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English proofreading

Have you ever thought that managing study tasks is an easy deal or you are still working on your homework for hours? For every person fed up by the huge amounts of work to be done for tomorrow, the smart writers of our company can be the perfect study solution! In a few words, we are the service, intended to make the study process easier for every student. We are here to take any type of your assignments and write any kind of papers you need to get the highest marks and become the successful student (or not to be excluded – depending on your situation). One of the essential benefits of smart writing and online English proofreading company is in its universality as by using our services you will get all in one!

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Writing. We are the ones, who are able to manage the writing of your paper from scratch. Proofreading and formatting are also included in the price, so all you need to do to get the A+ paper is to place your order on smartwrtiers.org by clicking the button «order now» or address our support agents who are online 24 hours a day to ensure the rapid response to every customer’s request. In addition, if you have some questions or doubts, concerning our company that helps students with their studies, you are welcome to start the live chat with support agents to get immediate answers about everything that bothers you. As you can see, by ordering the writing services, you have no need to worry as we will do the dirty work for you, hence your only task will be to pass the received paper on time. Moreover, if you have the particular vision of your future paper but not enough forces to live out your plan, feel free to tell your writer about your intentions and take control of writing process. Be sure that we take into account every client’s desire and compose the paper according to their expectations to make it meet all requirements. What is more, after receiving the draft of the paper (it is the policy of our website to send the outline to the customer to have the possibility to fix the paragraphs that don’t please you as we are interested in performing the best writing and proofreading services online), feel free to criticize it to improve even more as the paper will be ideal only in the case if all your requirements are clearly defined. Based on your experience, the students aren’t always aware of their desires, that’s why we designed the online blank to fill in before placing an order, which will be the great helper for every indecisive young person.

Editing. The real lifeline for students, who have succeeded in writing their papers but, unfortunately, for one or another reason (read negligence, inherent in the majority of young people) can’t perform high-quality grammar, lexical and spelling check of the ready paper. However, laziness isn’t the one reason for ignorance of the editing by students. Frequently, it is lack of concentration and inability to focus on the text that leads to poor paper check or even absence of it, while both of us know it is extremely important. Of course, you can learn to concentrate better on the work through these exercises, and try your hand at editing and spend an evening on attempts to find and fix the mistakes, leaving the chance that some of them will slip. On the other hand, we offer you to use the professional editing services that guarantee your paper will be completely free from mistakes. What is more, the experts will give their opinion about the language used in the work, the choice of style, logical sequence of paragraphs and general topic presentation to make sure every letter is at the right place. We will also take care of formatting as it is an integral part of the good paper. All in all, the specialists can transform a passable draft into the paragon of paper writing. Oh, maybe an example of our work will illustrate our words better: https://smartwriters.org/blog/essay-about-advertising-to-be-or-not-to-be. By the way, you can find more examples in our blog, discover the sections «Services», «Popular topics» and «How to».

Proofreading. Last but not least service is accurate proofreading aimed at students, who have enough writing competence not to need the assistance of professional writer or editor but want to get an expert check of ready text to ensure it doesn’t contain any grammatical or spelling mistakes and typos. The proofreading is principally the final stage of working on the paper, intended to make it free from the inaccuracies that can lead to the downgrade, it is similar to the brand perfume leaving the aftertaste of a person. The meticulous proofreading increase the chances of your paper to leave the best possible impression not only of this concrete work but also of your image as a student, so in some cases you have no need to jump through hoops to become an excellent student (or pretending to be so), you need only to order the proficient proofreading services and take all credits!

English Proofreading Service: Terms of Use

No one organization can exist without the certain rules and mechanism to regulate its functioning and our online writing company isn't an exception. We are quite sure that the rules of using our service will do a good job for every potential customer, leaving fewer questions to ask the support agents. Furthermore, the better you know one or another company, the more secure you feel after making an order as there always is a certain risk during dealing with the Internet services, especially if we talk about the full prepayment as this is one of our service’s rules. To make it clear, we propose you to continue reading the list of the writing company rules below.

№ 1. Do not talk about the writing service. Really, it is better to keep this secret as nobody knows if your friends are true, and nobody wants to be accused of the academic dishonesty as this might have backfired. Have never heard about the academic dishonesty? Lucky you are but to the overall development you are recommended to familiarize yourself with this article: https://smartwriters.org/blog/academic-dishonesty-essay-commonness-or-problem about academic dishonesty, its forms and methods of struggle with it. Let us be your personal study assistant to help with the additional subjects, and we, in our turn, guarantee the absolute confidentiality to every our client!

№ 2. Making an order in advance is the wise decision. Although we are able to perform express writing, editing or proofreading, it will cost you more than the paper written in standard terms set in advance. It doesn't mean that you can't order the services for tomorrow, incidentally, essay writing is also included in this list as our experts have enough competence to create the perfect essay within 24 or even 12 hours (so in the case of need you can address us and know that we will help anyway), not to mention professional editing or proofreading as for the experienced paper checkers it takes very little time. However, note that the prices for express services are higher!

№ 3. Plagiarism check is our everything. For the people, who have ordered writing, we provide a unique chance to check the paper, received from smart writers, for the plagiarism without paying a penny! Our company buys the access to the best plagiarism checkers to ensure our customers see for themselves the complete originality of the paper. Therefore, you will get rid of the biggest students’ fear – to be caught on passing plagiarized paper as the originality of your work is among the essential teacher’s requirements.

№ 4. Criticism is relevant. After getting the draft of ready work (if you order editing or proofreading), don’t be afraid to express your opinion about it whatever it is good or bad. Based on the experience, from time to time we face the clients who can’t say honestly about the disadvantages or inaccuracies in the ready paper, don’t be one of them! The experts from essay writing and editing services will be pleased to know about their weaknesses, hence consider it operational issues that make us better! Nonetheless, don’t forget that it goes about your paper and, as a result, your grade, so if you think something should be fixed, we will fix it without saying! 

№ 5. It is always better to ask.  Frequently, we find out that our customers have plenty of questions by accident but, for our greatest surprise, don’t ask them. We don’t want to guess why, we are just eager to remind you about our live chat you can start any time of night and day, and, if you have already ordered the paper, you are able to communicate with your writer directly to clarify every detail that bothers you.

To draw the final line, you are welcome to get more information about us and examples of our works right on the website that helps with homework and papers writing smartwriters.org. Don’t miss the perfect opportunity to take the break from constant studies and do the things that bring you the full satisfaction just like our writing company that guarantees the A + for every paper, ordered with us!

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