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Best academic writing service: guarantees

It’s not an easy task to choose between numerous writing services found on the Internet, that’s why we are eager to make this task easier by giving you the comprehensive information about the guarantees you get on our good essays writing website.

#1. Full confidentiality. The majority of our clients prefer to remain anonymous, as the use of the writing services can cause certain problems in any educational establishment. We gladly give such an opportunity to our customers by providing a strict privacy policy. No personal information about your name, location, or university can be disclosed to third parties. By using our services, you can be sure that nobody will ever know that you have ordered your paper here, in this way, you may rely on our English writing website completely, as did hundreds of English-speaking students of all ages from all the Earth corners.

#2. 100% originality. Some visitors of smartwriters.org frequently ask our support team via the live chat if their paper will be 100% original. They are afraid that we can publish their orders somewhere on the Internet after the delivery. The answer is of course no! We customize every paper according to the instructions, and we never use the ready papers to sell you. One more time, your order will be written according to your requirements, and will never be published somewhere else, this is the unbreakable rule of rendering the custom writing services we have in our company. Some website visitors, who have discovered our blog section with a plethora of useful tips and informative posts, are curious about where we get the articles for “How to” and “Popular Topics” section. Today, we destroy the myth that should have been destroyed long ago: we never use any of our customers’ materials for these sections, they are aimed at practicing the writing skills of our newbies. For example, this essay on how to become popular in the university (http://smartwriters.org/blog/one-big-contest-how-to-become-popular-in-university) was composed by one of our youngest writers who wants to sharpen his skills. In addition, we hope you understand that every paper we deliver is plagiarism-free, it goes without saying.

#3. Online support 24/7. Whenever you need our help, you may reach us via the live chat that is available on every page of our website. The friendly and professional online support team representatives will dissipate your doubts concerning the type of work to choose, clarify what kind of assignment you should choose, assign the best essay proofreader to check your paper (if required), solve any your problem, report on the order progress, or give you an information you are seeking immediately, or even create a personal discount code for you! Our support team is the real lifeline for every site visitor, thus, don’t hesitate to contact us!

#4. Four major types of services. Although we offer only four types of work, they will definitely be enough to ensure that you will receive the highest grade. We are sure that the less is better, thus, our ultimate list of services makes it easy to decide on the service your paper really needs. Anyway, an online support team representative will explain to you the essence of each service and the difference between them so that you could be a real expert!

#5. Discounts are provided. One of the greatest benefits our company has is the flexible discount system that allows every site visitor getting a discount on his or her order no matter is he or she our regular client, or it is his or her first (second) order. Usually, our customers have a right of receiving the discount of 15% for their first order, all they need to do is to contact our support team via the chat to say “this is the first time I pay for college admission essay, can I be discounted, please?” In this way, you will get a personal discount code! In addition, you may get a lifetime discount that will be increasing all the time if you are our regular client. The icing on the cake is the various holiday offers from smartwriters.org: the regular clients get a notification via the email, but if you aren’t among them, don’t worry, as our online support representatives will gladly answer to the question “Is there any holiday offers from your team now?”.

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#5. Free revision. Every our customer, who isn’t 100% satisfied by the delivered paper, is welcome to ask for a free revision. And the writer who worked on this order will make the necessary corrections to meet every tiny demand of the client. It’s the great possibility to get an excellent paper through the fruitful cooperation with your personal writer. However, to get a free revision, your instructions shouldn’t contradict the initial ones, so, if you attach the file, crucial for the order completion after the paper is ready and delivered, this isn’t the reason for a revision, therefore, please, be attentive! Check and re-check your instructions and attached files to be understood by the writer and get the desired result.

On our website, you may get an excellent paper as a result of a fruitful cooperation with your qualified writer. Together, we will definitely create the piece of art that your teacher will never forget (http://smartwriters.org/blog/artworks-that-impossible-to-forget) instead of a boring essay. You should only be as comprehensive as you can so that our team could get the right idea for your paper. Why do we accentuate on this issue? The matter is that unfortunately, for the majority of our clients, it’s hard to find a common ground not only during communicating with our academic writing team but in the real life as well. Therefore, we decided to devote the part of this post to the burning issue: how to communicate effectively by reaching a mutual understanding with the people around you?

To work effectively on a team, one knowledge and understanding of human nature is not enough. We need something that will ensure the psychological unity of this interaction, thus, mutual understanding is just such a factor that we need to pay a close attention to.

First, we should form a clear idea about the essence of mutual understanding. In this matter, the analysis of mutual understanding manifestations will help us:

  • coordination of the individual understanding of the subject of communication;
  • mutually acceptable bilateral assessment and adoption of goals, motivations, and attitudes of the interaction partners, during which there is a similarity (complete or partial) of cognitive, emotional, and behavioral responses to the acceptable ways of achieving their joint development results.

At the same time, the mutual understanding of people is such a level of their interaction, at which they realize the essence and structure of the present and possible next action of the partner, moreover, mutually contribute to the achievement of a single goal, for example, to create a descriptive essay on New York City with your friend.

