How to Choose Your Perfect Dog Breed


The dogs have always been the best human mates, psychotherapists and helpers. Due to the dogs, responsibility and attentiveness can be provided, these pets are always seeking for your care, sincere and unprotected in front of humans, so hurting them with one’s indifference and cruelty is out of the question! Unfortunately, in our modern age with high level of culture, there are still the cases of violence toward our little friends, find more information in our animal abuse essay.

So if you want to learn what truly love is, you are welcome to adopt a little fluffy ball, who will add some bright colors in your daily routine! And in this essay our proficient writing service put together a pieces of advice about choosing a dream-breed.

Relations, verified by thousands of years

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The legend about wolves’ domestication by humans 10,000 or 30,000 years ago is taken for granted by everybody, but now this theory evokes plenty of questions. The main idea is that tribes used wolves for hunting, that’s why they gathered these wild animals around bonfire. But now it is well known, that at that time people were already proficient hunters so why they needed the wolves, who, by the way, ate too much? Can you imagine, how many food consume, for example, an ordinary Rottweiler? In one meal he eats double or even triple human portion! To addition, the wolves feeding frenzy is the image horrifying, and miserable is one who dare to interrupt this process! So the question why and how these animals were domesticated and who was initiator of this procedure is still actively discussed. Let’s leave alone the question of dogs’ appearance in human life and move toward the theme we are curious about.

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So, what about choosing dog?

How should I start searching for an ideal dog breed? Frankly, the general answer is simple: it depends on your personal desire and possibility. Firstly, you should realize that dog is very similar to an autistic furry baby that will surely stagnate at the age of 4 or 5. You should be ready for the long nights without sleep, as your new friend will howl and yelp, moreover you are strongly recommended not to leave stuff on the floor. Can you guess why? Yep, your dear pet will be eager to gnaw everything she will be able to find. And if you don’t want to say goodbye to your new shoes, phone charger or bundle of wires, just don’t forget to remove it from access of your pet.

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Well, if you are ready to take a responsibility and have debated this question in your mind, let’s think about the dogs’ size and chose the most suitable for your accommodation. All breeds can be divided into three groups according to their seize:

  • Large (50 or more pounds). It’s obvious that this dog’s breed needs a lot of space to feel comfortable and requires to be trained from day to day. The most popular dogs of large sizes are Neapolitan Mastiff, Black Russian Terrier, Bloodhound, Labrador Retriever, Akbash and many others. 
  • Medium (around 35 to 65 pounds). These dogs are considered as home and family loving, what is more lots of them are ideal guards for the family house for example Golden Retriever, Boxer, Pinscher, Cocker Spaniel, Bulldog. All breeds mentioned in this group are suitable both for home keeping and yard.
  • Small (also known as Pocket). Without doubt are great for its keeping in apartment and no exercises are required. Despite their size, small dogs can be named the most active among these three groups, they can be even annoying so think twice before choosing this type of dogs. I should also mention the necessity of every day’s grooming and spending lots of money on it.  Although all inconveniences there are one strong reason to take them: they are as cute as a button! The most popular breeds here are Bichon Frise, Brussels Griffon, Chihuahua, Peekapoo, Pomeranian, Pug and lots of other fluffy balls.

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The next step for you is thinking about the character you want your ideal dog to have. I suggest you to start with analyzing your own schedule, habitudes and qualities and make a list with a perfect dog features. Also important is traits, you are looking for in a dog, for example if you aren’t very outgoing, you can choose an active friendly dog who will water down your solitude and will probably find for you a new dog lover company.  Maybe, it will be a dog, who will help you to understand the importance of friendship, or maybe our essay about friendship, which you can read here So, after completing the list of qualities you will find out what exactly you want, and it won’t be a great problem, especially with the help of dog expert, to choose an ideal breed. 

But in any case you shouldn’t forget about money – the factor also important – as any dog required a grooming, and you should be ready to spend a certain sum for it. The question is how much. So make sure that you have taken into the consideration all possible expenses, in order not to be surprised already in the first month of dog keeping. And don’t forget to make documents for your dog – a passport is desirable. If you are astonished by the existence of dog passport, read an essay on animal rights and find out more interesting information.

Heart-rush is the best advisor

In order to choose a dog breed we are ready to look through plenty of internet sites, interview numerous dog owners, ask for advice dog experts… But we all forget about essential: choosing a dog breed isn’t rational action, here you should choose by your heart, you should fall in love with dog breed and only in this case you will be completely satisfied with the pet you chose. I hope this essay, composed by our professional experts, helped you to make one of the most important and pleasant choices of your life!

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