Essay on Censorship: Is It Possible to Oppress Free Speech?


Nowadays with the huge Internet development it’s hard to imagine how a person or a group of people can control and screen out the flow of information, but nevertheless they keep trying. Who need to control the info people get and what is a main objective of such desire have tried to reveal in this censorship essay our online writing team.

Firstly, I’m sure everyone understands more or less such notion like «censorship», but we still need to give an appropriate definition. According to the dictionary and professional opinion, censorship can be defined like oppression of the information and ideas, which can serve to the silence on the controversial questions, situations, unfavorable for an influential person or political party. The initiators of censorship providing can also be a government as well as private pressure groups. In general, some violently opposed to the censorship people declare that it suppresses the free speech of no matter whom, therefore can be considered as a direct violation of human rights that is unacceptable in the modern society. But here is another side to the story: when censorship is intended to forbid the phenomena of life which can lower the culture and educational level or spoil a person, give his/her a poor example – basically, anything that lays outside the generally accepted moral principles. Everything will become clearer if we remember an obscene or abusive language, nudity and violence – things, which are often censored on TV, radio and other kinds of mass media. In this case, for the person who wants to express him/herself through these doubtful ways, failing will go without saying. We can see that here censorship plays a positive role, protecting the society (especially women and children) from the shocking or traumatic moments of existence. If you are socially engaged, you are proposed to reveal the fact of domestic violence in order to help the people suffering from it

Censorship Essay: History Lesson

The history of humanity shows that the roots of censorship dated back to the ancient times, so, you shouldn’t think that our time is the worst and you belong to the generation most censored and, as a result, most oppressed. The common statement, beloved by majority of people: «It was better the way it was» doesn’t work here. To understand an impulse of censorship we, without doubt, should address to the basics, this means figure out the customs, taboos, religious rites which regulated the behavior, life style and speech of our ancestors.  Looking back on the Ancient Greece and Rome, even there, in the cradle of civilization, the cases of rough censorship were rather spread. Maybe the most famous victim of censor of that time is Socrates, who was sentenced to drink a poison because of his «passion» for unorthodox gods. Have an interest in Antiquity? You’re welcome to read a perfect essay about it  

The other morn page of history, full of censorship and elementary human rights violation, is Middle Ages. The religion’s expansion on the territory of Europe and establishment of the Church power provided plenty of restrictions and a waste censorship machine. After the invention of printing press, the censor’s oppression increased like never before. Only clerical literature was allowed, furthermore it had to be written only by specially trained monks. If you were just an ordinary person, who wanted to write a religion book, you would be punished by church censors. What is more, the people of Middle Ages couldn’t even discuss religious questions as it was strongly forbidden to mention the name of the God in vain.

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Even long after this somber epoch of Middle Ages, Catholic Church controlled heavily all publications, together with a State, which also found a profit in the creation of such type of alliance to control the morals of contemporaries.

One of the most sinister extremes of censorship was Inquisition (a group of institutions aimed to combat heresy). This infernal machine wiped out of existence plenty of historically important manuscripts, and, what is more terrifying, hundreds people, supposed to be «heretics».

Returning in our time, after all above-mentioned historical facts, who can complain about censor in our century – even if sometimes it place some restrictions on what people do, say and read, in general, matters are much better nowadays as mankind has reclaimed a great number of rights. Nevertheless, there still are some problems with censor as people want more and more freedom, but are they always right in their desires? Here our team of professional writers has gathered «problematic» fields of social life, which are censored the most.

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Music censorship. Music lyrics have been censored since ancient times as, due to the great influence it might have on a mass of people, music is a transmitter of ideas, emotions and thoughts which can be dangerous for those, who is eager to censor it. There also are the cases of music censoring particularly if it includes the violent, sexual suggestive or obscene lexicon, but, despite the fact that one can censor the records, on the live concerts audience just chants all «censored» words.

Film censorship. The reasons of censorship here are the same with the music industry, but sometimes film’s ban can have a ridiculous reason as a censorship machine may interpret little ambiguous shots in twisted way. A bright example is the film of the German Nobel laureate Günter Grass, who addressed the theme of World War Second, «The Tin Drum». This film, which by the way was awarded with Palme d'Or in 1979, by contrast was forbidden in the Oklahoma as the Court has found a questionable shot where a child embracing a naked woman. All in all, this decision was canceled after an appeal.

Internet censorship. Governments of all countries are struggling to control the citizens’ Internet discussions of unfavorable theme or a circulation of certain ideas and mores, but are it possible? Custom written essay online with all people, who have a common sense, can definitely declare – No! If it’s high time for an idea to emerge, it will take over despite the censorship, as new web pages and sites are launched day in and day out. They can block some news in certain countries, but there always are all kinds of good anonymizators, which are used all over the world and permit you to pretend going online in another country. The one way to fully control the Internet is cardinal – to forbid it at all, and the North Korea has succeeded doing this. Check our online writing service to order an essay about the particularities of censorship in different countries!

To cut a long story short, there are always a possibility of interpreting the art creation in a wrong way (the bright example is analyzing of children’s cartoons for a violent or sexual subtext, and finding that one), but we just shouldn’t prone to extremes and it isn’t a good idea to start censoring everything. As even in this situation people will find an opportunity to speak their minds. All in all, the censorship only makes an idea circulating stronger so it doesn’t make a lot of sense to ban something to a large public as the famous aphorism declares that fruit often tastes sweeter when it's forbidden. So there are the cases where nobody has even heard about a thing, but news about ban of this art creation can strengthen the interest to it or be a reason for watching/reading/listening to it. 

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