The joint activity is not enough for mutual understanding, it is necessary to interact. Otherwise, if you don’t try your best to find a common ground or something just went wrong (as it sometimes does in the professional experience of smart writers, when a client asks for revision but forgets to attach the file and is mad at our team when we start sending the messages asking to upload the necessary file, or when a customer chooses “proofreading” as a type of work but put an instruction “write my paper for me now”), you may face the opposite phenomenon: misunderstanding that leads to the mutual incomprehension

To avoid being misunderstood, you should get to know the main reasons that lead to the mutual incomprehension:

  • absence or distortion of people's perception of each other;
  • differences in the structure of the delivery and perception of speech and other signals;
  • time deficit for the mental processing of received and issued information;
  • intentional or accidental misrepresentation of transmitted information;
  • no possibility to correct the error or clarify the data;
  • the absence of a single conceptual framework for assessing the personal qualities of a partner, the context of his or her speech and behavior;
  • violation of the rules of interaction in the process of performing a specific task;
  • loss or transfer to another goal of the joint action, etc.

To achieve mutual understanding between people, special conditions must be created. Here are the most important of them that our team considers important to mention in this post:

1. Understanding the speech of a person you interact with. It begins with the perception and comprehension of individual words, which are the lexical units of speech. More precisely, it starts not even with words, but with phonemes, from the linear sequence of which the speech message unfolds. A phoneme is usually understood as the shortest meaning-distinguishing (phonological) unit of a language. It must be perceived by the partner. Perception, and hence understanding, will occur if a person already has a system of psychological signs, by which phonemes are perceived and remembered.

Decoding of phonemes allows revealing the meaning of the whole system of words, which expresses a certain thought. After the individual sentences are understood, the penetration into the meaning of the message as a whole begins. The scientists are positive that to understand the whole message, the perceiver must correlate the sentences with each other, choose those of them that have a key, leading to the meaning, and formulate the general thought of the utterance, and sometimes decipher the motive of the utterance that in most cases has its implied sense. Getting to know the implication of speech is a necessary condition for “deep reading” of thoughts. You may decode this implicit message from the content of the conversation and the general environment into which the perceived phenomenon is placed.

In the context of a human interaction, as a rule, they enter themselves as independent individuals and the circumstances that are connected to their behavior. According to the pro academic assignment writers, decoding of signals from these components of the context will create conditions for achieving mutual understanding between people.

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2. Awareness of the manifested qualities of the person you interact with. People differ in their beliefs, needs, interests, ideals, feelings, character traits, abilities, etc. These and other qualities of a partner often have to be assessed by observing directly the person you are communicating with. This can be done only by examination of the reactions, behavior, and, in general, his or her activities.

Only by the means of the behavior and activities, a person manifests him or herself, that is, reveals his or her qualities to others. The evaluation of the qualities allows us judging the motives and goals of a person. If you still have no idea of how to set goals correctly, you are welcome to take a look at this post http://smartwriters.org/blog/career-goals-essay-is-as-easy-as-interesting. As it is exactly the motives and goals that give an opportunity to decide on what the partner is doing, is he or she contributing to the interaction or counteracting. Such a conclusion is necessary for establishing mutual understanding between people.

3. Identifying the impact on the personality of the interaction with a partner. Such a situation is understood as objectively developing circumstances and conditions that favor or interfere with the interaction of individuals. The situation consists of objects, things, means, and tools that are used by the individuals who interact and of the environment in which they are. The number and quality of the elements of the situation, their placement and change in time create the specific circumstances of interaction that will be influencing on the interlocutors.

The change of the communicative situation often encourages people to change their behavior as well sometimes even in such a way that their psychological content is lost behind the external side of actions. In everyday life, during communicating with people, we are familiar with their behavior patterns so that we could decipher the meaning of the external data and, thus, disclose the implicit meaning of the words. This ability to decode the one’s behavior runs fluently because in the process of communication with others we develop a certain more or less automatically functioning psychological implication to their behavior.

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You may derive the implicit sense from the personal qualities of the individual and the situation of his or her interaction with the partner. By the way, if you have some experience in literary analysis, this works according to the same principles. Thus, you may remember and use some of them during the conversation. However, if the literary analysis is something unknown to you, don’t rush to be upset, smart writers will definitely help you. You may start from this short guide to the literary movements http://smartwriters.org/blog/professional-academic-writer-short-guide-to-literature. At the same time, during the communication, the more people are prepared psychologically and socially, the more successful they are.

4. An agreement and its practical implementation according to the established rules. It goes about the official agreement of the people who interact with each other on the mutual understanding and acting according to certain rules. They are forced to fulfill their obligations, because the gap between word and deed indicates a violation of the mutual understanding, and this can not be hidden.

Observance of the rules in practice is the criterion of the mutual understanding, achieved by the partners. In addition, both of the partners must periodically correct the rules of interaction to coordinate their actions. It is better to do this in a situation of equal rights for individuals.

These are the most common strategies for achieving mutual understanding between people, and our writers who can help with PhD dissertation as well hope strongly this information will help you become better by developing your communication skills. The last thing to mention here, in general, everything is much easier than you can imagine: all you need is the sincere desire to find the common ground with your interlocutor, and the ability to listen attentively to another person without interrupting. Believe our experience, this quality is highly appreciated by all the people!

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