Animal Extinction Essay – Why Do Animals Vanish?


The start of our active influence on the ecosystem of the planet scientists unofficially define by a new geological epoch called the Anthropocene. Due to human activities landscapes change, geological layers get mixed, seas get dried, ecosystems are changed and destroyed. Currently, a lot of researchers bear evidence that the sixth mass extinction of plants and animals has begun on Earth. Species began to disappear unnaturally fast. In our essay on extinction of animals we will make an effort to find out why it happens.

At this historical moment, however, just like in the previous moments, the issue of dying-out of animals does not lose its significance. Biodiversity of our mother-earth has already suffered irrecoverable ruin, and a continued decline in the amount of species does not stop. If you need custom essays on this topic, we can help you. Research communities of numerous countries are studying the objective reasons, signs of this trouble - Red and Black Data Books – are invented, but the life of a great variety of species is still endangered or ended entirely. The cause for this calamity is a man, or rather, his business activities. Technical development is the key adversary of all living beings on Earth - such a clear-cut determination was made by researchers. More precisely, not the progress per se, but the method in which humanity is moving towards it, trampling everything in its path.

Tendencies in the dying-out of animals

Today we have just a vague presumption of the number of species on Earth. Just a small part of species (about 1.5 million out of the assumed 5 million) was formally described already, and even less species have received conservation status. How can we preserve something when we do not know if it exists?

It is necessary to figure out that dying-out - constant losing of animals and plants - is a matter of course, which is the opposition of species formation, the birth of new species in the process of evolution. Those who need help with writing essays about this, please, contact us.

Background or "average" indexes of dying-out alter once in a while, but usually this value is from 1 to 2 species each year. However, according to some records, the evaluation of the current rate of dying-out is higher than the "norm" in 1000 - 10 000 times. Extinction has turned into an avalanche process.

During the evolution on Earth there has been no fewer than 5 periods of wholesale extinctions over the years, during which between 60 and 96% of living species on the planet died. In fact, 99% of all living species that have ever lived are now dead.

The most probable culprits of the preceding wholesale extinctions, counting the dying-out of dinosaurs, are deemed explosions of a volcano and asteroids. Yes, dying-out, even the mass dying-out, is not unique. The distinction is that just now mankind due to its activity is the main factor of the 6th wholesale dying-out on the planet.
From 1500 to 2009 there were revealed 875 of vanished species, and the attentive reader will notice that it totally coincides with the average rate of dying-out in 1-2 species every year. What, then, gives reason to believe that the present-day rate of dying-out outgoes this index with such a great gap?

The main words are "were revealed." As mentioned earlier, the greater part of species have not been specified or registered. It is reasonable to assume that undetected species are disappearing with the speed comparable to the speed of dying-out of described species. To get help with writing, read
For the moment, there is an opportunity to give an appropriate assessment of the species variety, through insects in rainforests. The examination of such destructed habitat provides a notable ground for assessing the dying-out of species. In case such assessments are correct, at the present moment the index of dying-out is 1000 - 10 000 times higher than the norm. In our custom essays we dwell on this subject precisely.

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Why do we need biodiversity?

But why do we have to bother about extinction of animals, what happens if there is less of them? We have our pets and cultivated plants, maybe they will be enough for us? The matter is that our existence is connected with the existence of other species, and is strongly dependent on them. We exist due to the biological diversity, our plants are pollinated by bees, worms fertilize the earth, trees clean the air and produce oxygen, and even bacteria in the mouth have important functions. Our essay rewriter online can help you with an essay about it. We neglect biodiversity, while its loss can have a negative impact on us. And, certainly, the argument in favor of the conservation of species is that they are beautiful and culturally relevant on their own. Now, let’s get closer to the reasons of animal vanishing.

1. Radical changes in animal habitats

From the very beginning of his evolution, a man in his business activities did not regret anything: forests were cut down, swamps got drained, fallow lands were plowed, river flows were changed, and impounded water bodies were created. Our authors are ready to write your essay for you about it. Even one point from this list would be enough to change the familiar surroundings of animals, breeding conditions, migration routes, food chain. It radically affects the survival of species that begin to slowly but surely approach the border of extinction.

2. Hunting in prohibited areas and fishing that exceeds the threshold of reproduction
It is an old story. Poachers were not in favor at all times. Now representatives of this oldest profession have access to all means that progress helpfully provides. The beast and the fish can not resist against them, that’s why many species are ready to disappear, and some have already died off. Whales, killed off by unreasonable and barbaric fishing, as well as relict fish (sturgeon, etc.). The list is huge, see the Red Data Book.

3. Acclimatization (introduction) of alien species

Here's another reason with terrible consequences. It has long been known that the animal, that is harmless in their usual habitat, became a cruel aggressor in a new place and did not leave any chance to "aboriginals" survival. It is worth to recall the Sahara Desert. You can find cheap essay rewriter online here to get an essay about it. Scientists proved that the reason for its occurrence was goats. This horned cloven-hoofed animal was brought from Asia Minor and felt superb in the conditions of Middle East, as the desert did not yet exist. So, goats ate grass and shrub leaves, after which it began to die. The trees began to die as a result of balance disorders. The vanishing of trees led to a depletion of water sources, and the sand "arrived" to the empty space. The life of the blooming land was over. And the people who brought and started breeding this creature there are to blame.

4. Destruction for the protection of farming products

This is the verdict for all the beasts and insects, which wanted to eat the fruit of the labor of human hands, and those who were near. The existence of numerous animals and plants is endangered due to active use of chemical fertilizers and insecticides in agriculture. We will help you with a custom essay about it:

As a rule, the gloomy forecasts do not push to the problem solution, and even paralyze the creative activity. So what can you do? We know marvelous examples of persons and organizations working in different scales on the solution of the problems of dying-out and they even turn the clock back from time to time. It should be understood that the actions of each individual contribute to the overall picture, and we should develop a more responsible attitude towards it.

In general, in this animal extinction essay we can conclude that we need a drastic change in the society interaction with the nature, and more eco-friendly and sustainable technologies. People need to consider a change of lifestyle to a greener one and support of nature in any way possible.

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