Essay on Animal Farm by George Orwell: A Fairy Story


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To begin with, George Orwell together with other famous author Aldous Huxley, are viewed as classics of anti-utopia genre in the history of literature. You have never heard about Aldous Huxley? It’s not a problem as here you can find Aldous Huxley essays online.

Returning to Orwell, his story about animal farm is believed to be a terrible prediction for the future, as well as his novel «1984» that was censored thousands of times. If you are interested, you can find a perfect 1984 essay example here. First, that you should take in account is to consider the Animal Farm as a parable, i.e. a didactic story incarnating moral lessons or principles. Despite being very short, a little more than 20 pages, this story includes plenty of capacious images and allusions, so reader should be very attentive as every detail is very important. You need to read between the lines to catch every idea of author.  It’s well-known that the easiest things to read are novels; on the other hand short stories like this puzzle specialists in literature. That’s why its brevity isn’t a blessing, like a lazy reader could think, but a curse, as writer seeks to compensate the shortness by plenty of inner-meanings. Have you already been scared by the complicity of this story? Don’t be afraid as our online written service has composed for you Animal Farm analysis essay, which will help you in finding out all inner-meanings of this great work.

Essay of Animal Farm: Russian Revolution Allegory

In order to reveal the ideas of the writer, you should firstly apply to the context of the story. It is believed that George Orwell wrote his «Animal Farm» in connection with events leading to the Russian Revolution of 1917, where communists grabbed the power. His story is even connected with the era of Stalin, as Orwell was a democratic socialist and criticized Stalin’s dictatorship which includes the cult of personality, terror, unification and human rights violation.  And if we consider the animal revolt as the analogy with the revolution of 1917 in Russia, everything will become clearer, and, according to this, we can draw parallels with other events of Bolshevik Revolution. This would be interesting for those who are curious about history to take the revolution like the point of depart and find out in this particular context other events connected with this political event, which are the part of «Animal Farm»’s plot. By the way, the name «Animal Farm», which finely was chosen for this story, wasn’t an only variant of the writer. The possible variety of titles included «A Contemporary Satire» and «A Satire», but the biggest interest here presents for us a variant, proposed by Orwell for the French translation of the book and directly indicates Russia as a main basis of the story: URSA (Union of socialist animal republics), which means «bear» in Latin, and we all know that it is the symbol of Russia. On the other hand the abbreviation URSA played on the name of Soviet Union in French. 

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The personages in the story can be consider having a real historic prototypes (for example, Old Major, that inspired the revolt, is believed to be a mixture of Karl Marx, the famous communist ideologist and Vladimir Lenin, the leader of Bolshevik Revolution), or, if to remember that the story is full of allegories, heroes can be just a generalized prototypes of human characters or social classes  (a horse named Boxer personifies oppressed worker class as he has a range of typical features:  physical force, hard-working, dedication, durability, naivety or even simplicity, blind belief in the power of authorities). The villain of the story, Napoleon personalizes all features of mean dictator, using the repressions and violence to maintain his power. By the way, even nowadays there are a lot of situations when the authorities push their ideas and punish the dissidents with the help of the terror, so if you want to know more about this subject read our essay on police brutality here.

The wisest hero of the story is an old donkey Benjamin, who even presents the decadents movement as he is skeptical and cynical: he doesn’t believe in the idea of better living, and in general prefers to keep silence, but what is appropriate to him, that sometimes he reveals the truth for the others (the brightest example – a situation, when the horse mentioned above was taken away in the knacker's cart, it was only Benjamin, who didn’t support the idea about vacation for Boxer, as pig has said, but opened the truth for animals); the main idea of Benjamin consists in admitting that for mass of ordinary people it will be always a need, a hunger and a hard work, it’s an unbreakable law of life.

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A Story for All Times

The Animal Farm became classic literature creation of all times, due to the theme concerned, another theme that is nowadays in great request – the theme of woman's rights.  Exactly about it is other classical creation - a famous new drama of Ibsen «Doll House», an informative assay about it you will find here

Returning to our «Animal Farm», if we go further and enlarge the allegory from one concrete political event and transfer it to the eternal timeless space, we receive a universal prediction for the future of almost every dictatorship. Imagine the animal farm as a model of society where oppressed just couldn’t take such brutal attitude anymore, so they have revolted and after the victory and peace and equality establishment, their leaders started to make a profit of their positions and, after all, replaced the oppressors. Brief, but capacious, a story-parable, a story-prediction, a story-warning is must read for one who considers himself a cultured person. If you are afraid of getting bored during the reading of the story, which touches such complex political themes, as you consider it having a lot of special terminology, don’t worry, as Orwell wrote the Animal Farm using simple language, in order to be understood in all corners of the world, especially in Russia. So it’s maybe the best way for beginners to sort out in the forms of government and social processes, which, in fact, can happen everywhere. I hope this George Orwell Animal Farm essay, written by our online essay service, was useful for you!

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