Ultimate Guide to Writing Antigone Analysis Essay


Antigone analysis essay

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One of the favorite professors’ themes is the literature of classical Antiquity that remains open to the wide range of interpretations and is addressed to in the different periods of human history. That’s why year in and year out hundreds of unfortunate students crunch their Antigone essays or papers about Oedipus or «one more tragic hero of Ancient Greece or Rome» essay, without the clear understanding how it is better to present their ideas, what to write to make the catching introduction and exhaustive conclusion, and craft the perfect logically coherent paragraphs. However, is it reasonable to torture themselves trying to squeeze out at least a line if all a student needs to do is to ask for essay help online? In a few mouse clicks, you can get the competent assistance with writing and editing of your paper: the qualified writers will do their best to present fully your topic, to follow one paper style, to use the appropriate language, the latest formatting rules and ensure it is free from mistakes. In addition to the best quality of written paper, you are guaranteed to receive:

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The only thing we want to draw your attention to before getting right to the point is the wide range of helpful services that can be found on our website and will surely make you the A+ student and inspire for future study accomplishments! To be as clear as possible, by accepting the help from the qualified study assistant you will get services of writing, rewriting, editing, proofreading and revision. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? But apart from the possibility to order these services, our writing team has a habit to share the experience with every our reader, of course, absolutely for free. And today we are eager to give you the ultimate guide to writing an essay about the famous ancient literature hero, Antigone. Even more broadly, you can replace her with any antiquity hero you need, the general instruction will be the same. So, are you ready to watch and learn? Here we go!

How to Start Your Perfect Antigone Essay

The first lines are the hardest ones, the writers from the best thesis writing websites know it better than somebody else, so in some cases, you should write at least anything to think proudly that a start has been made. On our part, we are about to present the several options to start the paper for you hence you will be able to find your winning one. Nonetheless, it needs to be said that these variants of beginning can’t be used purely, you have to finalize it, add the information that you consider relevant, express your opinion and interpret it in your own words.

History Background. We recommend you to start with a general commentary about the cultural and literature development at those times to create the necessary ambiance for deep literary analysis of personages' actions and motivations. In this essay on Ancient Greece, you will find the key points of its history, mythology, science and arts that will help you in creating the right background in your paper. Don’t forget about the political situation the author was a witness as it is also extremely important as it influenced his worldview thus had an impact on his creation.

Genre of Tragedy and Theater. Furthermore, you can give the definition to the genre of «Antigone» that went down to history as the great tragedy, facing the two different senses of duty: toward the state and toward the ancestors, facing the private and sectoral interests. It will be also appropriate to start your paper by saying a few words about the Greek tragedy, defining the crucial role of the Theater in the life of Ancient Greece. To help you to figure out this point, the origins of the theater lay in the worship of the god of wine and merriment Dionysus. According to the Greeks, the semi-human creatures – satires were the companions of this god, who held the festivals in honor of Dionysus that became the first drama prototypes. Originally, the audience followed the dialogue between the actor and the chorus, can you imagine the modern theater to be like this? Despite a lot of things have been changed, the conception of the theater remained the same as thousands of years before that leads us to the premise of the continuity and change over the time, developed in this perfect essay: https://smartwriters.org/blog/continuity-and-change-over-time-essay-key-points.  All in all, the older you get, the more you are sure that in general nothing changes.

Coming back to the issue of Greek Theater, in agreement with the noble scientist of Ancient World, Aristotle, it was Aeschylus who introduced the second actor on the Theater’s stage thus is considered the father of tragedy. The conflict that was made possible, allowed to develop the dramas’ plot and characters better. The actors were wearing the platform shoes and masks, expressing one or another feeling to reach even the back rows of the Theater.

This information will be enough to begin your essay, but if you are eager to learn more about the culture of theater, you are welcome to surf the Internet or order the paper on the writing and proof reading website smartwriters.org.

