Continuity and Change over Time Essay: Key Points


Our essays writer has noticed, that from our childhood we were prepared to accept the idea of evolution, they said that everything in this world is in constant movement, that the mankind is becoming better and better and that we are about to build an ideal society where every person is physically and mentally strong, has strict moral principles and self-direction necessarily. The history lessons are the best illustration of promotion the evolution idea as you started the study of human history from the very primitive times, moving further to our era. What is more, you should remember about the time model existed since the Middle Ages on the territory of modern world – our professional writing team is talking about the linear time, it means that every day, hour, minute and even second is unique and can’t be repeated anyway, the time’s is directed to move further and further. And if you give a good try, we bet you will be able to remember a time line, divided into the different time periods from your history lessons, which should be drawn with the shooter, intended to show the constant progress of humanity. In this ap world history change over time essay our custom dissertation writing service tried to figure out this controversial subject, and understand if the humanity really is able to change dramatically. We hope this essay will be a great example of history paper work, and help every student to compose its own one.

What Should You Mention in Change over Time Essay

In this essay student should demonstrate his or her ability of historical thinking and, what is more, the analyzing skills. If you were told to compose this essay type, you can choose a few times periods and make a comparison between two epochs, using several spheres of life: medical or science development, the literature or philosophical basic thesis, domestic sphere, culture or trade. But you should note that all these activities require lot of time spent, so, if you haven’t the possibility to do it, don’t want to waste your time, or aren’t sure in your writing skills, our professional online service propose you another variant: just to place an order to write essay for you to economize your time for more pleasant activities!

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From the first sight, if to compare the situation of the individual in the primitive or ancient times, the difference will be eye-catching! Due to the science thought development we have facilitated our life dramatically, with the help of all these technologies, the progress of medicine and so on. Of course the life and culture of Middle Ages, for example, are very different from our time, and if the modern person arrives at that time, it would be a great stress for he or she to get used to this particular lifestyle. There were big changes performed by the human history – the epochs alternated and each of it brought particular world vision, moral values and principles. For example, for the Ancient times, in particular Ancient Greece and Rome, the physical beauty of the man were in the center of each activity and were considered the main value. In order to know more about this epoch, which influences us even nowadays, read our informative article about Ancient Greece here: The next era, criticized by plenty of wise men for its obscurantism, inquisition and domination of the Church authority, Middle Ages, performed the extremely developed religion system, God was placed in the center of human life, and it was the Christian Church, who dictated the mankind lifestyle. Thus, it was considered being the somber era till the 18th century, the romanticism became the first to take the inspiration from it. The Renaissance with its anthropocentric values and humanism, the Baroque with the surcharge of style and chaotic world perception, the age of Enlightenment, which praised the human intelligence… All in all the era of modernism and postmodernism, where the religion had already no authority for people and eternal search of new sense of life. Every particular era provided its own model of life perception and its own lifestyle, which will definitely be weird for today. Our online team of experts are the real professionals in the study of different epochs of human existence, so if you are told to compose a paper work and now you are about to pay someone to write an essay for you, our online service is the best choice! Our low prices and high quality will be an attraction for every client!

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All the Future Exists in the Past

So, returning to continuity and change over time, it goes without saying that there were a variety of world vision tendencies, and every epoch had its own decorations, as the man from the Renaissance epoch, who was hidden beyond the city walls, and the modern man has plenty of shallow and external differences. But if to look deeper, can you declare that the nature of man has also changed? The matter is that in a world where everything changes, majority of things always stay the same. Has the world order evolved? The answer is no! Present-day people have all the accommodations and services to use, the mobile phones, new cars and any cutting-edge technologies, the access to the hugest information base and possibility to get the information about almost everything! But the foundations of the world stay the same, the behavioral patterns and the motives stay the same, even the types of people haven’t evolved! For example, the archetypes of people according to C. Jung are relevant at all times! Despite the change of decorations, the nature of a human being remains constant. The history tends to repeat, not without reason the representatives of postmodernism declare that everything has been already said and written, and our task is just to compile the references to bring the message. Little by little, the idea of another time model gains the positions – the cyclical time of oriental cultures and ancient myths, which denies the idea of progress and can be illustrated by a huge spiral, strung on the circles of time. If you get interested in different time models in different cultures, you are welcome to check this link. What is more, each of these circles has a similar structure, which can be compared with the life of human being – the origin, development, flourishing, decline and death. Every Civilization, country or cultural movement submit to these essential life cycle. So, the only thing the humanity has, which places our generation above our ancestors, is their immense experience, and this should never be forgotten. That’s why the history has such a value and such an impact on our way of life, that’s why it is definitely one of the essential and basic things to know for every concerned citizen and intelligent person.

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