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My greatest accomplishment essay

Have some troubles with defining and estimating your personal advances? Then you have found the right site. The team of the talented essay writers has got an excellent essay for you. At times, it seems to me quite strange that a lot of people’s achievements can be easily placed on the shelves in their rooms. It hit me that those things, to which we devote ourselves completely, often just take the form of the glittering statuettes. I know that various prizes serve as tangible proofs of someone’s personal development through hard work, strong determination, and stubbornness. It is always a pleasure to get one on merit. However, some of our achievements can be invisible and it does not make them trifles. Let me accentuate that in the personal accomplishment essay that you are reading now, the key word is “personal”. This prompts me to make the important remark that this word touches the realm of activities we do basing on our moral principles and decisions. Remember that it does not really bear on the career matters. For those matters, we have another article for you:

So, what about you? How many awards are there on your shelves? We have no doubt that you have a nice collection in your possession. Anyway, whether they are present or not and despite their quantity, I guess that, in general, the awards come out to be just a tip of the iceberg in the “sea” of someone’s individual attainments. From now, let us consider our personal achievements to be out of any rewards and material objects. It is about our own minds, ability to help others disinterestedly, something we have overcome through self-sacrificing and simple things that make us happy. Have you ever been in such situations, when you were asked about your personal accomplishments and it made you feel out of your depth? With our English article writing website, you will not need to worry about it in future, because this essay is going to give you helpful guidelines on listing the things you may do the best.

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My Accomplishments Essay: Making a Difference

Writing an essay on the greatest attainment you have is similar to “The Best Day of My Life” essay. I mean, it so hard to choose one that you are just getting lost. From time to time, it is useful to ask yourself: what have I achieved already? This question is not a trifling one since it helps realize what things have been already done and what stays in prospect. Every day we do tiny steps about which you can learn due to our short term goals essay. If the achievements are not so numerous than you wanted them to be, this induces to think that something needs to be changed in our lives. The important accomplishments can be divided into two conventional categories: social and personal. Social accomplishments are those highly appreciated by society. They signify person’s success (being on the Honor Roll, getting the diploma of a prestigious university, high-profile appointment or wealth). Personal accomplishments are those making us respect ourselves. A very controversial question is whether social honoring or personal contentment is more important. I believe that both of them is of high value. 

Let’s take to pieces the achievements that are seen by all. The person’s successfulness in profession represents the essential attainment in life. If one is engrossed with one’s favorite job, which both brings profits and a delight it is nothing but the success criterion. Social status is a quite ephemeral notion. We can go on reflecting that all people are equal in society but this is far from the truth in real life. A man who is virtuous in the eye of society, a respected reputable man in his professional environment and in his own social circle definitely gains a good advance in his “pocket”. A dangerous and even dead-end way is to think wealth to be the most considerable attainment in life. There is always someone wealthier than you, which prematurely means that material comforts will not satisfy you much. At the same time, probably, ignoring material success will be wrong, as it is the mean for the living.

I offer you to start your counter of personal accomplishments. With this type of accomplishments, we come across two different sides. At this point, each of us determines what is significant for our own happiness. It is strongly tied to the only one person. You. In view of this, a personal scale of attainments appears and things that are of key importance for you can be of no consequence for others. Someone believe that starting a harmonic family is great while others seek to cook Spanish dishes, for example, or conquer a peak of Kilimanjaro or getting their weight down to 20 kilos because one day it hit you to start the Mediterranean diet. One may think that buying a fascinating car to be the best reaching ever and another one concerns more about his or her mental developing. 

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Being the experienced team providing student essay writing services for a long time, we have decomposed the necessary information about what is believed to be a personal achievement and made our list for you. We hope the following points will be useful:

1. Successful graduation

It is clear that education frames the considerable part of our living. Turn to education goals essay to see the proof of the significance to study with appropriate diligence. Graduation is a mark of starting new point as both a specialist and personality. In childhood, a person attempts to make his or her fundamental steps towards independent grown-up life. Kids literary absorb new stuff not only on their lessons but also due to their social activity and environment. The school period, as well as our years in college, can be defined as the time when we socialize with one another actively. In such a way, we gain experience in communication as well as in learning: Sometimes successful graduation means progress in growing up. At that, the scores and grades may play the peripheral role. Besides the ordinary teachers, the life itself can teach us many salutary lessons. And the best students can truly praise themselves for spending their years in school or college, not in vain.