Quotation. The catching way to start the paper is to quote the lines from the literary creation you are going to analyze. It is not necessary to choose the most famous ones, you can draw the attention of the reader to the phrase you liked the most or to the one that expresses the main idea of the tragedy or of your paper – it's up to you to decide! In any case, this option to open an essay will definitely interest your teacher and create the kind of intrigue as he or she will think for what purpose you have chosen exactly this line and play a little detective by trying to find an answer in the main body of your essay. If you are the true lover of detective stories and investigations you may take a page from the authors of these world-famous crime books: https://smartwriters.org/blog/top-20-crime-books-of-all-time and choose the extraordinary quote to prove your ideas and leave the room for your prof’s imagination. But don’t forget that the quotes are intended to support and illustrate your ideas, not to increase the length of your essay.

To draw the line of beginning, of course, you can start your essay by singing the praises to «Antigone», telling your teacher the general facts about this masterpiece that deeply moved your poetic soul. Nevertheless, if you have chosen such banal variant of your beginning, try to add to this boring read something extraordinary: describe the ambience of reading process (briefly, of course, have pity on the poor teacher!) by using the adjectives only, start from a bright metaphor, modern interpretation of the tragedy or image of Antigone, the reasons for creation and the things that inspired the author. Use this essay on Steinbeck «Of Mice and Men»: https://smartwriters.org/blog/essay-on-of-mice-and-men-steinbecks-success if you need the example to peek at.

Antigone: Who Is She

To kill your teacher with your knowledge, you can introduce the paragraph about the identity of Antigone. It would be the greatest mistake to think that Antigone first appeared in the pages of Sophocles’ tragedy, nevertheless the majority of students know her name due to this drama and associate this heroine with its creator. To acquire the reputation of real antiquity expert, it should be mentioned that the tradition of tragedy, together with the literature of that time in general, is based on the Greek mythology, reflecting the worldview of Ancient Greeks. Therefore, it would be the lack of precision to consider Sophocles the only and original creator of this character. The tragedian, recognizing the mythology as the main religion, borrowed the heroine and her story from it and wrote the exemplary tragic story which corresponds to his ideology and the political situation of that time. Almost the folktale for us, nevertheless, the reality for people of Ancient Greece, the story of Antigone got the literature adaptation of one of the greatest tragedians. To his credit, Sophocles was very accurate in telling her life story as if you have consulted the myths about Antigone, you have probably heard that the tragedy repeats the classical myth plot about Antigone with a minimum of author’s fiction and innovations. The experts, whom to pay to do your homework stress that it doesn't mean Sophocles had the lack of writing skills or poor creativity and wasn't able to make up a perfect story, his desire was to keep up the best mythology traditions, preserve them as they were to pass on to his descendants. For good reasons, this tragedy is put firmly in the literary history. In the case, if you make up the decision to mention the details of Antigone’s character according to the Greek myths, take a page from this essay on Abigail Williams composed by our specialists, eager to provide the relevant example to accelerate and improve your writing process.

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Antigone’s Creator Sophocles and His Innovations

No matter how hard Proust was trying, in most cases, the literature creation can’t be separated from the author’s personality as the attitude toward the world, faiths and beliefs, critique, personal experience as well as all types of problems, phobias, manias – every issue on writer’s mind is reflected in the pages of his or her creations. To the humble opinion of the professionals who can grade your papers online, the impact of author's personality on the literary creations of Ancient Greece isn't as strong as it would be in the future as the basic elements of the plot were borrowed from the mythology and weren’t evolved by Sophocles. Nevertheless, some basic points of the tragedian’s life and worldview are worth of being mentioned to create the right background for your perfect essay on Antigone. Therefore, we have prepared a short guide to the life and innovations of Sophocles, namely to the details we consider important to create the full and comprehensive literary analysis.

The great Greek tragedian, whose name entered the literature on an equal footing with Aeschylus and Euripides, lived the life of the diligent citizen in Athens. He was the witness of Greco-Persian wars, covered almost half a century that made him the ardent patriot of his country, despite his literary talent, he even participated in the naval Battle of Salamis. After it, he completely devoted himself to the public life of Athens, namely the theater, and his main occupation was the creation of great tragedies, destined to become classic.

