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So, if you are tired of searching the cheap dissertation writing service, we hasten to let you know that you can freely end up with your searches. You are on the right page. This particular article deals with PhD dissertation writing peculiarities, thesis structure and the aspects of its defence. First, let us note, that there is a distinction between the notions of thesis and dissertation. The former word usually concerns gaining the bachelor’s or master’s degree and the latter bear on the next higher education qualification level, in other words, the doctoral degree. However, sometimes these two words are deemed synonymous. It is the brand new step in one’s academic activity defining further directions towards new discoveries and innovative practices. Did you know that the word “dissertation” itself is the Latin equivalent of “path”? Quite symbolic, isn’t it? The degree seeker must literally choose a further path of his/her investigations and determine the scientific preferences as from that very moment his or her work is going to be the iconic representation of his or her academic life. We have outlined two major constituents of making a thesis. They include the formation of the structural and theoretical part and, properly speaking, practical part and the final defence stage.

Professional Dissertation Writing Service Guidelines on Excellent Work

The lion’s share of mistakes takes place at the stage of formatting. The currently accepted standard for a dissertation is the following:

  • A Cover page with the Title on the top and student’s full name, denotation of the corresponding degree and Field/specialty with the name of university and year in the middle of the page. Next important thing is the citation of committee members and their professional titles;
  • An Abstract designates a brief cursory description of the thesis or dissertation required for quick reference with the main aim of the work. In other words, an abstract informs about the contents, goals, and methodology of problem-solving. Remember that it does not imply retelling; it must satisfy the requirements and be a coherent clear document. The principle function here is informative. The research results and proposed recommendations (if the dissertation manifests the improvement of a certain process) of the author are of great interest;
  • Contents Table The format is strictly determined by specific rules and each element of the work must be confined appropriately to Contents. Actually, you should always keep a wary eye on each part of the dissertation to comply with Contents from title page to colophon as even the teeny-tiny possibility of positioning periods, for instance, in names of paragraphs becomes impermissible. So, the main idea here is to be sure that the Contents coincide word for word with the headings in the Chapters;
  • A list of illustrative material comprises figures, tables, diagrams, abbreviations, maps and so on;
  • Acknowledgments part is necessary for those PhD candidates who have a permission to retain their authorship. This part serves the affirmation of the author’s liability.
  • Reference List is arranged in an alphabet order. Each point in your references must contain the author’s name, the title of its work, the journal, publisher and year. The Bibliography serves for avoiding plagiarism and dishonesty in the scientific work, about which you can read further:
  • Vita must be present only in the doctoral dissertation. It represents a brief background of the candidate.

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These were formal constituents of thesis and dissertation. If you need help with academic writing or professional check of all structural elements of your dissertation, turn to us. From now, we are getting on with defence matter. A few rules are applicable before and after the defence of your scientific research. Use the following pieces of advice:

  1. Be perfect. They say that confidence inside us comes together with the way we look. Take care of your looks and consider every detail in your appearance;
  2. No stress. Keep your head up and your mind open, you will make it. The most significant here is trying to control your emotions. Before the defence, spare a minute for relaxing, listen to your favorite songs, and do not let the optimism leave you. As an alternative, order English thesis writing and save your nerves.
  3. Express the unflinching dedication to subject. During your speech, put emphasis on the essence of your study, explain what made you start to explore a particular phenomenon, what advantages and disadvantages are present your specific topic, and prove its usefulness for the science in future. To our opinion, the practical part covering usage of various scientific methods will be sufficient for determining candidate’s skills, knowledge and engagement in a definite area of science. Revel the most compelling facts about simple things. That is, try to find innovations in something ordinary. Follow our lead! See this extraordinary essay and mark our creativity:
  4. Be ready for unexpected questions. If you have no idea how to answer, try not to lose your courage. Activate you memory and direct your inner resources towards the facts you can relate to the question indirectly or implicitly. Rely on some well-known statements that your theoretical part suggests.
  5. Keep calm and wait for the results. After the defence, the members of the committee may approve your dissertation or put it under revision. Your task here is to stay cool and realize that you have already gone through every step required for getting the higher qualification. If the work is set under revision, make all the necessary corrections yourself or turn to our English dissertation writing website.
  6. Celebrate your victory! What could be more pleasurable than the understanding of having completed all necessary work and traveled a long path successfully? Finally, you have made the groundbreaking contribution to the scientific world and now you can reap the fruit of your labor.

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