2. Volunteering services

Who is a volunteer? Volunteering seizes a very wide field of activity, including dozens of diverse currents. The goal that integrates all the currents concerns providing free help for the good of society. Volunteering comprises running open events dedicated to interests protection of vulnerable groups, wildlife protection (learn more in our animal extinction essay and animal abuse essays we wrote for you), charity events, landscape and shade gardening, water purification and garbage collection. A voluntary servant has a mission of giving lectures on bad habits such as alcoholism, smoking, and drug abuse. One of the aims of those lectures is preventing teens from early sexual life and its consequences. This essay on teenage pregnancy will be your assistant in this specific problem.

Voluntary activities also involve providing help to people in need of advice or those who are in pitch through communication on hotlines, on the Internet, on social media or over the phone. Maybe, you saved someone’s life by supporting him/her in a hard time and mincing the right words? Or, last summer you were a volunteer in Africa? Or, probably, you constantly collect money at charity evenings? Do not be shy to tell every reader about it.

3. Sports and well-being achievements

Not too many people can boast their strength of will and self-control when it comes to keeping fit and leading a healthy life. If you had to fight against yourself, your laziness and achieved the perfect result, that is a real thing to be proud of. What can be more delightful than the feeling of a headship in a competition, the sweet sensation of glory and rapturous gasps of viewers? It can be running the marathon or winning some team sports competition. The same thing concerns the health. When you see the transformations of your body and realize that it is the fruit of your job, why don’t you share your experience with others in your essay? Or, trust the college essays helper to complete your whole story clearly and effectively with regard to all your advances in sport and health.

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4. Fighting the fear

This point needs elaborate analysis. It is proved that fear is an obstacle to personal growth. The feeling of fear occurring at the moment of danger is a natural feeling. There’s nothing shameful about it. From the scientific point of view, it is the alarm signal of a danger that emerges as an exertion of self-preservation instinct. The fear summons our physical vigor, enhances brain activity, sharpens one’s attention, and helps break the deadlocks. The main ways to overcome a fear is determining its reasons and finding alternatives. In such a way, the fear disappears and a person will know how to react and act in future. In some scenarios, fears are our assistants, for instance, when the real danger takes place; when person’s actions will be the guarantee of aggravation of someone’s condition and the punishment is inevitable; when a person establishes a particular goal. In corresponding situations, the fear gives the energy to set about more serious and firm actions.  

What is more curious, there exists a specific phobia of success which is called achievemephobia. If you have this one, you should really escape from that fear, otherwise, your essay will definitely be a fail. That’s a joke, indeed. Anyway, you should click the link above as it will be useful to know more about that phobia. So, let us imagine that you are afraid of heights. You can easily get rid of this fear due to extreme sports and attractions such as bungee jumping or a roller coaster. If you have already done it, why don’t you write about this huge achievement? Are you frightened by the forthcoming public speech? Prepare yourself for it carefully, make it, work it, do it! Remember that the hardest battle is the battle happening inside you. On this account, you will represent a good model, a fearless one. Isn’t it a perfect achievement?

5. Private life achievements

Private life is one of the most precious topic to talk about. It depends on your independent way of life, your biography and plans. In short, persons of ripe years are usually proud of being happily married, raising beautiful kids and helping their own parents and grandparents. It is clear that you do not need to show off your family life or expose its most intimate moments. Young people can write about being good brothers or sisters, for example. Tell the story of your influence on your siblings, maybe, you are taking part in their upbringing and teaching them what is good and what is bad. If you have no siblings, here is another idea. Perhaps, you have started to make your living early and help your parents maintain the house, or, let us say, you have moved to a fine place, your own place, and feel happy right now.

6. Accomplishments in changing your attitude to day-to-day situations

The desire to learn something new is bound to be a personal attainment of a successful person. This entails not only the professional activity. You can learn how to act in situations that are more intimate. I guess many of us experienced particular moments that retransformed our insight. When something goes wrong, we meticulously analyze our own behavior or try to cope with things that urge others to act in a certain way. For instance, you learn how to control your emotions and, therefore, with this skill you can find way from difficult situations honorably. You learn how to forgive others and, consequently, you become more open hearted, more understanding and benevolent. Or, you learn how to apologize and it helps ease your inner feeling of guilt, change all negative emotions into positive. Read our apology essays in which we bring up this issue, reflect on why it is necessary to admit mistakes and offer some tips on writing a letter of apology.

