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Belief systems essay

The theme of religion has always been on the top of the most controversial questions ever posed in the human society and our English writing site also wants to express the opinion of proficient writers. Since the Ancient Times the religion person had, was a key factor which determined the identity and attitude toward him or her in the society. For hundreds of years it was the Christianity, which was the leading religion of Europe, replacing and oppressing the others. The epoch, which became the best example of the Church authority’s triumph is the Middle Ages, when the God was in the center of the world view. The notorious inquisition eradicates every manifestation of dissent and showed to the modern world the wrong way of religious promoting. In this belief systems thematic essay our article writing service synthesized the information about systems of religion, from the most ancient to the modern ones and tried to gather the most interesting facts about each of it in order to broaden the horizons of every reader and give him or her the possibility to find out some new information about religion. In addition, it’s evident that we can’t separate the question of religion and history, the best way to understand the root causes of every phenomenon is to study it in the context of history situation and events taken place. If you are keen on interesting history facts, this essay about continuity and change over the time is exactly for you!

BUDDHISM. One among the oldest religions of the world. The main difference between this religion and others is in absence of the God in the Buddhism, as it is the spiritual tradition, which has for the main objective is personal spiritual evolution. If you are also interested in the spiritual development of personality, read this essay on emotional intelligence like one among the appropriate ways to reach the maturity. The peak of a person’s spiritual development is deemed the state of nirvana, the highest beatitude, which releases a person from suffering and lead to the enlightenment. The main postulate of this doctrine reveals the flitting character of existence and inconstancy of every life phenomenon and state. It should be mentioned that this belief system was created by spiritual and religious leader Gautama Buddha, the prince who after years of living in the father’s palace, decided to reveal the real life and faced the injustice and misery of the world. So he was seeking for the philosophy, able to cope with the difficulties of life and Buddhism was an answer. According to its philosophy, a person is caught into the samsara, an endless cycle of birth on the Earth, considered being full of pain and suffers. That one, who was able to resist the desires as a result had a good karma, that’s why the incarnation on the higher level was possible. In general, Buddhism includes six main levels of human existence: good realms (human, demi-god, heavenly) and, to the greatest regret of our smart writing team, evil realms, where a person can have a form of ghost, animal or hellish. The moment when a person due to the spiritual exercises, renouncing of the materialistic desires, attachments and feelings, practicing austerity reaches the state of nirvana, he is released from the samsara and is no longer in need of suffering the Earth life.

All in all, despite the fact of being the oldest religion of the world, it is still popular and has an immense number of adherents even nowadays. If you need more detailed paper about Buddhism and its founder, contact our college essays helper online and order a perfect assignment in a few clicks! It should be mentioned, that we are working 24/7 to compose the best papers for you and respect your deadlines.

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PAGANISM. This word, derived from the Latin one «paganus», which had the meaning of rural, was used first not by the people, who had the Paganism as a religion, but by early Christian community, which was already about to start criticizing everyone, who had a different religion. This term is synonymic to the word «polytheism», which generally comprises having many gods to worship. By the way, the presence of plenty of gods in this belief system is now questioned: according to the verifiable sources, far not everybody, who manifested the Paganism, had a huge list of deities, as a rule, the majority of them believed in supernatural creature, which was deemed to be the God. Our proficient writing team has revealed the fact, that the Paganism, incarnated the principles of hedonism, unconcern with the future and sensual, materialistic ideas, was considered being second-rate religion of that time, that’s why was despised and eliminated by the Christian society.

Despite all terrible persecutions, performed by the adherents of other religions, the Paganism succeeded to survive and now is reincarnated in a new system of values, that reverence the nature in all its manifestations and concentrate on the different ecology problems, among which the biggest one is of course the global warming (read here the details of this possible disaster

CHRISTIANITY. One of the most popular religions of the world, which keeps its positions since the ancient times till nowadays. Monotheist belief system, comprises God being in the center of every human activity, who has a role of the Supreme Court justice and it is he, who makes a decision about person’s destiny after physical death, whether his or her soul would go to the Heaven or to the Hell. This religion is based on the teaching of Jesus Christ, the son of God, who was born from Virgin Mary. The sacrament of virgin birth lays in the basics of the Christianity despite the obvious lack of credibility, what is more, numerous adherents stand on their ground and try to convince in the truthfulness of this version the others. If you want to reveal the demi-mythical story of the Christianity genesis and development, address to the main text of this religion – the Bible, included The Old Testament (traditionally contributed to Moses) and The New Testament, which tells the story of Jesus Christ. Above mentioned ancient texts are the gold mine for scientists as they are the great helpers in restoring the way of life of those times and are able to give us the necessary knowledge about the past, as its evident that together with the myths there are mentioned the historical details. So, the religious life of every Christian is marked by careful examination of the Bible. Our college paper writing service can boast only about consulting the Children's Bible, which, be the way, consists of plenty bright illustrations and is the best option for those, who want just to make an idea about it, without going into details. All in all, the main these of the Christianity is the coming of Christ on the Earth in order to save the humanity, who made miracles happen and spread the word of God. Unfortunately, he was betrayed by one of his apostles, Judas, who definitely didn’t read this essay about friendship and had no idea about how to be a good friend, and caught to crucifix. But the miracles didn’t finish after the death of Jesus Christ, he, being the son of God, resurrected to promote the idea of life after death. Since that time, the Christians began to believe that due to the legit life leading their souls would be able to reach the Heaven, where the state of beatitude is constant. The Christian Church and its religious leaders have a sacred status and an enormous influence not only on lives of an average person, but also on the life of the country. Even nowadays the Church exist due to the laypeople contributions and tithes, which are the reason to accuse some representatives of corruption. Don’t know where to buy argumentative essay at a low rate about the modern situation of the Christian Church? Use our online writing service to get the best one! Talking about the Christianity, the three main denominations of this religion should be mentioned here, nevertheless, the differences between them aren’t great at all:

  • Catholic. Consider themselves being the followers of Jesus Christ’s study and their church – the fullest reflection of that one founded by the son of God. Catholic Church is headed by the Pope, who is the main figure of the Christian world and the highest authority in the question of religion and morality, what is more, his responsibilities include dealing with organizational matters. The current leader is the Pope Francis, to find an interesting information about his personality click here
  • Orthodox. Is presented by the Eastern Orthodox Church, led by the Patriarch of Constantinople. Despite the fact, that two Churches determine their origins in the same study of Jesus Christ, their dispute over the questions of doctrine resulted in the break of communion and every possible relations between these religious institutes.
  • Protestants. Martin Luther was that one, who founded this new branch of Christianity in the 16th century. The main differences, which, by the way, may be a reason to choose exactly this denomination of Christianity, consist in denial of icons’ values, cross and relics of the saints, as it is appropriate in the Catholic Church. In addition, you can join this religion only in the maturity age and in a result of your proper choice, not of your family or parents. In the humble opinion of our homework essay expert help site, this group of churches are definitely the best phenomenon of the Christianity.

ISLAM. Being the youngest religion of the world, Islam is the second largest belief system with the great number of followers. According to the convictions of its adherents, Islam was discovered over 1400 years ago in Arabia, but definitely has always existed. It is a rigor monotheist religion with God, Allah, in the center, who is beyond all comprehensions and tries of Muslims to visualize him. The key point of this religion is the existence and major role of angels, serving as messengers, who don’t have their own free will. The second main figure after God Allah is considered the Prophet Muhammad, deeply religious person, spent all his time in meditations, who provided the final revelation of the Islam. Main holy book of Islam is Quran, which will help you to sort out if you have such desire, tells us the whole story about this faith revelation, where the Angel Jibreel visited Muhammad while his meditation and shared the main postulates of this religion. After all, the future Prophet began to preach the world of the God, namely the idea of spending the life in submission to the Allah will, who is, by the way, the first and only God existed. Our reliable English homework helper is going to present you Five Pillars of Islam, which lay in the basic of this religion and comprise five main acts of worship, intended to make you an exemplary Muslim.

  • Prayer. The Islam requires their adherents to pray five times a day. The necessary ritual before each prayer is to wash as it is deemed as a symbol of person’s purification. 
  • Faith Declaration. A belief that there is no God except Allah. You should notice that it is fundamental for the Islam religion, so our student essays writing service strongly recommend you to remember this principle.
  • Charity. This act is considered as the obligatory one for Muslims, who are able to do this. The custom has in its origin the concept of Allah authority over each sphere of human life, including the material possessions. The charity is the main way to the mental and spiritual growth and balance of the inner-self, so to lead the happy life the Muslims first of all get used to do charity work, and only after it they find another ways to evoke the happiness in their souls (reveal some tips about how to be happy in this article  
  • Fasting. The main types of fasting are ritual and ascetic. It should be mentioned that in the wide range of religions, fasting is playing the leading role and its concept are similar almost in each belief system of the world, so it wouldn’t be a great deal for adherents of other religions to understand the importance of this act.
  • Pilgrimage. A person has a duty to make a journey to the sacred city of Mecca at least once in his or her life, furthermore, both men and women are invited to make this. The main goal of such act is to show one’s devotion to the God and the desire of self-improvement.

If you want to know more about history and belief system of the Islam, buy narrative essays from our company about it and get a quick and high-quality result! Don’t forget that we specialize not only on the paper composing, but also perform professional editing and proofreading of the ready assignment, so our main goal is to make your essay the best one!

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There are plenty of religions which aren’t presented in this thematic essay on belief systems, but it doesn’t mean that they are less significant than the religious mentioned above! It goes without saying that each of the world’s belief systems are important and has a legal right to exist, so if you can’t find in this list the one you prefer, you can always make your order on our essay grader online, where the most qualified writers will do their best to compose a perfect paper on any topic for you!

