10 Curious Facts about the Pope Francis


The first pope from the Latin America, Pope Francis is now probably one of the most discussed personalities, and for sure the most interesting one among all people, who had an honor of being the main figure of Catholic world. Well-known and loved by millions for his phrase «Who am I to judge?», the head of the Church has led a big life before the discovery of his religious vocation. Even after his election to the papacy, which, by the way, took place in 2013 (the story about Pope Francis election you can read here), he continues to lead an active life, having progressive views, protecting the weakest and all in all positioning himself as a spiritual world leader. Look through the amazing facts about this man composed for you by our smart writing team, and reveal numerous interesting details about his past and actual life, which will prove the theses about his originality, genius and humor. So you are welcome to glimpse the interplay of his personal and social life and to find out top 10 funny and cool facts about this great man.

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  1. He performs multilingualism! Can you imagine, that the main figure of Catholic world speaks fluently on three languages, it means Spanish, Italian and Latin (the official language of church since its genesis)? Furthermore, he can understand English, French, German and even Ukrainian, one of the hardest languages to learn! What a great paragon for those, who want to learn at least one foreign language! By looking at the Pontiff, you realize that nothing is impossible if to set the right goals. If you aren’t familiar with the process of goals setting, read our article devoted to this: https://smartwriters.org/blog/goals-and-aspirations-essay-how-to-get-what-you-want.  Of course, speaking and understanding the different languages also give an idea of multiculturalism of the head of the Church, and make him to have much in common with almost every nationality, exactly these facts can’t help strengthening his positions and authority. So it is logical that he is a legal citizen of Argentina (his native country), Italy and Vatican.
  2. During his student years he studied… chemistry and worked as a bouncer! Surprising, isn’t it? As a majority of other people, our essay paper checker has thought that he studied a theology like many others, but it's not as simple as it seems! He has a master degree in chemistry and even tried a teacher’s role at several Argentinean schools in the early 1960s, where he taught literature, philosophy and theology. And now, can you imagine the head of the Catholic Church, well-educated and intelligent individual, being a bouncer in the bars of Argentina? However bizarre it sounds, nevertheless it's true and Pope Francis really was a security guard to be able to pay his studies. 
  3. The Pontiff can boast of being the professional dancer! Yes, yes, as his native country is Argentina, he performs a great love to tango dancing and thus can be considered as a true-blooded Argentine. Pope Francis once confessed that in his adolescence he even had a girlfriend, with whom he adored to dance tango. Well, that’s what it means to be an all-around intellectually and physically developed person!
  4. He is a great football fan! Despite a large amount of visited countries and his life in Vatican, this man stays committed to his native football team of San Lorenzo. He started to support them since his childhood and continue his cheering activity until nowadays (truly example of patriotism!). It is the one among plenty of factors, which make him closer to the average people and evokes a great sympathy for this extraordinary man. Want to order an essay about sport, but don’t know the right site? Contact our online service and get the best essay at a low price!

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  1. He refused living in the official papal residence. He was the first Pope who chose not to stay in the Apostolic Palace and preferred much humbler guest house of Vatican to receive the people there. He is also the first, who not only talks about the modesty and austerity, but prove his point of view by the real actions and set a new tendency of being humble. Furthermore, by his behavior, the Pontiff encourages people to be plainer, simpler and to choose the cheaper option, he promotes the true values and even has composed a list of ten essential life principles, which lead to happiness. No wonder that even after his election, he refused from the special papal car and took a bus for reaching his hotel that evening. What is more, the Pontiff is a great straggler for the simplicity and humility of the Catholic Church, and our grammar proofreading online together with all the faithful hope he will succeed! 
  2. He was proclaimed being the Person of the Year in 2013. He was honored this title, given by famous American magazine the Time for his progressive views and the great influence on the events of this year. By the way, if you have a task to write an essay about any person of the year, you can contact this essay writing services for money, and we will do it for you carefully with the respect of deadline!
  3.  A small, but curious detail about Pope Francis, which can be a proof of his simplicity propaganda and another marque of his character is the reduction of inequalities. The matter is that as a cardinal in the Buenos-Aires, having the access to the best restaurants of the city, he preferred to eat in the local cafeteria or cook the meal by himself! So after his pope election, once he visited this local cafeteria to have a meal with the ordinary workers. Can you imagine this excitement, experienced by a hard worker, who had a chance to share the food with the Pope?
  4. He need to lose some weight. Yes, the Pontiff has the same problems as the ordinary people have. He is crazy about pasta and pizza, he even ordered one in his Pope-mobile! Unfortunately, his doctor ordered to restrict the consumption of these two favorite products of the Pope Francis. So, our online paper grader declares that every person has its own weaknesses, and, frankly speaking, who wouldn’t like to have a good meal?
  5. He is sure that Pope shouldn’t judge. The most interesting here is that he doesn’t mean accepting and approving every social phenomenon, he admits expressing the opinion. For example, it is well-known, that the head of the Catholics doesn’t approve homosexual relations and marriages, but at the same time he not let himself to condemn the members of sexual minorities. Our smart writers also have their point of view on this controversial question, to reveal it, check this link https://smartwriters.org/blog/same-sex-marriage-essay-facts-pros-and-cons. What is more, the Internet is full of Pope Francis quotations, which mean that you don’t have to be a Catholic to go to heaven!  It is a great indicator of his tolerance and humility!
  6.  Face to the sexual abuse in the Catholic Church. He is determined to fight the ugly crime of children sexual abuse and stated publicly about his intention despite the fear of huge scandal. After his pope election, he promised to take tough measures for anyone in the church who dares to commit this awful crime.

To conclude, all the world is fond of the Pontiff progressive ideas, mercy and humility, and each of us hopes that this great man is definitely able to change something in the world order, to shake the foundation of the consumer society and to set people's souls ablaze with his enthusiasm.

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