The Best Day of My Life Essay: Secret of Happiness


What will you remember when somebody asks you about the best day of your life? Maybe you will be confused as there are too many days which made you happy and it’s difficult to choose one, maybe you will be confused because of realizing, that in fact nothing happens with you. In any case you will be confused as it only seems to be easy to name the best day of your life, especially when you was told to write an essay, but nothing comes to mind. For those, who don’t want to spend their time in reflections about the past, our online team of professional writers has composed the best day of my life essay.

Best Day of my Life Essay or How Can I Reach the Happiness

I supposed that almost everybody connects the image of perfect day with the weekends, when you can get enough sleep, drink a cup of coffee without persistent rush, which followed the modern citizen’s life, in fact you can devote the day to the occupation you like, exactly this will make your day perfect.

For somebody the ideal day consists of some variants of «lazy holiday» including laying on the beach beyond the palms, watching bronzed boys and girls, playing volleyball, drinking pina colada, reading the book or just thinking about nothing. By the way, if you don’t know what to read on the beach, here are the list of top crime books But don’t worry, if you choose these variants of spending time, it doesn’t mean you are a coach potato, as sometimes person is so sick and tired of daily routine, communicating with people and work’s deadlines, that she needs to restore her energy reserve, and such type of holiday is completely satisfying. All in all, what can better reduce the stress level than watching sea sunset and listening to the breaking surf?

For others, the ideal day is connected with active ways of spending time, all kinds of hikes, mountain climbing, horse riding, cycling, extreme sports and so on. These activities are practiced by not everyone, but exactly they give an enormous energy boost and adrenaline rush, which person will remember for a long time.

But the question is does all these activities ensure your day to be the best? If to think a little, we will discover that second ways are more efficient, as such kinds of thrilling events left a deep trace in human’s memory.

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The third probable way to make one of your days the best, is plunging into the world of art. Visiting concerts, plays, operas, exhibitions, ballets, observing the most popular painting online – the modern world offers to you a lot of possibilities to spend an unforgettable day. Are you keen on music? I’m sure everybody will answer affirmatively. Now just imagine the evening spent on the concert of your favorite singer or band. It sounds like the pure happiness, isn’t it? Even if the legends of the music don’t make the tours in your city, be sure the local musicians are also worth visiting, as the general atmosphere, where hundreds of people are exalted, all as one, signing or even crying song’s lyrics, is super.

On the other hand, there are the cases when people can’t name the best day of their life not by reason of their multiplicity, but because of absence of such days. From time to time for all people, I’m sure, is familiar the situation of «motion’s Illusion».  To explain in simple words, this is the situation of existence, when in fact nothing happens. All routine actions are repeated and form a close circle where everything is static. And sometimes we all start to suffocate under the pressure of every day routine, when even the idea of the best day is ridiculous for us as we strongly believe that nothing interesting will happen to us. All in all, the best helpers here are only ourselves. So if you want to break out the closed circle full of frustration and emptiness and to make every day your best, our high-quality writers have made for you a list of useful tips here:

  1. Find the beauty in the ambiance. How often do you pay attention to the surrounding? Sometimes even the small details can bring you to the happiness, your only task is to notice them. Moreover, observe the nature. Yes, it’s banal, but how often after an exhausting day in the office you find the time for wandering in the nearest park, feeding the ducks and being along to think about the day which has gone? On the contrary if you aren’t indifferent about the environment, it will be interesting for you to read an informative essay on global warming here.
  2. Live for today. You can argue that it’s important to think about the future, and you have a reason, but it mustn’t be an obsession as it sometimes happens. Always worrying about future depreciates the present, so escaping the thoughts about the vague day of tomorrow is useful much more often than you think.
  3. People. Communicating is probably of the main factors which could make our day the best. You don’t share this idea as you have difficulties with the socialization? You are advised to read an essay about agents of socialization, which probably will be a little help for you. For many people the happiest day of their life is connected with some personal events: how couldn’t one consider the day as the best after a dizzy date with person you like, spending a fabulous day with a soul mate, a warm family reunion, a long-awaited wedding or even divorce, a child birth and so on.
  4. Travel. If we are interviewing the different kinds of people about their best day of life, the answer of majority of them, despite the diverse characters, job positions, social status and personal preferences, for sure will be connecting with travelling as discovering new culture, places and people or just escaping daily routine is one of the most important component of full and happy life.
  5. Meditation. Sometimes only way not to be driven mad is to meditate, the other pros of this kind of activity is self-knowledge, which will help you to understand better your inner impulses and sort out in the inner problems.
  6. Hobby time! It’s not a big secret that hobby can fill your life with a lot of pleasant moments, and it is the first step to the happiness.
  7. Be engaged. It’s well known fact that the more spare time person has the more he/she reflects about the controversial questions of our life, and all in all reaches the idea that everything just has no sense. So to make the life more interesting and socially significant, it’s important to be engaged. If you don’t know how to start your social activity read our best buy nothing day essay, and maybe you will support this idea.

Lust for Life

To conclude with, probably the essential that makes you happy is lust for life, as you can find yourself in different life situations: one day on the crest of a wave, other down-and-out, don’t be afraid of any life difficulties, especially when the movement of downshifting has appeared (read more You shouldn’t forget that the main source of happiness isn’t your possessions or social and financial status, it’s you personally, who can make every day of your life the best!

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