Nowadays the unusual religions is becoming more and more discussed, which in some cases are parody, in some – just the pure absurdity, not surprisingly that our experts are eager to present you the top list of the most unusual and weird modern religious, which, on top of everything else, have quite great number of followers! So you are welcome to form your opinion about the belief systems, mentioned below by the best essay site online:

Pastafarianism or the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. The adherents of this Church assume the creator of the Universe being the creature similar to the plate of spaghetti with meatballs. The great religion for those, who adore to have a good meal, but be careful if you want to join this Church as you can increase the number of overweight people and exacerbate the problem existed. If you care about the health of your nation, have a look through this childhood obesity essay to learn more about roots of the adults’ obesity problem and maybe it will be you, who find the solution. The creator of such weird theory of Pastafarianism, Bobby Henderson, is sure that it should be taught at the schools, hinting the fact of stupidity and inappropriateness of the religious systems teaching. The FSM has gained the popularity after the fight for the right to wear the colander in the driving license pictures of its followers just as the Muslims and Jews. In general, such Church concept was found to prove the inconsistency of the arguments, supported each traditional religion. The parody religions are getting more and more popular, this phenomenon can be easily explained by the shaken foundation of faith in the traditional God, that’s why the Pastafarianism isn’t only one of its kind (click here to reveal the list of parody religions).

Peoples Temple. Another proof of the danger provided by the false religion, as this radical religious movement promoted suicide and murder after the fail of the initial utopian goals. The leader of the cult, Jim Jones, was an ordinary priest of the Christian Church, but took the worth path predicted the end of the world through the wars and nuclear weapons. Because of its radical extremism, this community became isolated and at one time the leaders were followed by the police agents. But it didn’t stop this group from committing the suicide at the same night of 1978, when these policemen were murdered by the members. Jim Jones, as a leader, was requested for the capital punishment ( check the link to reveal the article about this urgent question of today), but he managed to shoot himself before setting in motion the sentence.

Talking about famous religious movement, performing the false doctrine, Order of the Solar Temple should be also mentioned as another example of self-isolated religious group. These types of communities or even cults as they are always united around one personality considered being a god, whose authority is out of the question, are very similar to each other as they have the same beliefs. Their outlook is focused on the faith in the better world, where they definitely will go after death. Our best online experts have found out that the adherents of such kind of religion are sure that they don’t belong to this mortal coil, consider it being evil and violent toward them. In addition, the followers of the cults obviously have a paranoid syndrome, or it is compelled them, because they strongly believe that there are about to be all possible planetary cataclysms, catastrophes and great wars intended to destroy the humanity.  If you want to know more about the most notorious communities, check this top list of extremely dangerous cults for humanity.

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The Church of Euthanasia. Although it isn’t a belief system in the ordinary sense of these words, this community has for main goal a desire to restore the balance between the nature species and humans, and as a result to reduce the population with the help of human procedures. This political organization started in the Boston, use all possible means to declare the unsustainable of population, included the satire and irony. With regard to the title of this organization, to understand better the meaning of the world euthanasia, and reveal the details of such act, you are invited to read this informative article As well as the traditional religions, the Church of Euthanasia has its own basic principles to promote, comprise abortion, suicide, cannibalism and sodomy. The nightmare for the devout Christians, who are in great conflict with the CoE, especially so-called pro-lifers. We hope, you don’t take these principles seriously, as it is obvious that this is the case of ironic redefining of the basics of some traditional religions.

  All in all, if you get interested in different religious system after reading this article and eager to learn more about it to have the deeper understanding of the subject, you are welcome to place your order right on our English essay writing service and get your paper about the belief system already in 6 hours! The quality is our priority, so be sure we will write absolutely original essay without any grammatical errors and spelling mistake, as we proofread every work as carefully as possible to give you the best result! What is more, our essay service are ready to analyze and synthesize the information from many sources in order to make it interesting and comprehensible on the one hand and scientifically based on the other. The best experts from our site can even perform editing of your ready work, so after composing your paper work, we will improve the quality of your writing and help you to correct certain passages which can ruin the general impression of your work. To take stock, every member of our smart team has a university degree and is the real professional in writing, so your paper work is in good hands!

   To conclude this belief system essay, it should be said that every person is definitely free to believe what he or she wants and different religions’ belonging is the bad reason to start the war conflicts and practice terrorism. Unfortunately, the majority of human-being is considering their religion to be the best one and try everything they can to prove it to others. Maybe, the issue is not exactly the religion but the eternal mean human condition as numerous scientist think that even without the existence of religion people would take a science theory, for example, and oppress everyone who doesn’t follow it. Nevertheless, our experienced essay proofreader aspires one day each person on the Earth becomes tolerant toward not only another religion, but also every difference in the skin color, language, origin and comportment of others.

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