His main innovations in the art of stage plays were intended to create the believable ambiance, make the characters more vivid and reinforce the impression of the audience by adding and improving decorations, masks and costumes. He was also the one to introduce the third actor on the stage that gave him an opportunity to exacerbate the conflict. Our writers and editors for students are eager to emphasize the fact that in his tragedies Sophocles made the decisions of his heroes more independent, it means he reduced the influence of «gods’ will» or «fatum», loved by the Greeks while making the decisions. The focus had been gradually moved to the human life, minimizing the supernatural or fate impact on the heroes of his tragedies. What is more, Sophocles tended to face the personages with opposite worldviews to create the bright conflict in his plays, or strong and weak one to highlight each other. Three words: dialogues, dynamics and naturalness will come to mind of our premium English proofreading service if you ask us about the associations with the tragedies of Sophocles.

To ensure the win-win situation, we recommend you to illustrate the theoretic material about views and particular features of Sophocles tragedies by the examples from the text of «Antigone» to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of both theoretical and practical parts. On the other hand, make sure you aren’t making the common students mistake – go into the details of biography that actually aren’t important for understanding. Our rich experience tells us that it is as easy as a pie to infuriate your teacher by endless vague stories about the mistress and favorite dishes of the «guest of honor», so we strongly discouraged you from mentioning the biography details having no connection with the literature creation you have to analyze. Kill two birds with one stone by taking this story about Aristotle: https://smartwriters.org/blog/aristotle-essay-aristotle-and-his-own-science-of-logic, the famous Greek philosopher and scientist, mentioned above, as an example for your own paper and revealing the essence of his logic, must-know thing for every educated person!

Summary: Is It Worth of Being Mentioned?

Of course, the summary. What would the poor students do without it, what another way they would find to make their papers longer? As you can probably imagine, retelling the plot in details is the students’ weapon of choice that surely stresses the teachers out. They expect to read your analysis, not another bad interpretation of the plot. So, when it goes about the «Antigone» summary, the main rule is the moderation! Mention the turning point in one paragraph to give the general idea about it. Of course, it is better to read the tragedy and write the brief plot on your own, but if you forget something, refer to this detailed «Antigone» summary.

After the presentation of the plot, it is appropriate to identify the message of the author. As you can see, the main heroine, Antigone, is supposed to face the tough choice of whether to bury the body of her brother (Polyneices) according to the ancestral customs and help his soul to find peace or to obey the word of the King of the Land (Creon), who has forbidden to bury Polyneices as he was a traitor. The two main forces, facing in this tragedy is the personal duty and the social obligation. Despite the fear of the death, Antigone chooses to pay the final respects to her brother, alone, courageous, she buries him with the knowledge that she is going to be punished. To the humble opinion of our competent academic essay rewriter, this is the manifest to the strength of human character. The contrast between two sisters, two characters of one family, Antigone and Ismene, make the nobility of Antigone’s soul and mental power even more evident (it is worth to be mentioned that this is one of the instruments, Sophocles used to highlight one or another personage).

Creon, on his turn, is emotionally attached to her, in addition, his son is going to wed Antigone, nevertheless, he sentences her to death as the Laws of the State say to do it. The writers from the cheap academic essay writing service are sure that we can’t blame Creon, the King of the Land as he performs his duties with zeal. But even this State machinery has given in to prays of the son and wife and is about to let Antigone go. Unfortunately, she has committed one more courageous act – suicide. The young woman was followed by her fiancé and his mother doesn't able to survive the death. Thuggish, like all Ancient Greece tragedies.

If try to form the main idea of this tragedy in one paragraph, the essay editor for hire online is sure that this is the story about the supremacy of the unwritten law of ancestors over the state law as the kings (or in our case government) will succeed each other, designing their own new rules, but the honesty, respect for ancestors, love to the family, worship of gods will always be the fundament of any healthy society functioning.

To give you the last instructions about giving the summary, the essential is not to get lost in heroes or at least in different tragedies if your literature course provides the reading of several examples of Greek dramas. If you still see no difference between Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides, check this link to the titans of the Ancient Greek dramas that will help you to learn the main distinctive features of each of them.  

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How to Introduce Your Interpretation in the Essay?

You can devote the sole paragraph to interpret the story, but it should be noted that every element of your interpretation has to be proved by the examples from the text of the tragedy. For this reason, it would be much easier to merge the summary and your interpretation ensuring there is no duplication of the plot elements as this could amount to attempts to increase the length of the paper by your teacher and backfire in a downgrade. You can have a look at the example, provided by our pro essay paper checker for students in the previous part of this post, but the general scheme is rather simple: you present the event and give your explication or interpretation in the next phrase. Step by step, you will build not only the story’s complexities but also your literary commentary, illustrated by examples.

