Things You Can Buy for 1 Dollar around the World


What will you response, if your friend offers you a little adventure? There are only a little percentage of people, who will answer affirmatively. «I have no money for this, I have no money for that» - get used to whining like a baby girl the majority of people. «My office work is dull, chump change is paid to me, I’m sick and tired of all this routine but can’t reverse it because of lack of money» or «Damn the country we are living in because of its weak economy» and other government and existence blaming are especially irritating if you personally have opened the world without a huge sum of money. So making your life more eventful and bright, with the help of the list of tips invented by our skillful essays writer, is easier than you think!

Well, How?

The first thing to break up the boredom of being, which comes to mind, is for sure traveling. Of course, you can argue that «traveling is too expensive for you, you can’t spend money on it», as the cost of flights is rather high, what is more, the tours also don't come cheap, and in addition there is a lot to buy in order to be prepared for a journey. And you will be partially right, if you want to fly to the Maldives on the salary of office manager, you realize that it is a kind of utopia, our cheap custom essay writing service don’t offer you a miracle, but quite real ways to discover the world and, at the same time, don’t run out of money.

In general, if to choose the right strategies or just find the weird loopholes, you will be shocked by the number of stuff you can get at a low price or almost by gift. The method you should take into consideration here is planning. If you aren’t very experienced and «well qualified» in the question of life planning, you are advised to order custom writing, which will make a perfect essay about how to plan your life for you. Anyway, try to plan every your purchase and calculate a right time for it, wait for a beginning of sales period. The main thing you should do with the traveling, spontaneous ones are their own charm undoubtedly, but it will be much cheaper to buy a hot tour in unpopular country during the unpopular season, so very often you have to spend your time always checking the current proposals of tourist agencies in order to find the best one.

So, with the limited budget you definitely can see the world, but at the same time you should be ready to face the obstacles, which always accompany budget travelers, and find non-standard ways to waste less money abroad. If you are courageous enough for doing this, our expert writing team has made its own research and found out a top list of items you can buy for 1 dollar all over the world.

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Budget Traveling Isn’t a Curse!

You will be surprised by the variety of items which can be bought almost for a song in different countries all around the world. So after reading this article for you there won’t be the excuses in a spirit of «It’s too expensive for me». Maybe it will inspire you to pack your bag and go traveling with one hundred dollars in your back pocket, who knows. In any case, you will discover something new and interesting, and it will be already a positive result for you and our team of writers. But one thing is known for sure: due to this top list, you won’t leave your nearest and dearest without souvenirs from far-away countries even if you haven’t a lot of money to be spent on it!

China. Sunglasses. For those who admire the accessories, it will be a true paradise, as in China you can find a variety of sunglasses dirt cheap! Discover hundreds of styles, colors and materials to choose the best one, especially if it is extremely cheap. Some seasoned travelers even state that they managed to buy several pairs for 1 dollar, so they seem to be the proficient barter expert to our writing team. Do you consider yourself a fashion person? If yes, take a look on a meaningful article about women fashion of the roaring twenties:

Portugal. Coffee. Espresso, to be exact, maybe one among the most unpopular coffee kinds. If you are a budget tourist, you probably won’t be able to try other kinds of this fine drink, even if you are going to taste it, choose the place behind the bar as drinking coffee there is cheaper than at the table. Take this fact into consideration and don’t be surprised by the high coffee prices, all in all, does it matter, when you are enjoying the Portugal views, walking the narrow streets and breathing the marine air.

France. Baguette. It goes without saying that you have to try a food-symbol of France, all the more you're quite lucky to do it just for one dollar. Don’t forget to take a photo of baguette eating and send it out to all your acquaintances!

United Kingdom. Pickled eggs. Simple boiled eggs, dipped in a vinegar. «What the heck is going on?», - you will ask and will be absolutely right. Our writing custom online strongly recommend you not to go to the United Kingdom in the case of lack of money. Just remember – it’s impossible to be a budget tourist there, don't even try to!

Norway. Nothing! Ab-so-lu-te-ly! We haven’t an aim to discourage you from the budget travelling, but by continuing the theme of countries you shouldn’t go to if you have a modest income, the North countries will be surely at the top of this list, led by Norway. Nevertheless, don’t get depressed, as the countries kindly opened for a budget traveler are given below.

Czech Republic. One or three beers. If you want to have an opportunity to discover the bar culture of Czechs, you’re welcome to have a drink in one of locals pubs, but keep in mind that on one dollar you can have only one beer, compared with three from the supermarket, drunk somewhere on the emerald green lawn, accompanied by a charming birdsong. So, it’s up to you to choose!

Latvia. A glass of cider. Get a real feel of the country by testing the divine Latvian cider, the favorite drink of our essays writers. You are strongly recommended to spend your dollar exactly on this drink, and it will probably be the most successful investment of your life! But don’t be carried away by all these cheap alcohol, otherwise look through our essay about alcohol abuse

Turkey. Piece of traditional sweet. By being in Turkey and don’t try oriental sweets will be a great failure! The only sweet you can afford to buy on your dollar is baklava, but it will be enough to you to plunge into enigmatic and exotic Eastern atmosphere!

Of course, we just can’t mention everything in one article, so if you get interested in this theme and want to know more about things you can by on one dollar or kinds of budget traveling, don’t hesitate and place your order on our online paper service to get a perfect result!

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