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Today more and more students have an opportunity to order their paper work in the Internet instead of composing it by themselves and majority of them are happy to choose exactly this variant as it’s rather difficult task especially for the students who study the exact sciences or technical courses. It's nothing to be ashamed of, because to the humble opinion of our essay writing service, each of us should do his own job, so if your vacation is to be a mathematician and you have a relevant mindset for it, it’s evident that the paper composing would be for you as difficult as figuring out a formula for us. So it is reasonable to address the experts not to interfere with your professional development and avoid getting bad grades. But now the essential question to think about is how to choose the right paper composing site? In general, what is the best custom essay writing service? The first indicator of the professionalism of one or another writing site is, of course, its composed assignment. For instance, this Civil Rights Movement essay, which may be a paragon of an expository essay, is definitely written by the experts as it provides all necessary basic information enough to form an idea about this phenomenon even for a person far from that. The very next significant point is the level of education of writers, who will take a responsibility for an assignment composing and are the main key to success of the whole service. For example, our smart writers as one has a principle of constant learning, they haven’t stop after getting a high education and continue to improve their skills and abilities, by the way not only in writing, day in and day out. That’s why we are able to compose an assignment on any required topic without having any difficulties, as in our team there definitely are several experts in the question you need. To prove this idea, we have written this essay on illegal immigration, so after its reading you will have a good idea about works of our service. The third fact, determined the quality of essay composing site, is the number of services provided: the top essay writing service will not only give an opportunity to make an order of paper composing, but also will edit and proofread your ready essay and even give some tips of its writing for more than a reasonable price! So, if you have some doubts about correctness of your paper, address our support 24/7 immediately and one of our experiences team members will give you good advice. Contact us right now to receive the best possible services from real professionals of their business!

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If you are eager to try your luck in writing an essay, the first thing you should remember is four essential types of essay, which define the topic you should focus on, furthermore, the structure and style of your paper:

Expository – the author’s presentation of a certain theme or idea. The essential thing should be done here is to mention all key points in order to make the chosen question comprehensible for a large audience.

Persuasive and Argumentative essays. Our smart team decided to group this two styles in one point as they are very similar to each other. The main difference consists in the structure of presenting your thesis. If the persuasive essay includes only one point of view and arguments, intended to prove it, the argumentative essay has for a main objective to present arguments both for and against, and in the majority of cases covers several points of view. To sort out how to write an argumentative essay, read this example about school uniform http://smartwriters.org/blog/to-be-or-not-to-be-school-uniform-essay, composed by our experts.

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Analytical. In this type of essay you have to give your interpretation of the chosen work of art after its analyzing and examination. You are free in taking the object or issue you prefer to write the paper about, as a rule, teachers and professors respect your freedom of choice. So if you are told to compose this kind of assignment, it’s up to you to determine the sphere of your interests, it, however, may easily become the stumbling block on your road to the A + for your perfect essay as frequently choosing the theme isn’t very simple. It can turn out that you have nothing to say about the things, you considered being your favorite!

To avoid the difficulties of choice, our essay grader online recommends you to read this article about top books which can be chosen for writing an analytical essay. We have a rich writing experience, that’s why we have decided to make public some tips to facilitate and accelerate your paper composing, so armed with our tips, you may bravely proceed to the writing. First question to answer is why exactly books should be taken as a basic of essay. The matter is that nowadays much attention has been given to increase the number of readers, as in addition to the obvious educational function of a book, there are plenty of benefits provided by the process of reading. This is the reason of a book cult, often created by professors, and your choice of certain book will be a great advantage for your essay in comparison to film, for example.

Therefore, here are the top of different books to write an analytical essay:

  1. «Lord of the Flies» by William Golding. The great novel about a group of boys, whose plane crashed over the island, so they were forced to leave there without authority and make up their own rules. The novel-parody on the utopian literature creations about surviving on the island, the novel-parable about the possible future of humanity, the novel-dispelling of the belief in children's innocence, and, all in all, eternal reminder about the only beast inside of us.
  2. «Animal Farm» by George Orwell. The great example of allegoric story, which can be read without problems even by the laziest one to form an idea about the particular style of this outstanding author. It is rather pointless to go into details, as you can look through this trustful essay about «Animal Farm» http://smartwriters.org/blog/essay-on-animal-farm-by-george-orwell-a-fairy-story and use some ideas in your future essay.
  3. «Madame Bovary» by Gustave Flaubert. This novel is considered being a manifest against the world of gray, vulgar and narrow-minded petty bourgeois, which surrounded the writer. The book of a man, who was born in wrong time and hated his contemporaries with everything inside him, who promote retreat in the ivory tower and escapism to the Science and Arts, is worth reading at least because of the great part of Flaubert soul inside is, as it is a scientific fact that he so much associated himself with his heroine, Emma, that suffered from the same symptoms at the moment of book finishing.
  4. «Cat in the Rain» by Ernest Hemingway. Brief and bright story about the consequences of the First World War, social dislocation and disruption, the desire of family warmth. Don’t forget that this short story is full of symbols as it is associated by the literature experts with an iceberg, which contains only 1/7 of information in the written text, so it’s up to reader to figure out the majority of hidden in the subtext information.

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Thus, in this list you can find some possible examples of books, which can be used in your essay, what is more, you can choose the other works of mentioned authors to create your ideal paper. But be careful while choosing a book: try not to take very controversial ones, talentless, obviously banal and vulgar. Pay attention to the literature periods and movements, when this book was written, its particular features, historical and social conditions and the style of author – all these details should be mentioned in your analyze. In addition, make sure, that you have already read or at least will have a possibility to read chosen book, as this type of essay should consist your own reader experience, you can’t write it only on the base of summary and critic.

To conclude this article, don’t be upset if the writing sphere isn’t your cup of tea as there always are our proficient team of experts ready to support and help you to make your first steps in writing or even compose any type of assignment for you. Don’t worry about the price: firstly, it is more that reasonable, so students can easily afford to order a paper, secondly, it comes up right after filling in the blank with details of your order, so you will reveal it immediately and always can refuse our services if something goes wrong. Feel free to contact us any time you need, even if you have an order which has to be done for tomorrow, our writers will do their best to help you as our level of professionalism allows to compose a paper within 24 hours!

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