Agree or Disagree Essay Writing Tips


Since the ancient times, it is known that controversy serves the cause of truth, but have you thought much about why this aphorism became so popular? Our writing service gave a try to figure out the nature of this statement widely used even in the 21st century. Can you remember the basic dispute of the philosophy about what was the first: the material or the spiritual, started in the ancient Greece between two great philosophers Aristotle and Plato, who studied critically almost all spheres of human life? Exactly this dispute was the turning point not only for the philosophy but also for the genesis of rhetoric (the art of holding the debates) and triggered the further development of philosophical thought. This historical fact leaded to creation of two great philosophical movements: idealists and materialists, even nowadays this question is actual, so can you imagine that in our 21st century, when only several traces of Ancient Greece existence left, we will continue arguing about the theme, initiated thousands of years ago! By the way, if you want to know more interesting facts about Ancient Civilizations, you are welcome to read our essay about Ancient Greece and reveal what great impact it still has on our culture All in all, this dispute can be turn into the clear illustration of the argumentative essay, which is definitely the longest in the human history.

The Basics of Agree or Disagree Essay Composing

It’s evident that the majority of the realities are mixed, simply put, different people can have different opinions on one or another subject, for example, something that is good or acceptable for you, is rather inappropriate for other person. Now try to imagine that there are several people with totally different points of view on a subject. The question is: are the controversial opinions negated? Our professional proofreading services online declares certainly «No»! To illustrate our statement, let’s take a common and a hotly debated theme of sexual minorities: those, who are for legalization of such marriages and those, who are against, both have plenty of convincing arguments to prove their position, it so happens that two absolutely different opinions definitely have the right to exist at the same time, it means that they are both rights. If you want to go into the details of this reality, read our same sex marriage persuasive essay. The main idea that you should always remember is that the facts of the life aren’t flat, they are multivariate and the essential thing for those who were told to compose an argumentative essay is to show the subject in all its complicity and contradiction, and it isn’t an easy task! It is difficult to write a good essay without being practiced or at least reading a variety of perfect examples (the one, you can use is an argumentative essay on smoking written by our smart team). If you took a firm decision to write it by yourself, be ready to spend hours just to become familiar with the topic you chose or were given by your prof or teacher as you have not only to figure out the essential thesis of theme educated, but also get to know the scientists’ and people’s attitude to it. And it goes without saying that your next task will be to analyze and systematize the information you got, what can be a sort of problem for those, who haven’t an analytical thinking (check the link for figure out how to improve it)! The factor of time deprivation is also actual as only a few percentages of students or pupils have enough time to compose a high-quality argumentative essay to please their teacher as there are a lot to do in addition to it, including different extra-curricular activities and domestic chores together with the need to unwind! What is more, for those, who have very little to do with the professional writing, the task of an argumentative essay writing is becoming extra hard, as you not only have to spend hours on its composing, in presenting your ideas logically and clearly, but also perform a proofreading not to spoil the impression from a great essay by week words. That’s why the majority of students take the wise decision to buy argumentative essay online and based on the comments of our clients, everybody is completely satisfied by the functioning of our services. We offer you to economize your time and get the highest mark with the help of our online writers. To know the details, contact our 24/7 support, who will kindly explain you the algorithm of making an order and answer on all your additional questions!

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If you are keen on writing and adore the literature, you are brave enough to write an argumentative essay by yourself! Our team of professional writers will share the secrets of composing this kind of essay with great pleasure as one of our basic principles is to encourage the young generation always to learn something new and acquire new skills. Below you can find some tips for those, who are ready to give a try of argumentative essay writing. To ensure your paper work to be the best, our team propose you to check mistakes in essay online and even edit some passages of your essay if necessary in order to perfect it. So we hope these tips will be a little help for you in your writing process.

Work on the Topic

The first and essential thing to do is to study proposed theme in all its aspects, this means looking through the scientific publications, which will provide a general understanding. Furthermore, it is important to get to know different points of view on the subject you should write about, read the articles, blogs, reliable sources, or even the opinions of famous people like the variant. The third step, made up by our experienced writers, is rather additional, as it provides several difficulties and requires time, but if you use it, it will be great and highly appreciated by your prof! This is about making your own survey or questionnaire in order to reveal the attitude of ordinary people to your subject. In general, it is better to make it simple, including for example only two columns for the positive and negative attitude, and the lines bellow intended to give to people a space for writing why they have such an attitude in several sentences. Another variant is simpler – just to ask the peoples’ opinion and include it into your essay, like it was done in this argumentative essay about abortion

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In the case if you have to choose the theme of your essay by yourself, we advise you not to address the trivial or worn-out subjects, it is better to turn to the hotly debated and urgent topics, which you can choose watching news or some talk-shows. You are also recommended not to refer the theme of politics, if we were you, we would address to the social phenomenon which is relevant for today.

Structure your essay correctly!

Generally adopted structure of an argumentative essay is presenting firstly the arguments for and after it against, each in new paragraph, and make sure you have examples at least for a few of it. Other possibility is to mention the argument for and near it – against, if they relate to one sign of the subject discussed. If you have some doubts about your essay structure, refer to this euthanasia argumentative essay.

After all arguments are presented, to conclude with, you can mention your own vision of the subject and illustrate it with the help of your life experience or the story about how you have reached this point of view and what factors influenced on it. By the way, it will be a perfect ending of your essay, and it is probable that you will get some extra point for this. 

Use appropriate words

In this kind of essay, linking words play a great role, so make sure you use appropriate words to blow absolutely the mind of your prof! Here you can find the list of the words, which should be used in the argumentative essay. But you have no need to worry too much about this as our smart team is always ready to perform a proofreading and editing of your essay in order to make it ideal, and we definitely will make sure that it contains a requested number of linking words!

To conclude with, our writing team hopes this essay will help you to compose your own and get the highest mark! If no, you can always contact us and we will ensure you the beat result!