Try to avoid wordiness in your essay, make sure every phrase contributes to your ideas, not just occupies the space. It is also important to follow the chosen logical structure of the text. You may start with your main idea, moving to the means that help to present it fully, or you can choose the opposite course and present the summary interpretation first. If you feel you have nothing to say, don’t rush to panic, check these tips for boosting creativity and examine as many theoretical resources and critiques opinions as you can to form your own one by mixing the «bits of knowledge» creatively. Stay calm and try to reveal which emotions the tragedy evokes, which reaction you have on its heroes. Do you feel sympathy or, maybe anger? Feel free to release your feelings concerning «Antigone» into your draft and it will be much easier to edit it! Be honest and always look for the arguments to support your idea, even if it strays from the common opinion. One more time, there are no wrong answers in the sphere of literary analysis and literary interpretation, the essential is to learn to argue your point of view, so it’s only up to you to write the great paper!

Antigone Theme Essay: Myths Adaptations

The humanity tends to address the literature of Antiquity throughout the different stages of its development, the numerous returns to its aesthetics proclaim the true value of the Ancient Literature. Even today, the eternal themes raised by this literature continue to stir the hearts of the whole generations, exactly for this reason, the heroes and gods of ancient myths are firmly rooted in the modern age due to their various adaptations, created by the greatest artists of the centuries. The image of Antigone is embodied in different types of art: opera, cinematography, literature and drama itself and to reveal more interesting details about the art in general and its place in the modern world, we offer you to check this art critique essay written by professionals.

To persuade the teacher of your in-depth knowledge, two or three examples of the «Antigone» adaptations will surely do a good job for you, it will be even better to become familiar with the several adaptations to share your impressions and be able to see the difference between the original version and adapted one and define the particular features of Antigone of 18 and 20 century for example. It isn’t the obligatory step in your paper writing, nonetheless, it will definitely work to your advantage, hence, if you have the information about the modern (and not so) adaptations of «Antigone», our «write a good essay for me» service insists on mentioning this in your paper to count on some extra points for your work.

How to End Your Essay about Antigone?

The conclusion is the paper part the student don't pay much attention to as they are usually too tired to «born» the bright last lines. However, it is important. The proper conclusion can make even an average paper better, on the other hand, the failed one can ruin the impression from the perfect essay. That's why, if you aren't sure in the conclusion you want to give to your work, please, make it neutral of harm's way. The matter is that plenty of students address our support agents and the professional paper editors, as a consequence, with the demands to change the conclusions in the papers, because of the teachers’ palpable discontent. Moreover, the introduction and the main body are written appropriately! Their conclusions were absolutely crazy-creative and didn’t follow the paper style as the students have over tried and put there everything they know in the attempts to make the bright conclusion. Learn from the mistakes of your colleagues and if you don’t know what to write about, emphasize the importance of Greek literature and theater in general, the role of Sophocles in this process and the «Antigone» majesty or you can give your true opinion about the tragedy and the feelings, evoked by it. In addition, form the one-sentence theses to sum up your interpretation, presented above, like our smart writers have done in this essay about Amelia Earhart: https://smartwriters.org/blog/amelia-earhart-essay.  

Try and You Will Be Rewarded!

Yes, it isn’t an easy thing to write the paper on your own, yes, you will have to spend the days on doing it, yes, it goes without saying, that you can find the numerous essays on Antigone on the Internet effortlessly, but who can be sure of their quality? Would it not be better to create the competent literary analysis on your own, spending the day thinking and rethinking the problems raised by one of the greatest Greek tragedians ever? The satisfaction of a job well done will bring you the real joy each and every day, together with the teacher’s praises!  The writers from professional writing service online know from their experience that the perfect paper is the real achievement to be proud of! But don't forget that after being written, the paper requires a fresh look for high-quality editing and proofreading. We offer you the great option to accept help from the professionals and make sure the mistakes won't spoil the ideal writing and it will be a real crime not to use our services!

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