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Paying for the perfectly written paper isn’t a crime, as in most cases, the students are fed up with endless assignments so that the only possible decision is to contact essay writer. From time to time, every person deserves to get a professional help, not because of his or her laziness or unwillingness to write an essay on his/her own but because of study pressure that literary leaves no time for basic needs, such as an 8-hours sleep, for example. That’s why the good academic essays writing service seems to be a real lifeline for the students, especially in the end of the academic year when you have to do your best to get away with your papers. Our company is designed to make your life easier, and we use all the possible ways to implement this idea. The quality of every order we perform remains constantly high, as we can’t afford to let you down. Your deadline is sacred for us, as we understand better than anyone that missing it may lead to downgrade. The professionalism of our company is based on the competence of every worker, namely:

- Writers. The foundation of our service is the well-qualified writers’ team that is ready to take your papers 24 hours a day. They passed the numerous tests and wrote dozens of essays in order to get on our team and help you with your assignment. Their specialization is not only the English language but each of the writers has chosen the specific subject to cover in the papers to ensure its high quality. Thus, if you need an expert in management, we will easily assign a Master’s or Ph.D. holder to your order.

- Editors. Only the real pros who can detect your mistakes in no time work for our company. They know every little rule of the language to correct your writing properly. What is more, they may leave their professional feedback so that you will see the root of your mistakes to eliminate them. In addition, the competent pair of eyes will check the general flow of the text, its logical coherence, and style adherence, thus, your writing will be impeccable.  

- Support Agents. These people know everything about every type of service you may order at They will help you solve any issues with an order, place a new one, or give a clarification you may need. How to reach them? You are welcome to send your request via the live chat available on every site page, and it will be processed immediately, as we are open 24/7!

As you can see, we do everything for your convenience, even the pricing policy was developed basing on one principle: affordability!

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So, it’s a great idea to use the smart academic essays services on our site!

            Stuck with your essay? Can’t create a good plan for your thesis? Need to edit your dissertation? Have to write an assignment overnight? Want someone to grade your paper? The well-trained custom writing company come to the rescue! We can literary release you from the time-devouring writing process and offer the great ways to relax instead! Or, if you are sick and tired so that just want to spend your day off, given by the smart writers, staying in bed, pick up one of these genius books that, actually, are on the must-read list, to turn your doing nothing into the fascinating imaginary trip to the distant lands.

1. Lord of the Flies by William Golding. A truly terrifying story about the degradation of a human-being devoid of the deterrent mechanism. The particular attention draws the fact that this author chose the English schoolchildren as the main personages to break the myth of a childlike innocence. From the civilized children, the students of the English high school, the personages transform into the cruel animals, resorting to their baser instincts, who cultivate fear and strength and are capable of murder. This story is an effective proof of the fact that the freedom implies responsibility first of all, and stresses that the words youth and innocence are not synonyms. The experienced essay rewriter from our service highly recommends you to read this novel as soon as possible!

2. Animal Farm by George Orwell. In most of the Internet sources, you will be rather recommended to start an acquaintance with this author by reading his 1984 novel, however, we advise you to start small. All the more, this brief allegoric story is the quintessence of George Orwell’s writing style. It explains in simple terms and illustrates through the animals’ example the origin and functioning of any authoritarian states. Animal Farm is the quick and comprehensive guide to the politics, thus, is one of the must-reads according to our service. The pleasant bonus: after reading the story, you are welcome to look through the critique, made by smart writers: And, of course, feel free to contact us if you need a literary essay written from scratch especially for you!

 3. Bel Ami by Guy de Maupassant. This author is appreciated for his ability to write excitingly about human passions and vices, love and eroticism. The majority of readers have probably got acquainted with his short stories, however, the book Bel Ami is one his main novels, and is definitely worth being read. This is a story of a young handsome who hadn’t any penny but had great ambitions instead. Due to his devilishly seductive manners, he succeeded in breaking his way on the top. Ladies call him «dear friend» or «bel ami» in Frech, but is he really gracious? How many hearts will he break on his way to becoming the crème de la crème? This story about society and its mores, love, passion, and temptation, a corruption of a human spirit, morality, and principles can be used as an ultimate guide to recognizing that someone is fake, thus, it’s another must-read for you.

4. Tender is the Night by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. This author is one of the brightest representatives of the lost generation, and the best among those who wrote about the epoch of jazz. There are expensive cars, villas on the Cote d'Azur and chic silk dresses in this novel, everything that can be named an American dream. However, at the same time, all these things the majority of people dream of can’t buy happiness. Tender is the Night will tell you about the love triangle, passion, strength, and weakness... If you are keen on the luxury of the jazz epoch, carefully described by Francis Fitzgerald, just like smart writers, we advise you to read The Great Gatsby if you still haven’t done it and check our article on the roaring 20’s fashion following this link:  

5. On the Road by Jack Kerouac. This writer is a voice of the whole beat generation in the literature. During his unfortunately short life, he managed to write around twenty books in prose and poetry and became one of the most famous and contradictory authors of his time. Some blamed (and still blaming) him for undermining the moral values, others considered his novels as a classic of the modern culture. However, the fact that the beat generation and hipsters took a page from his books remains. Jack Kerouac wrote not about the thing he really knew but about the things he saw expecting that they will reveal their nature. The pro writers to pay for college papers are eager to emphasize the fact that On the road is a story written in the form of jazz improvisation. It goes about the pain of a whole generation. And we are sure that the novel’s protagonist, a womanizer, and boozer, is still riding his Mustang on the road that will never end somewhere in the American wilderness.

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So, the smart writers hope strongly that your day off will be not only relaxing but useful as well due to the list of books that we’ve made for you. And, while you’re enjoying a good reading, we will be enjoying completing your order, as each member of our team is keen on writing, it is our common passion. By entrusting us your paper, you opt for:

1. A premium quality of any papers you get. Without the proper quality, it’s hard even to imagine a work of any more or less good writing service. The first-rate paper is the cornerstone of our company and the main task of every college essay writer or rewriter who is here 24/7. Thus, you shouldn’t be afraid of getting a poor essay.

2. An absence of plagiarism. It goes without saying that the essential duty of our custom academic writing service is to provide a completely original paper written from scratch to every customer. So, 100% originality is guaranteed while using our services.

3. A firm deadline. As we’ve said above, we never miss the customers’ deadlines, this is our unbreakable rule. Even if you choose the 12-hours deadline, our specialists will deliver the paper on-time!

4. A support around the clock. You may contact us any time you need, isn’t it really great? There always is an online support representative ready to answer your questions, whether it is 12 a.m or 7 p.m.

You are welcome to look through the examples of our writing:

If you still hesitating, you are welcome to question our support who will be glad to tell you everything about us! Have a well-earned vacation by placing an order at!