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While studying at the university all students without exception have a constant need of papers composing, and, in the majority of cases, they have to write an essay on one or another topic to show the general understanding of the subject and their mental abilities. Topics, chosen by professor, can vary from standard ones, addressing a social or moral problem and written in the argumentative style, for example pro and against animal testing essay, to sophisticated, intended to show if a student has an ability to think in unusual way and find an extraordinary approach to a problem. Of course, nobody expects a student being a professional academic writer, but an essay is actually that type of task, which can reveal your particular features, level of your education and general knowledge, so hardly working on your paper is out of the question! Nevertheless, in the studying process of each student there always is a period, when he or she can’t deal with paper composing because of certain reasons. It may be general state of weakness, stress accumulating, nervous and physical exhaustion, leading to serious health problems. This article about how to avoid the stress while studying won’t let the stress devour you, therefore it is worth your attention. Another number of reasons to choose online writing service instead of composing an assignment on person’s own is students’ eternal lack of time, insufficient knowledge about a subject or just a banal reluctance to do one’s home work. All in all, every young person deserves to unwind from time to time, unfortunately, far not always the busy schedule allows to do this. That’s why, the wise decision is to find the optimal site to choose essay paper for sale, which guarantees your peaceful sleep and absence of possible problems during your paper passing. Our smart team performs a great variety of services, necessary for successful essay – we not only compose it according to all recommendations of our clients and their professors, choose an appropriate paper style, work on the topic to demonstrate a profound knowledge, gather the information from several credible sources, but also find a personal approach to every customer and write a 100 % original essay for each of them. For instance, read this essay about impact of virtual reality on us and be sure, you won’t find even a similar paper in the Internet!

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If in the past an essay composing considered being something extraordinary, in today’s educational system this task maintains its strong presence among general amount of students’ home work. Nobody will be surprised having such type of work to do, so it has become the reality of every university or college student. Frequently, professors order to write this paper to express the personal point of view on a book or art masterpiece to foster a habit of reading and broaden students’ cultural horizons. That’s exactly why in this blog our skillful online team of writers has left you a small hint about literature periods and movements, intended to help you with analyzing any literature creation you are eager to choose as your simple opinion won’t be enough to compose an essay of good quality, you should also mention the particularities of author’s style and his or her belonging to a certain epoch to get A + for your work. What is more, this article may be a great assistant even for art essay composing: it should be noticed that literature periods tend to coincide with art periods, so to acquire a reputation as art expert and stop asking: «Who can write my paper for me? », your essential task is to catch the mood of each epoch and remember its particular features, mentioned below.

Ancient Greece and Rome. The word was considered having a sacral meaning and every literature form originated from different cults, intended to glorify the gods. Aristotle singled out three literature genres: epos, lyric and drama, which all were presented publicly and obligatory needed a spectator. The last thing we want to mention here, is that ancient mythological consciousness reflected in literature creations, and what now for us is just another fairy tale, was a perception of the world for our ancestors. If you are struck with magic of Ancient Times, click here to read an essay about Ancient Greece.

Middle Ages. Till the appearance of romanticism in the nineteenth century, this period was deemed to be the Dark Ages of human civilization, accompanied by the absolute authority of Christian Church. So it is quite logical that the essential literature creation were written to increase and support its power and celebrate the one God. What is more, the great tribal epic poems, dated back to this period, reflect the importance of tribal associations, who can generate a really heroic personality, and the impossibility to survive outside the collective (see the greatest Anglo-Saxon poem «Beowulf» or French «The Song of Roland»). The third important type of literature of Middle Ages are the tales of chivalry, embodied the points of the Knight's code and serving of the nation ideals.  

Renaissance. The interest in the Ancient Times emerges and, finally, a human-being replaces the God and becomes the center of the world perception. Pessimistic mood was discorded and a man starts to realize that his fate depends not on the Lord's will, but only on his deeds. The clerical system was criticized and the brightest example of Renaissance literature is the novels of Francois Rabelais «Gargantua and Pantagruel». Human emotions and feelings come to the fore, that’s why a new poetic form – sonnet – emerges on the literature arena. And, of course, here should be mentioned the literary heritage of Shakespeare, who is definitely worth to be presented on dozens of pages! Don’t forget that you can order an essay about this English genuine on our top essays writing website and get a proficient informative paper already for tomorrow!

Age of Enlightenment. The period to glorify a human intelligence and appreciate knowledge in all life spheres. Exactly in that time the first encyclopedias were started to published and the novel like a literature genre was dominating. Each creation was a gold mine of theoretical and practical knowledge, thus every person has an opportunity to become a real expert only be reading an appropriate book.

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Romanticism. The young people, belonging to this movement, shook the traditional understanding and perception of the literature. They promoted the image of extraordinary person in unusual circumstances by sending their heroes to exotic or fantastic countries and tried to pit two human passions: high and low-laying to create the romantic contrast, which was one of the essential means of this movement. The representatives of romanticism differentiated themselves by addressing the two-level world structure – the world of philistines and the world of «enthusiasts», who were able to admire the true beauty on the one hand and suffer from the world’s mediocrity on the other. Leap on the romanticism creations? Order a perfect essay not only about the literature, but also artistic life of that period using our professional online services!

Realism. Marked by the increased attention to the materialistic world and quest for universal image of reality, it means that the essential task of a writer-realist is to cover in his literature creation every sphere of living and every social category. The character of personages can be revealed from their materialistic surrounding and the amount of money they have. Furthermore, the authors tend to determine every hero’s decision, action and thought by the numerous reasons such as his or her upbringing, education, friends, epoch and so on.

Modernism and postmodernism. In a few words – too complicated for placing everything in one paragraph. The literature begins to develop with rapidity, reacting on the social and historic changes, that’s why hundreds of various movements and literature groups were emerging and disappearing, dozens of them are definitely worth your attention! Reveal the information about one of the most shocking and controversial group of 20th century in this article about Dada Art movement.

Here you will probably ask us: «What about the phenomena of Kafka, the literature of a stream of consciousness, German expressionists, philosophy of existentialism, surrealistic experience of Frenchmen, the literature of lost generation about the First World War, the theater of the absurd, magical realism of Latin America, British intellectual novel and rise of new writing style performed by Sarraute, Robbe-Grillet and Claude Simon and plenty of others? ». The matter is that we are afraid our readers getting lost in this abundance of information, hence we recommend you to order a detailed paper work about any literature phenomenon you deal in to figure out every important and surprising little thing on our best online service. Our experts in literature guarantee the high-quality of your order and firm of deadlines. Feel free to contact our support 24/7 to find out every detail you want to know about our service functioning and place your order to get a great essay on any topic you need as soon as possible! Just remember – addressing our academical writers online is the first step to successful passing of your paper!

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