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Procrastination. One word, fifteen letters but what is at the bottom of this, familiar to every student state? Dozens of hours spent on the sofa instead of coping with necessary tasks, persistent thought «I will do it tomorrow», focusing on additional work not to do urgent one – our student help company to get custom written essay or any research paper knows everything about it as we work with young people for a long time and are well aware of every their little study and life problem. Our experts are able to find a way out of the most difficult situations and write any paper work you need to succeed in your studies and get your A+! To sort out your life, all you need is to visit our helpful website, look through the blog section, where the essential tips for being a successful full-fledged member of society and instructive posts about everything in the world, written specifically for young people, are listed!

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In the age of a student being the majority of people usually start to lift the shroud of mystery over the human existence, get rid of childish rose-colored glasses and reveal the basic laws of life. Be sure that you are not the only one to go through this challenging time, the members of our team, namely writers, proofreaders and editors also know from their experience how difficult it is: to be a college freshmen among the hundreds of strangers far from home (probably but not necessarily) and examine life empirically. In addition to the domestic and study problems, the young people have to deal with their worst enemies – themselves as the personal development, which is inevitable especially in this age, is always accompanied by the difficulties with self-awareness, pursuing one extreme or the other, maximalism, numerous problems with communication, and socialization in general. The hardest task ever is to work out the effective mechanism of dealing with the inner crises, face the depression, frustration, failed relations, learn the skills of problem-solving and beat the procrastination. Our writers want to emphasize the last point as those, who have once dealt with this problem, know for sure that this issue is more serious than you can imagine. The matter is that if a person has enough will power to get his or herself out of this state and force to get down to tasks, consider his or her getting off easy as if you keep on procrastinating, it will be more and more difficult to release. The scientists distinguish two common types of procrastination: the first, when a person can’t force him/herself to do at least something and is just occupied with senseless activities, and the second, which is more insidious when you are doing everything possible except the thing you really need to do. Are you familiar with the situation, when you examine the issue of gay marriage, by reading different gay marriage essays and watching plenty of videos, concerning this theme, clean your house, sweep the driveway, pet your cat, mow the grass, prepare cookies, write a poem – do the things that in general seem to be useful, on the other hand, leave behind your main purpose – writing a research paper, for example? If yes, congrats, you are lucky to face the procrastination! Our writing team calls this a «busy procrastination», the advanced level as you are quite sure that you are doing a useful work and just don’t succeed in getting to the point.

For these cases, we recommend you to make a to do list, prioritizing the task you should handle. Set your study and life goals from the most urgent to less, and follow the plan you wrote down. If you need the professional assistant to learn the goal setting skills, we propose you to have a look at this essay: We ensure that after reading, you will be able to set your goals effectively and get a great result in the future!

Frankly, there is only one way to overcome this destructive state – pull yourself together and start doing, not planning as for plenty of procrastinating people the pipe dreams are the basis of their world perception. You make the plans, you think of the details, you imagine the things but unfortunately, when push comes to shove these dreams are left in your head, the procrastinator isn't able to realize them. Our writing company has the universal and efficient algorithm to overcome this, for lack of a better word, disease that forces you to ruin your life, on the other side the experts to assist students in their studies highlight the fact that our methods are too general to be suitable for everyone, so we just can’t give you the 100 % guarantee that it will work in your concrete situation. In addition, the result is mostly depended on your motivation level and desire to change your life hence if a person hasn’t an eagerness to do this, even the most qualified psychologists from all over the world wouldn’t be able to help. Therefore, the first point of «beating the procrastination» plan is rather clear:

Get motivated. It is you who are procrastinating and it’s up to you and only you to get out of this state. Think about your nearest future, what are your short terms goals? What profits will you get by starting to act? What events of your life have you missed because of the inability to cope with your inner problems? Recall the thing you are keen on and draw inspiration from them. If you are a fan of music, listen to the classical samples, if you are enthusiastic about literature, discover the novels about the human strength, if you are crazy about art, take a page from the Dadaists with their bold performances: And now, when you are determined to reach your goals, move on to the second point.

Make the first step.  Do at least something to consider the work begun. For the experienced procrastinator, the hardest task ever is to start as your subconscious will resist desperately. Have you ever noticed, how difficult is to write the first line, to make the first step or the first action? The only thing we can advise you at this stage – be tenacious and overcome yourself. Don’t be hard on yourself by requiring the absolute quality of your first movement towards the bright future as you can fall into the state of procrastination even more as find yourself unable to face your own expectations. Your main achievement here is just the fact that you make this first step happen.

Stay concentrated. If you try to study and need to use the Internet, download the special tool to help you avoid distractions as we all understand that you can start googling the information you need and end by watching cute puppies. In addition, minimize the distractions by setting the phone on vibrate, turning off the TV or music, make your pets, kids or boy/girlfriend are left in another room not to prevent you from focusing on the work. These actions are rather obvious but still have to be mentioned. Make a habit of doing the urgent tasks as soon as possible as postponing it on the evening, for example, is also a kind of procrastination. The last tip is mainly for those, who tend to be terrified by the huge amount of work thus fall into procrastination: focus on small parts of your work without thinking of your task’s immensity to avoid the discouraging experience.

Don’t dramatize. Stop beating yourself for doing nothing as the more you are annoyed by yourself, the more difficult is to beat your procrastination. Admit the fact you are the evil procrastinator and overcome your weakness! We are all humans (even our professional paper writer, proofreader, and editor) and from time to time we have all the tough life periods when the self-esteem is equal to zero, it will pass, moreover if you make an effort. What is more, stop criticizing yourself for small inaccuracies in your work as being a perfectionist isn't as brilliant as you can think. We don't encourage you to make mistakes but adapting the common perfectionists’ strategy «all or nothing» also isn’t a good idea, be conscious and don’t push yourself too hard.

Just do it!

That’s enough excuses, that’s enough complaints, sit down and work with the sweat of your brow. If you need the hero to take a page from, pay close attention to our writers from the best essay writing services in the UK and US, who do their job professionally to perform the highest quality of paper composing, editing and proofreading. By ordering our services, you will get a cooperative writer with huge experience, great competence in English and literature and knowledge in the required scientific sphere to write any paper for you in the shortest terms. Sometimes, even the worst procrastinator have to be pushed by somebody or something to start changing his/her life, the paper, written by our company will be the greatest reason to get back on the horse and restore the reputation of industrious student!

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