Place of Virtual Reality in Modern World


Nowadays with the development of high technologies there are more and more means to escape the routine (read escape the realities of one’s life) and feel yourself somewhere in the dream place or someone more significant and powerful than you are in your real life. The variety of modern devices assure you spending time almost in another dimension: mobile phone with its social networks (read more about its impact in this article or all kinds of both useful and not apps, brand-new computers and laptops with the great gaming possibility, wide range of play stations, thousands of films, all in all, the most ancient mean to quit the reality you live in and discover exotic countries – a book. The large amount of ways to escape the reality, near-universal dissatisfaction with the world and feeling of frustration facing the life increased extremely the number of people using these ways and have even generated the term of escapism, which in simple words means the desire to quit the dull unsightly reality with the help of games playing, films watching, social network using, reading or art. What the more, the recent technological advances make it possible for mankind to move further and further by creation of absolutely new virtual realities! In this article, our essay writers tried to give you an informative summary about this phenomenon of modern life and to analyze its impact on society. So we hope that after reading you will be almost an expert in the question of virtual reality and form your personal point of view on this controversial subject.


The Virtual Reality (or VR for abbreviation) is provided by new generation of computer technologies that create absolutely realistic sensations of a user, including natural sounds and even images! Like a majority of modern inventions, it is difficult to state exactly, who was the first to invent it, if you get interested, read the history of the virtual reality here. But for us in this essay the inventor isn’t as important as the impact it has on us and the way it has changed our life. Despite the plenty of things said about VR, the matter is that only a few of us are able to predict its future development. Who knows, maybe one day it will evolve enough to replace our reality. So the existence and development of virtual reality can easily shake the humans’ idea and perception of «real» reality. But today who can declare certainly that the world we live in is absolutely real? I’m sure everybody saw the film «Matrix» or «Inception» with Leonardo Di Caprio, in fact, there are a wide range of films, which call into question the world, we used to consider being real. If you like such kind of art creations, read the article about famous anti-utopia, which also is reconsidering the way we live:

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Returning to the Virtual Reality, in general, it is widely used in the entertainment industry nowadays, it means in computer games designing, in new types of cinema launching (just remember the variety of experimental cinemas from 3D to practically 7D, where you are the subject to variety of special effects, so be ready: if in the film you watch there is a rain, you will be also watered) or all kinds of attractions creating: our English proofreading service has no doubts that you have definitely seen the strange and incomprehensible devices, including the Oculus Rifts (VR headset) in each nearest city mall or have even tried to plunge into the virtual reality.

What is more, the idea of using it for more serious objective, for example in business making, also gains the popularity. Our professional paper service knows for sure, that the cutting-edge technologies permit to discover a whole new era in the interior design as now it is possible to envisage how one or another design solution can alter the space even before the change take place. The Virtual Reality also has a great impact on the marketing industry as trying and holding the item in VR can increase dramatically the sales amount. Also, the virtual reality can be a great help for the people, who want to cope with their fears as it evokes absolutely real sensations and emotions. Just imagine the meeting face to face with any of your fear or phobia: spiders, snakes, disgusting bugs, ghosts or other supernatural phenomena, falling from the skyscraper or being in the closed space… Even in the virtual reality it’s a great stress for a person! But all in all it will be intended to free a person from his or her fear and let him live with him or herself. By the way, if you are told to write a paper about different human phobias, our expert is here to write essay for you with pleasure! Don’t waste the time rest until your deadline, order now and get a discount!

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To continue the theme of virtual reality, there are a lot of positive sides, as it is an incredible way to experience the world and might be a travel alternative for those, who can’t afford it for whatever reason. Although, the biggest question here is if the emotions and feelings you got travelling this way can replace or at least be compared with real. But it’s up to you to decide, after all, the virtual trip is definitely better than nothing, even this experience diversifies your routine. Furthermore, with the help of virtual reality, you can also surprise your girl by promise to take her in Bali, and finally won’t be laying as a matter of principle.

Another great benefit, connected with the first – is the chance to have a little adventure and open an unexplored life part. Dream about skydiving, safari participating, flying a plane, diving, climbing the highest mountain or even volcano exploring, but ran out of money or your mommy forbid you? Now it’s not a big deal, as you can experience all above-mentioned hardly leaving your house! But our custom essay writing once again reminds you that the question of thrill existence is still open!


So, we have come the conclusion that the virtual reality is a kind of cheap life alternative, but the essential problem here emphasized by some researchers is a chance of the total subversion of the reality by artificial one. And we are not talking about forced imposition of it to the people mass for the profit of the powerful, but about the desire of the humanity to escape the miserable life, and the hardiest it is – more and more people want to plunge into a rainbow virtual reality, which doesn’t perform any problem. So our expert writing team wish you to stay in reality, be brave enough to face its problems as they are and always try to find the beauty in ordinary life!

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