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We become accustomed to use the adjective «ideal» to describe something or somebody, corresponding to all our desires, so it means rather theoretical standard than a fact of reality. This word reflects the human tendency of getting better and pursuit of elusive perfection, which can’t be reached for good reasons. To have the clearer idea about this thesis, let us mention the American dream as an example of eluded ideal of every USA citizen. If know not enough about it, this essay about American dream is worth of being read: It should be emphasized that for plenty of people the race for perfection can become a real problem, as they start to live in their own ideal world, in the world of perfect abstractions, thus lose track of real life. On the other hand, constant desire to be ideal can cause problems with self-perception, in a manner that person refuses to take his/her personality as he/her is and start to punish his or herself for even the slightest weakness. Our thesis website urges you not to be prone to extremes in the quest for ideal and find a right balance between your actual individuality and your desires to perfect it, as the fact that you will never reach your ideals does not excuse you from self-improvement. Take a page from our professional and competent writing service, which main principle is never to stop developing! We stay up-to-date and learn something new with every client and order. Much in our smart company has been changed and evolved during the time of our existing, as our main objective is to correspond fully to the needs of modern students. You are changing, and we are changing with you to meet each of your requirement! To be continuously updated our experts in assignment composing learn new writing techniques, broaden the horizons, study carefully new standards of paper formatting,  reveal the finest detail of every essay style and try to plunge into the university or college atmosphere to understand exactly what the young people want.

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The desire of every person to be the best or at least stand out from the crowd is quite normal, but not all really know how to leave it out. Are you familiar with the situation when you are doing your best to be noticed at the university and become an assiduous student, but all your attempts are failing? You start to go over the various options of what is wrong with you, but seeing yourself with someone else's eyes is always hard. If you don’t know what should be undertaken to change this situation, refer to the list of tips below, composed by our PhD essay proofreader. Try not only to read these points attentively, but also to analyze your everyday behavior, draw some conclusions, correct yourself and your attitude to the world and go ahead fighting for your place under the sun!

  • Pay attention to your look. It is well-known that firstly goes your appearance, then your personal qualities, so you shouldn’t underestimate the value of how you are looking. The formal or semi-formal clothes are mostly suitable for the university. If you aren’t the great fan of such looks, you can probably put on the modest casual clothes, but definitely haven’t to shock your professors and other students by the frankly alarming colors, weird designers ideas and nudity. Let the clothes help you to create the image of diligent student, but avoid boring outfits if it is possible not to acquire a reputation as geek or nerd. Don’t know what to wear? Find the inspiration for perfect university looks checking this site.
  • Let your tasks speak for you. It is obvious that professors judged you not for your individuality, but for the papers you pass. That’s why you should be sure in high quality of every your written assignment to be deemed as an excellent student. Devote some time to studying day in and day out, as it is easier to remember all necessary information in the system little by little than dedicate a few days in a week to learn the abundance of material. What is more, the reputation is our everything, so with the help of industrious studies you may earn a vote of confidence and get a free pass in the future. In the case if you understand that can’t succeed in doing one or another task for a number of reasons, don’t hesitate asking for help our best essay writing services and we will be pleased to assist you and write any required paper work!

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  • Remember about the others. Being active during the classes is cool, but being eager beaver means being hated by the majority of your students group. From time to time, give the floor to others as every student wants to be heard and deserves the possibility to express his or her opinion and get an appropriate mark! Be sure that in the majority of cases even professors are irritated by such type of students’ behavior and want eager beaver to calm down. Try not to interrupt your group mates, even if their answer are far from the ideal or are completely false. If you have some questions to ask your prof, wait until the time is right, and, it goes without saying that the questions not relating the current topic should be answered before or after classes, not in the middle. The last thing to remember here is don’t be afraid of apologizing to prof or your group mates, if you have done something wrong. In the case of necessity you may even dedicate an apology essay to teacher to demonstrate your consciousness.
  • Develop your personality. Being a real expert in the carrier subjects is quite impressive, but don’t forget about the sphere of general knowledge, intended to make your personality more attractive, your ideas more sophisticated and your view of life more experienced. For plenty types of tasks passing, especially creative ones, it is necessary to have some general competences, so its high time to increase your cultural level using, for instance, this art essay, where we refer to the history of art and determine the place of art in the modern life. Also, the great helpers for you in the question of personal development are, without doubts, rightly chosen books, exquisite music, splendid architectural samples, exciting travels and meeting new people. And remember that even a simple conversation with people can be a great source of information for you, don’t afraid of being meticulous and go into details while asking about something significant or interesting.
  • Bottle up negative emotions. Every student has surely faced an injustice while the process of studying, has been dissatisfied by the kinds of tasks given by prof or by his or her teaching methods, we are only humans, after all, and have a right to dislike somebody’s personality just for no reason. Even so, while attending the classes, leave a personal attitude behind the auditorium’s door and try to absorb as much information as you can despite the resentment. There are plenty of emotional gaining techniques, so try every of it and find the most efficient one for you. Actually, the meditation, mentioned among these techniques can be not only the way to control one’s emotions, but also to concentrate on the subject and to achieve self-discovering. What is more, pay attention to non-verbal signals, established by your body as sometimes we can’t even realize how much our posture and  facial expression betray our emotions, that’s why be a good and spend a few hours on mastering your emotion control.

To conclude, you must remember that it’s up to you now to take a decision whether it is worth changing yourself or not and take the necessary steps to self-improvement. It won’t be an easy thing, but the result will definitely surprise you! If we can’t help you to improve yourself practically, when it comes to the assignment composing, our smart writing, editing and proofreading service are eager to write a best-quality paper for your successful passing. What is more, our homework helper is always ready to participate in the process of ideal student’s image creation and give you the opportunity to be second to none. Type «» in your searching engine and place your order on our site to get an ideal paper! Don’t worry about proofreading because we have already done everything for you! All you need is just to pass your paper work and be ready to hear out the praises of your professor!

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