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Short story of the greatest author of his country, Nobel laureate Gabriel Márquez, is a fascinating example of the literature phenomenon called Magical Realism. So this essay our smart writing team tried to gather the general information about the particularities of author writing style, special features of this literature era and our interpretation of the story, which definitely will help you to form your own idea about the creative activity of famous author and to reflect about the questions, raised in this literature creation. Nevertheless, in the case, if you are very far from being a literature expert, but should compose a perfect essay about one or another work or author, don’t worry as we are here to help you! Contact smartwriters in order to get any essay you need carefully written by us!

One of the Best Short Stories: A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Essay

Talking about this genial author, the first thing coming to mind and consequently the most popular one, is his glorious creation «One hundred years of solitude», baroque novel about the generations of one family. Less attention is attracted by his small stories, which furthermore are definitely worth reading. The most famous among the short stories of this literature figure is his story about men with wings. First of all, for those, who aren’t the fans of reading, this story is a blessing, as it is very short and can be read in one breath. By the way, here you will find a top list of fascinating books, which also can be read in one breath http://smartwriters.org/blog/top-20-crime-books-of-all-time. So, getting back to business, the first and essential our recommendation for you is to read the story for general understanding of the spirit of that time. What is more, the story should be read even because of the fact that it is an example of the Latin America literature. How many books of Latin Americans have you read? I’m sure the answer will be almost nothing. The discovery of a new culture, especially so unusual, is always an interesting thing! All the more that second half of the 20th century is the time of entering the world arena the culture of Latin America. So if you consider yourself being an educated person, the novels of Latin Americans are must read!

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The plot of the story is rather simple: an ordinary couple after a long rain found in their garden full of crabs, a man having the wings stuck in the dark corner. He was considered being an angel therefore the family who found him decided to show this man to the village inhabitants for money. A great queue of curious lined in front of the door believing in the help of the angel, but far not everyone among these curious was generous to the man: people were feeling like in zoo, throwing things, pinching and poking him. Evidently that angel wasn’t very pleased by such barbaric attitude, as he performed some magic by doing the strange things for the people, which although weren’t helping but seemed like a mockery (for example a blind man, who hoped to get his vision back, instead of it was provided by additional three tooth).  All in all, his supernatural ability was patiently sitting in his borrowed nest, in front of hundreds of people who considered him a freak.  The story ends by the decline of people interest in seeing the angel, especially after the arrival of woman transformed into spider, and he, seemed to be at death's door, started to recover, little by little, and finally spread his wings and flow away.

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A Real Miracle of the Trivial

A melancholic fairy tale for children, which has left plenty of questions. Why the inhabitants of the village weren’t surprised by angel, come out of nowhere? And here it would be appropriate to remember particular literature devices that became a special feature of Latin America literature movement – Magical Realism. This story of Marques is considered being the bright example of this style as it embodies all the essential characteristics. Our online writing service proposes you to discover more details about such an unusual phenomenon as the Magical Realism, using the example of this story of Marquez.

Being built on the hard facts of the reality, the creations, which have the traits of this literature movement, inherently integrate the wide range of fantastic elements in the narrative. So the people who found an angel, not only weren’t surprised by the fact that a man with the wings had arrived at their garden and didn’t wonder about his personality, origin or explore the nature of this phenomenon, but calmly and assiduously tried to adapt him to their world, never thinking about the impossibility of ongoing. So in the creations of Magical Realism, author have no need to reveal to readers the reasons of events or reconstruct the causal link, they just happen and for characters, together with readers there's nothing left to do but take it natural. I hope now you will stop torturing yourself by the question «Why the family garden was filled with dead crabs, why exactly the crabs? », as you will realize that there is no response and your main task is just to accept it. It is seemed to be the same with fairy tales from your childhood, which break all the logical laws of life, nevertheless, I bet you even didn’t notice it and for you, everything was in the right place. Another, no less important characteristic of Magical Realism is deep meaning, packed into the form of almost fairy tale. It’s up to every person to reveal his/her own idea after reading this story, but in general, this is about the universal human values, the human confrontation to all unknown and unlike on themselves or their own lifestyle. If you get interested in psychology, read a perfect essay about human archetypes just here: http://smartwriters.org/blog/archetype-essay-types-of-people-by-c-jung. Instead of compassion for a poor foreigner, the family decided to make money on him (with the help of the money, received from people wanting to take a look at the angel, the family builds a large comfortable house) holding the man in terrible condition on par with animals.

To resume, the angel figure represent here a mysterious, unexplored side of the life, he is an embodiment of a miracle, the idea which author emphasizes is that miracle isn’t always sublime, solemn or aesthetic, how we get used deeming, very often the real-life offers us a miracle covered by the layers of dust, and unfortunately not everybody can discover it. So this story is a kind of appeal, making people preserve their humanism, rest sympathetic, respect the personality of each other and be always ready to lend a helping hand to a person in need. On the other hand, not to dwell on the idea of money making, on the materialistic goals, but try to notice the beauty in ordinary things. For a good reason the symbol of mystery and divinity – wings of the man, were covered with the dust, full of trash. So this small story evokes plenty of feelings and thoughts, which necessarily should be reflected by a reader.

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