking;
  • Multilevel system of information selection;
  • Consciousness.

In the beginning of XX century British psychologist Charles Spearman proved that all intellectual capabilities of a person are statistically connected. It means that if a person solves some tasks easy, he will solve another tasks successfully too. The concept of intelligence quotient (IQ) was based on his research. The famous psychologist James Robert Flynn was the first to conduct the large-scale research on the subject of IQ. There is no doubt that you should mention in your emotional intelligence essay the concept of IQ. So let’s give a definition of this term. IQ is a quantitative estimation of a human intellectual level. It shows person’s intellectual level comparing to the average intellectual level. In order to esteem the IQ level properly the IQ test was created. The IQ issues have been becoming more and more popular recently, so a lot of different new tests have appeared. There are a few factors, which are able to influence person’s intelligence level. Inheritance, some special genes in particular and the environment play significant role in forming intelligence level of a person. The latest researches show that there is no noticeable difference between male and female intellectual levels. Before the five-year-old age their IQ capabilities are pretty equal. However, then boys become better in spatial thinking, while girls receive better verbal capabilities. By the way, if you have to write a more detailed essay on gender differences, you may always refer to our cheap custom essay writing services online. Here you may not only order any essay, but hire best college essay rewriter at a low rate. By the way, scientists are also convinced that there is an interconnection between person’s intellectual level and the country, where he/she lives. Statistics show that the population of developing countries has lower IQ level than people in developed regions. It is obvious that bad nutrition and diseases further this problem. By the way, good nutrition in the period of childhood is essential for the development of intellect. Lack of some nutrients in early age may lead to the lowering of IQ level. If you are interested in the subject of nutrition and nutrition disorders, you may find this article quite useful: https://smartwriters.org/blog/anorexia-essay-how-to-grapple-with-it. The concept of intellectual age should be mentioned in all essays on emotional intelligence. It was firstly mentioned by French psychologist Alfred Binet in 1908. It defines the accordance between person’s real age and the intellectual capabilities of people of his/her age. In 1912 German philosopher and psychologist William Lewis Stern offered an easy formula, which would serve for defining person’s intellectual age.

Is emotional intelligence important for person’s general development?

Emotional intelligence is a person’s capability to recognize other people’s emotions, intentions, wishes and motives. Of course, this concept is pretty important for a successful life in the society. There are some signs of high and low emotional intelligence. So you may say that you possess a high level of emotional intelligence if you:

  • Are interested in communication with other people;
  • Know your strong and weak sides;
  • Are good in reading other people’s emotions;
  • Recover quickly after failures;
  • Accommodate quickly to the new conditions of life;
  • Are not afraid of mistakes;
  • Do not want to be absolutely perfect and understand that it is impossible;
  • Are able to put aside your problems for a while (for example, you will not connect your career problems with your family);
  • Can not only listen, but hear as well.

Nevertheless, there are several signs of a low level of emotional intelligence:

  • You absolutely do not understand feelings of other people;
  • You consider others to be too sensitive;
  • You usually refuse to accept somebody else’s point of view;
  • You often blame other;
  • It is hard for you to cope with emotionally difficult situations;
  • You find hard communication with others and being friend in particular.

The level of emotional intelligence mostly depends on the person’s upbringing and his/her parents’ attitude to their child. However, the situation could be corrected after working with a psychologist.

Is it possible to heighten your IQ?

A lot of people are worried about the question: “Is it possible to develop my intellect and heighten my IQ level?” The answer is “Yes”. Sure, there are some restrictions due to our inheritance, but we are able to heighten our intellect a bit. There are several tips on how to develop the power of your mind:

  • Be attentive and observant;
  • Listen to your favorite music at least ten minutes a day;
  • Read a lot, try to read books of different genres; however, it is important to choose the books of your level, they should not be too easy or too difficult for your understanding;
  • Train your brains, play logical and strategical games;
  • Do not be afraid of trying some new kind of mental activity;
  • Do crosswords or puzzles as many as possible;
  • Learn new languages;
  • Do not stop learning, master something absolutely new for you;
  • Train your body;
  • Widen the range of your interests;
  • Be persistent, do not give up;
  • Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables;
  • Eat oily fish, chicken, eggs, nuts and pumpkin seeds to boost the activity of your brains.

Believe in yourself and do not stop. Follow these tips and you will receive the desired result.

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What should you know about artificial intelligence?

The subject of artificial intelligence is pretty popular these days, so we could not leave it without attention. Sure, it is better to start you artificial intelligence essay with the definition of this concept. When people speak about artificial intelligence they generally mean science and technology of intellectual machines and computer software creation. The history of development of artificial intelligence science began in the middle of the XX century. Then a lot of films dedicated to this issue were created (The Terminator, RoboCop, Artificial Intelligence, Robotropolis and many others). In that time this theory seemed naïve fiction, it was something impossible and unbelievable. Intellect is a pretty complicated thing. So how, for the God’s sake, can people create this masterpiece by themselves? However, today the creation of artificial intelligence does not sound so unrealistic. Scientists have achieved great success in this sphere. For example, in 2014 the news agency The Associated Press started to use the technology of automatic creation of financial reports. And you know what? The reports created by machine turned to be more precise than ones created by human. It is interesting enough that even cars, which need no driver, have been already created. The main point of creating artificial intelligence is avoiding mistakes made because of human factors. Nevertheless, this issue is quite new for us, so we do not know about all the pitfalls of these technologies. That’s why we should use it carefully and try to predict the consequences.

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