7. Small good deeds

You should never underestimate the power of small good deeds. Goodness stays in the memory of people for many years to come regardless of its scope. But the most significant in goodness, to my mind, is the fact that it arouses contagious enthusiasm to do something good in other people. There is a keen feeling inside me that by having done something good, a person obtains unexpected present from his or her fate after a while. Let’s recall what good deeds we can render frequently to put ourselves and someone else in a cheerful frame of mind and make the world more humane.

  • Give something back to the community. Find some nice but old clothes in your cupboard or things that are no longer useful for you and present them to an orphan home or, perhaps, to another place where natural hazard happened (such contributions can be made regularly due to volunteering organizations, for instance). If those clothes became unnecessary for you, they may make others happy. Your clothes may warm someone, or, even save from death.
  • Leave a positive testimonial for your favorite restaurant, café or any public place, which you consider to be worth visiting. It will not take you long to do so, and the place that you praised will get new customers. Your friends will be also grateful for your advice on visiting a wonderful place where they can spend their night with pleasure.
  • Donate your blood. Even one donation to the blood transfusion station may save someone else’s life.
  • Help your new neighbors to accustom and familiarize with their new place. Offering your help in moving to the new house will be a good start. A few simple actions will redound to deepen good neighborly relations and, probably, put the basis of firm friendship:
  • Let someone pass in a queue at the supermarket. If your shopping basket is full and you have a person with one bottle of water, for example, it is not so hard to let him or her make their purchase faster. Especially, if you do not need to hurry. I am sure, that the person will be not only surprised but very grateful.
  • Surprise your friend. Send some unexpected gift, at times, you can do it without some special motive. Just make such a gesture to cheer him or her up. You can send a card to the friend living far from you. It can be also an exemplar of best detective books or some kind of joyful toy. Getting presents is always a pleasure.
  • Bring delicacies to your office. Offer cakes or doughnuts to your colleagues. Bring some berries or fruit, it will definitely make their morning better!
  • Suggest your parking lot. Finding a parking lot near the Mall is a true problem, in particular, on holidays. If you are ready to drive away and noticed the driver who tries to find a free lot, let him know that you are going to leave your lot.
  • Share your discounts on various goods. If there is a discount coupon in your pocket and you are not sure that you need it, give it to someone for whom it may be helpful. Do not save them until the end of discount validity in order not to throw it away with no use.
  • Teach your friend something useful or explain someone the phenomena in which you are adept. Recently, our blog has helped a student with writing an argumentative essay on global warming. The problem was quite hard and many-sided so we did our best to explain the background of such a process and possible danger and effect that can be caused by global warming on human, nature and the Globe itself.
  • Give useful pieces of advice. If you know something better than other people do, direct your knowledge towards helping them. For example, you can help someone in choosing a dog breed or consult a person on new indie music, art, history and so forth.  
  • Make an experiment. Read out the list of things to buy for 1 dollar, make a cheap purchase and give it to someone just for fun. You will notice that doing good does not require many resources. It is about the attention and time we can give to others.

Surely, it is not the full list of good deeds a person may do. Every trifling action forms the chain of good actions further, so do not neglect the small good deeds. Taking account of personal accomplishments (for example, creating a photo album of triumphal moments in your life or making a board or a collage on your wall) is a good training of confidence. In addition, when the feeling of winged sentiments and self-reliance are present, it is much easier to reach higher heights. If you have problems with it, find a person that has gained a lot and observe how his or her progress developed. For such cases, we have an interesting essay about famous American President Barak Obama, see how he made it here:

We suppose these five simple paragraphs are going to make you reflect on your personal attainments and ease the accomplishments essay writing process. After finishing your essay, do not forget to turn to this page so that you can assure that everything is all right. Moreover, if you will order other types of assignments online, you will get a discount. The team of expert writers is always ready to offer homework essay help for students, render assistance in composing a thesis or dissertation for academicians, and make an article review for you. We are waiting for your order. 

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