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For those ones, who have bumped into this page accidentally, we would like to introduce ourselves just to be clear for your convenience. We are the experienced service to take your papers of any topic and difficulty and perform the number of useful for  student services: rewriting, editing, proofreading and revision in addition to writing. Our company was founded by the ex-student, who, frankly, wasn’t very good at creating the original and qualitative papers, thus, had to give his all to the hateful writing. He wasn’t alone in his sorrow, therefore, decided to find somebody talented enough to write the good essays for his friends and him. Step by step, the small students group turned into the community, then the whole service, that has enough competence in the sphere of writing to provide the timely and quality assistance with any college/university task.

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Well, Can You Reword My Essay, Too?

It’s enough with the historical background of our helpful students’ service creation, we propose you to imagine the situation that might happen to every student. You were said to write an essay, supposedly, argumentative one. You spent a few hours on choosing the right topic by scrolling hundreds of Internet pages to select the appropriate materials, you found the relevant information resources to have a closer look at the ideas, presented there, to use them in your paper. You even found some documentary to achieve the in-depth subject understanding. After crunching your paper for hour and using the diversity of sources, you proofread it carefully and read it out loud to your mom proudly, who is, of course, excited about her child’s talent. And, suddenly, you remember one of the essential teachers’ requirements, namely the complete originality of the essay and decide to check it just in case. Oh, my gosh, your paper appears to be plagiarized! What to do? Whom to address to? And how not to tear the paper in millions of little pieces? Our writers recommend you to perform some breathing exercises to reduce the stress and keep calm, typing «» in your search engine to confide your paper to the professionals, who know for sure what should be taken to increase the originality.

Mechanism of Making an Order

Although our service is user-friendly, at the minutes of stress it is difficult to sort out even the simplest things, thus, we made this step-by-step guide to placing an order on our site, which you can consult at any time of night and day.

1. Find us on the Internet. You can type the Internet address, mentioned above or, to make it even easier, we leave this link leading to our smart writing company site here. Don’t hesitate to examine it, check the services, we provide, pay your attention to the customers’ feedback to reveal the pros and cons of our online company. And, if you are pleased by the quality of our site, move on to the second step.

Oh, by the way, do you know that on our site you can find the examples of the essays, written by the specialists? We advise you to look them through to form a clear idea about the competence of the smart service’s workers, the quality of the papers, its originality and topics actuality. What is more, in the section «popular topics», in addition to them, you can discover the numerous tips to improve your writing skills and create the perfect essay on your own. To give you the relevant example, check this post:, including the key points of reflective essay writing. Don’t be a lazy bone and spend half an hour on reading the hints, our experts share with you, to learn the secrets of paper composing.

2. Click the button «order now». Quite simple, isn’t it?

3. Enter your e-mail to sign up. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to spam or make equivocal propositions, it is required to keep in touch with you and, of course, to send you the draft or ready paper (really, don’t you think we are going to send it by post?). Another issues on everybody’s mind is «if I write my e-mail, they will identify my personality» as the fear of being caught on academic dishonesty is really great (check this essay on dishonesty to reveal the details and possible consequences, if you need to)! One of the guarantees we provide to every client is the complete anonymity, that’s why, forget about the spy games and rely on our experts – it makes no sense to let you down, we just want to do a good job for you!

4. Fill in the order form. After entering your e-mail address, you will be redirected to the order form, where you should mention every its detail. Take your time and read everything properly to enter the correct information in the blank as it is the basics of good order quality. If something is unclear to the writer who takes your paper, he or she will definitely contact you to clarify the details, required to compose the exemplary paper for you. To give you the general information about the points that should be mentioned to hire essay rewriter to improve your paper, the kind of service, the paper type, length and style, the deadlines and teachers’ requirements are needed. On the other side, if you have not enough information, for example, in the situation when you were said to write a descriptive essay and are free to choose the topic, you may only mention the type of the essay and entrust it to the hands of professionals, who will choose the relevant topic and style. Don’t even try to worry about it as the rich experience of our writers and their high English language qualification leave them no choice except choosing the winning topic and writing the perfect paper. To illustrate these strong words, we want you to check this example of descriptive essay: As you can see, the writer chose the topic by himself, and it was the right choice!

Let us remind you that writing is the most popular but not the only option to choose. If you have already created the good paper but want it to be the best, we offer the services of editing and proofreading. The thorough specialists will fix your writing quickly and efficiently, guarantee your teacher’s admiration and, as a consequence, the highest grade for the paper! We join hands to get the exemplary paper and cherished A+!

Find out the details of our service’s functioning:

Another extremely useful service that will do a good job for you in the hypothetical situation, mentioned above, is the assistance of professional rewriter. This person is able to reword any essay easily, keeping its meaning! Of course, you can master the rewriting skills on your own, but if you start to sort out this issue, you will see that it's not as simple as it all seems. The wide range of nuances may influence the originality of your paper and even after it has been completely rewritten, it can still be plagiarized. So, wouldn’t it be better just to rely on professional support and get the 100 % original paper effortlessly?

5. Pay for your order. We will ask you for prepayment as it is one of the main rules of our service. On our part, we guarantee the premium quality and on-time delivery, therefore, if one of these conditions is violated, you have the legitimate right to require your money back, and we will do it without the questions! In addition, after getting the ready paper, you may read it attentively to check our work quality and, if you have some complaints, don’t hesitate to contact the writer or editor to fix it in no time.

The writing and proofreading essays services in the UK and US also want to emphasize that if you have some questions, recommendations or complaints, you are welcome to start the live chat with the support agents, who, by the way, are working twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, thus, they will response rapidly and clarify the details. Feel free to contact them in any case and they will be pleased to answer your questions!

All in all, even if you aren’t going to order the services of our company, feel free to check the blog anyway as there you will find plenty of interesting and informative posts, intended to improve your learning results. We write these articles for you, we want you to develop yourself day in and day out as this is the only way to success! The employees of our company are sure that only lifelong learning may bring you to self-realization, our trained writers, editors and proofreaders for students follow this rule – each of them masters the particular scientific field to be able to cover more and more spheres and write better papers for you. Take a page from our employees and be simply the best!

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