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We do everything possible to give you the study assistance that you deserve; however, it doesn’t mean that we haven’t the problems that are common to all the students from time to time. And laziness is one of them. Often, we have a feeling that we aren't doing enough and can do more for our customers. However, when our smart writers try to take more papers to write, they face nothing more than the laziness. Yes, yes, this feeling is familiar to our academic writers with a rich experience. Every student faces the laziness sooner or later, and we can barely call describe this meeting as something pleasant. Nevertheless, we must fight it. It's obvious that our team wanted to figure out how it can be successfully done. We have been researching this issue for a long time, and finally, we've found a decision. It turns out that laziness is not an absolute evil, it can be different. When we talk about this state, everyone has its own notion, one's own state of laziness, and its symptoms. Therefore, there is no universal advice, however, it doesn't mean that you should give up and let your laziness overwhelm you. Just keep searching for the ways to overcome it, and we will share our own experience with you. Let us start with the general symptoms of laziness, as if you recognize the reasons for your laziness, it will be much easier to eliminate it. So, here are some of them:

#1. Low motivation level. The absence of the motivation is one of the essential reasons for laziness emergence. A student is not sure why he or she is doing it, or does it not for him/herself, or expects others to do it for him. To fight this laziness type, you should increase the motivation. The easiest way to do it is by thinking about the task you are going to take, weigh the pros and cons. “Do I really need it?” should become the main question to demand yourself before starting something new. It goes about choosing the city to live, the university to apply, and the socks to go in for sports equally. Make sure you chose the right specialty, as the statistics show that a half of the non-motivated students suffer from the wrong choice of the future occupation at the university already. If you are sure the current faculty isn’t your dream place, change it without regrets while there's still time. By the way, the habit of weighing the pros and cons works both during setting long and short-term goals ( If the task isn’t well thought, you have an extremely low level of motivation to do it. If you are doing something for someone, make sure that a person is close to you or that you will be able to benefit from this task in the nearest future.

#2. Lack of willpower. The most common concept of laziness is a lack of willpower. If you have tried everything to become motivated, and decided that this task is really important but laziness still does not go away, the most important thing is to start. To start is a 50% success rate. If you should write an essay but can’t squeeze out the ideal introduction paragraph, start with the main body, write at least something disregarding some awkward sentences or mistakes, you’re going to fix them later or pay cheap papers editing website to do it, the essential is to start. You will proceed with the introduction writing later or even after all the paper parts will be completed. If you can’t do even this, use a tape recorder to remember at least some ideas for your paper, and little by little you will find yourself passionately telling in details about your future assignment, and the only thing you will have to do is to type an essay according to your records.

#3. Way of life. For some people, laziness defines the way they do their activities. They get the task, they think about how to make it easier and faster, but the people around them get the impression that this person is lazy. In addition, what's the worst, a person under the pressure that others exert starts to consider him or herself as a lazy person, trying to fix it, but the matter only gets worse. Nevertheless, in fact, when the deadline comes, this person successfully and rationally performs the task. The scientists proved that 80% of an average task can be performed in 20% of the time if your productivity is boosted.

#4. Intuitive laziness. Sometimes, we are lazy to do something and do not complete the task but it turns out that there was no need to do it. It's an intuitive laziness. In most cases, one of your group mates or acquaintances has this talent for sure, and now you are remembering how many times you were spending the evening doing an assignment which teacher forgot the next day, but your lucky mate was doing nothing and saved the time. Yes, we agree that it can save much time, theoretically. Nevertheless, you should not rely on it, especially when the tasks are important, as it often deceives.

#5. Pleasure. Freud spoke of laziness as having pleasure. When you work, you get pleasure from its result. When you are lazy, you get pleasure from the process. Maybe, you are the Freud’s follower, thus, can explain your laziness by the psychological terms. Anyway, the smart academic essay writers are sure that your mom will highly appreciate this reason for being lazy, especially after getting some Fs for your written assignments.

#6. Fear of responsibility. Laziness can even be a sign of a fear of responsibility. The reason for it, as a rule, laid in the childhood when parents carefully protected children from any responsible affairs. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up, or blame the parents and circumstances shifting the full responsibility for your laziness on them, bring yourself together and fight it as an adult person!  

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#7. Defensive reaction. Do not understand laziness as something necessarily negative. This can be a defensive reaction of the body from overwork. But you shouldn’t make this your favorite excuse. You can not get tired if you do not do anything. This type of laziness is inherent to workaholics. At the point, they realize that they cannot work anymore, they start thinking that they are lazy, they started feeling guilty, and get irritated... But all you need is just to rest.

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  • When you should do something important, you will definitely find a bunch of other things that you need to do. You think that they are more relevant but this is an illusion. This, again, means a lack of motivation, willpower, and self-control.
  • Laziness is inherent to a person living in the state “here and now”, when he or she does not think about the future, but runs from these thoughts to the present and lives only for today. Moreover, this person always insists that tomorrow he or she will start a new life, do this and that, even makes to-do lists... But tomorrow is the same as today.
  • Laziness can’t appear for no reason, it needs a loophole. If you have not eaten for two days, then you are not too lazy to prepare your own food, or if tomorrow you have an exam, most likely, you will begin to prepare for it. According to the urgent English proofreading company for students, it is necessary to set as many goals as possible, make the bar higher, and then your laziness will have fewer chances to find a loophole.
  • Many psychologists believe that laziness is an acquired quality and depends on upbringing. If you are not lucky enough to get an appropriate upbringing, everything, as we’ve said before, can be changed. It's difficult, but if you really want to succeed in life, then you should strive for the perfection.
  • Laziness is a very contagious thing. If you get into a team where everyone is lazy, then chances are high that you will soon become lazy as well. It is necessary to avoid such collectives and reduce the communication with the lazy bones.
  • When you often are lazy, you do what you want, not what you need, then there is a compensatory feeling of guilt. In your mind, there is a war of motives, a growing sense of guilt, nervous irritation... Do not let this go by itself, it can lead to mental problems.

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