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The eternal fate of students – to cope with all kinds of difficulties, which have a tendency to emerge on the way to a cherished graduate degree. The obstacles can vary from the simple problems with studying to the more global – the question of socialization and search of individuality, inherent in every young person. Learn more about the foundations of socialization due to the article, which will help you to understand the mechanism of this process. The university requires you to be active, positive, creative and hard-working at the same time, but they often forget that people are different and if for ones it isn’t a big deal to meet all the requirements and do everything in time, for others it is difficult even to remember to check essay for grammar after writing, so much they are tired of constant study process. The online survey, organized by our proficient team among the students, has shown that only some of them succeed in managing their time effectively and find the energy for doing each of their tasks appropriately, on the other hand, the majority of students’ community has bad grades, thereby problems with studying because of lack of time to do homework qualitatively. If you find yourself in the second group, you have no need to despair as everything is in your hands, so you are able to change it. But there are the real cases, when you have an avalanche of task to be passed pretty soon, you are writing all day and night long, you forget not only about going out with friends and hanging out at the parties, but elementary have no time for a nice meal and or peaceful sleep, nevertheless, can’t manage everything! Of course, you are able to write something in a hurry, hoping for better, but why you need to do this, if you have the knowledge about our proficient writing services to compose and proofread your paper work at a low price. The benefit of using our service is evident as you not only get an essay of the best quality, but also the constant interaction with the writer and careful grammar proofread of it. So you will be kept informed of the progression of your paper writing and can change any detail you want!

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What is the most important component of successful essay? The appropriate style, fascinating narrative story or attractive descriptions? Absence of grammatical and spelling mistakes? Clear and logical structure? Ability to synthesize and analyze the information? Probably all these points build a perfect paper, but the essential one is your inspiration, without which you won’t be able to write at least a line. Before starting the writing process in order to evoke the muse, you are proposed to refer to this article, presented the best possible ways to get inspired and only after this you can begin your paper composing. But in the case if nothing from that article hasn’t help you, our smart writers propose you to check the list of the greatest writers in human history, presented below, to take a page and acquire new ideas, which definitely will help you to compose your assignment.

Marcel Proust. For those, who need to write a descriptive essay and create a certain ambiance, the works of Proust are considered by our online team of experts as ideal ones to discover a bran-new style and linguistic means to describe even the most minor details. Don’t be afraid of the long and sophisticated phrases, considered to be a distinctive feature of this author, all you need is to plunge into the atmosphere, masterfully created by genius of modernism. The greatest his art creation is 7 volumes of «In search of lost time», telling the story about search for self of main character Marcel, who, all in all, after the complexities, realized that his vocation is in being a writer. To start familiarizing yourself with these magnificent books is recommended from the first one, called «Swann's Way» and move further and further, enchanted by the extraordinary writing style.

Ernest Hemingway. The representative of the literature of «lost generation», who lived and wrote after the World War First and about it. By the way, you are also recommended familiarizing with the works of another genius of the «lost generation», Erich Maria Remarque, and start from this essay on «All Quiet on the Western Front». Ernest Hemingway is recognized as a master of the short story since his newspaper experience suggested a new writing technic. The essential distinctive feature of his writing is the majority of information leaved «behind the scenes» and it’s up to reader to decipher it. That’s why Hem emphasized the necessity of an author to have a precise info what he writes about in order to present the facts in a way for helping readers to sort it out. The basic of his narration is a dialogue, where every replica has its proper sense, which reveals certain information about hero’s characters or circumstances to an attentive reader. If you feel ready to write a short story contained the allusions and reminiscences, our best online site advises you to look after Ernest Hemingway to perfect your writing style. 

We also propose you to read:

Franz Kafka. One of the greatest modernist, which world-famous fantastic and full of absurdity stories «The Metamorphosis», «The Trial» and «The Castle» can be a perfect example how to leave a deep trail in people's souls. The highlighted dry and emotionless language, with the help of which author tells the most unbelievable facts, distinguishes him from near all writers! So, according to Kafka, the best way to draw attention to one or another problem is to bring it to the point of absurdity, pretending that everything is OK at the same time. At any rate, our English homework helper insist on your reading the Kafka’s stories to form your own idea about it, what is more, it is worth reading at least because of a huge popularity of this writer and his authenticity. It is also interesting to reveal, that even the term «kafkaesque experience» was created to designate a surrealistic event or outrage, which don’t deny, but rather enhance everyday logical connections. Among all these absurd things, described by author, the sense of our world emerges even more clearly.  

T. S. Eliot. The school of imagists, presented by this poet, has for the main objective the creation of huge number of images, using different linguistic means, the great example if you are eager to compose a very esthetic essay, breathing art to evoke the most sublime heart strings of a reader. By the way, Thomas Eliot supported the idea of an «objective correlate», it means the set of circumstances which will force everybody feel a certain emotion, for example, according to this theory, rain should definitely evoke a feeling of anguish and hopelessness. You may address to his works in order to be enriched by all sorts of images, but it should be noticed that his creations are intended for intellectuals, having a clear idea about the literature development as there are plenty of allusions on different literature periods, movements and creations.

Arthur Conan Doyle. One of the most outstanding detective writers, which hasn’t lost his popularity even nowadays. His neoromantic stories about Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson may be the great paragon for those, who want to create an intrigue in theirs essays. If you haven’t read any of these fascinating stories, its high time to do it as you will definitely discover a whole new world of Victorian England! In the case if you are crazy about detective stories, our service proposes you a detailed list of the best detective books of all times in order to always have something interesting to read.

All in all, it can’t be included that even after long tries to evoke the inspiration you aren’t able to compose at least a few paragraphs (from time to time it happens even with our experienced writers), don’t beat yourself up and consider being destined for a bad grade! Find our online essay checker grammar to order a perfect ready assignment, performed by the best of the best English native writers! We will gather all necessary for your paper information, reveal the appropriate style and compose a logical and informative paper with brilliant ideas to please your prof and help you to pass it easily. Our main principle is to find a personal approach to every client as we won’t write just a passable essay, we will express your opinion (of course if you have it) and try to add your individuality in every line. So don’t hesitate to buy college essay on our site and economize your time and forces for more pleasant activities!  

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