To Be Or Not To Be. School Uniform Essay


Hello, dear reader of our blog! Today the team of custom writing service will discuss the problem of school uniform. In the previous article we have discussed academic dishonesty essay.

The official style is a mode of dress. It is close to conservative style and submits to fashion a little. A formal suit has to be strict, reserved and simple. At schools, however, this concept became very indistinct. And what belongs to business style according to children, sometimes it is even better not to put it on going for a walk according to teachers. That is why many pupils and students are asked to write a school uniform essay. Here the student can think over many arguments pro and contra.

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Whether the optimum decision is official style or it is better to return to school uniform? We have asked different people about it. Here are our results, which will help you with argumentative essay on school uniforms:

Natali (The Parent):

The school uniform is senseless. In other countries pupils and students wear it at heart's ease. Long ago psychologists have proved the fact that the clothes of the school student don't influence his perception and study. As for official style of clothes at school, it is quite good, in my opinion. But the matter is that at teenage age boys' figure isn't curviferous, and the suit, as a rule, looks silly. It can confuse children, forming at them complexes. Therefore I consider that a school uniform or a business suit should be recommended to pupils, but we should not oblige students to wear it.

Konstantin (The Teacher):

My attitude to a school uniform is really positive. In my opinion, it erases inequalities between children. First, when you put on a school uniform, you are mentally prepared for the day of work. Secondly, the school uniform doesn't distract attention of children at lessons, and they are completely concentrated on a subject. Thirdly, it brings peculiar unity of collective. A uniform is a membership character; in this case it is about a school.

Marry (The Schoolgirl):

The idea of a school uniform is pleasant to me, but as we have business formal style in our school, I want to share the opinion about it. Its main shortcoming is inconvenience. It is much more convenient to me to do sums on mathematics at a blackboard wearing jeans and a T-shirt, than a white blouse which should not be soiled.

Sergio (The Parent):

I am for a school uniform. The school is not a podium or a fashion show. This is establishment of education where it is necessary to study. The form will create discipline. Official style is absolutely unclear phenomenon to me, and this concept in the school became too indistinct. Though, I would allow free-style to boys. The real business suit sometimes looks very ridiculously on a boy. And the school uniform will do girls only good.

Alice (The Schoolgirl):

Earlier I was always angry when the teacher once again blew me up for "non-business" clothes style. I sincerely couldn't understand why they force us to wear these ridiculous school suits, as the jeans are very convenient and practical! But last year I have decided to pass to this strange for me official style in order to understand what it is. My parents have offered me a compromise option: not to buy ready factory suits (which, by the way, look absolutely unattractively!), but to buy what is pleasant to me. At first it was very inconvenient and unusual: the shirt gets out of trousers, I tighten the next tights. But in two months of "tortures" I have got used to it that I has even forgotten about my favorite jeans! I at last have understood why teachers force us to wear a school uniform. We should have got used. Not each employer or just the person will be serious with, let us assume, the lawyer in sneakers and jeans. Besides, putting on official clothes, I feel more senior and more serious. And jeans can be put on for a walk!

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A little conclusion about school uniforms essay:

So what is better, an identical school uniform or free style? We haven't found the concrete answer to this question. And now it seems to me that the correct answer just doesn't exist. However there is a lot of compromise solutions. An example is the school uniform of identical colors, from identical materials, but different models. As a result, each school student will sew what he will carry with a pleasure. Someone has a cardigan, someone — the pleated skirt and maybe it will be an interesting vest? Here both the imagination, and design abilities can be trained.

Great Britain

Historically Great Britain was considered as the biggest country where the school uniform is obligatory. It was promoted by colonies of Great Britain (Australia, Cyprus, Ireland, etc.). But even after obtaining the status of independence many left a form in rules of school. Moreover, the school uniform, for example, in Cuba is official clothes not only for pupils of schools, but for pupils of higher educational institutions.

For the first time the school uniform in Great Britain appeared during the directory of the king Henry VIII (1509-1547). Its official color was blue. This color shall accustom the child to humility, and purchase of fabric of such color was one of the cheapest.

In modern Great Britain a new school uniform protecting from knife blow appeared. By the way we offer you to examine the article about police brutality essay, it may be useful for you and your friends. It is a sweater (for $120) and a jacket (for $240) from the special material "Kevlar". From this material people sew bullet-proof vests for the British soldiers. Some schools buy a school uniform from polyester (from plastic bottles). For the first time it appeared in 2008. There are schools at which a headdress is the straw hat. Colors of a modern school uniform of British can be brighter, than before. One of obligatory features of the English form is availability of school symbolic on it. But some British schools completely exempted the pupils from a school uniform.


The obligatory school uniform has been existed in France from 1927 year to 1968 year. But now representatives of authority discuss imposing of an obligatory school uniform again. They feel perplexed because of the children’s aspiration to excel each other with higher cost of dresses and provocative clothes, especially among girls. So now, for the period of the lessons in school pupils use the special school dressing gowns. Students differ just on colors.


Japan dresses pupils of middle and senior classes in a school uniform in a mandatory manner. As a rule, it is dark trousers, a jacket and a white shirt for boys and a skirt, a dark jacket, a white blouse or "seifuku" for girls. Each school can vary a little in details. Younger school students are free in the choice of clothes.

USA and Canada

The school uniform in the USA and Canada is widespread in private schools which main vendors work for. Public schools have no such regulation. And still most educational institutions have accurate dress code and ask to wear replaceable shoes and trousers for gymnastics. Disputes on a school uniform in the USA and Canada are permanent. Ardent supporters of democracy assert the rights of school students to their own style. But some are convinced that the school uniform bears discipline and raising progress. Discussions aren't brought to result yet. The actual topic for these countries is Why same sex marriage should be legal essay.


In Germany the question of a school uniform is also a subject to disputes and discussions. The questions of introductions of a form are resolved without fail. Though, even school students of times of the Third Reich didn't wear a uniform in schools. The form of the Hitler Youth, or other public organizations was the only analog of a school uniform. Some schools have special school clothes, but we could not call it a uniform. Pupils can participate in development of school clothes.

Muslim countries

The account not only national, but also religious norm in school uniform is important for Muslim school students. It can be a tunic, one of versions of a hijab (a Muslim kerchief). Even length of a hairstyle of boys is normalized – several cm higher than a collar, without whiskers. Cosmetics and hairspray are inadmissible at Muslim school. Muslim school students in some countries with an obligatory school uniform (for example, in Great Britain) have the special elements in addition to established, according to norms of the religion and traditions.

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