How To Write An Essay On Apology


How To Write An Essay On ApologyIt happens that there is a conflict situation or misunderstanding with the client or customer. And it even does not matter who is guilty of it: the client is the client, and if he is dissatisfied, then he will never address your company any more. Moreover he will also tell his friends how bad your services are … Therefore if your company is interested in preserving of good relations with visitors, clients and buyers, it is necessary to be able to apologize for all your misses. The tool for this purpose is an essay on apology.

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In a situation of the conflict you need to round off rough corners as soon as possible. One of obligatory professional qualities of the manager working with people is ability to expect an official claim and to prevent its emergence.

The letter of apology is one of the most difficult letters relating to business correspondence. Firstly, it is extremely difficult to keep balance between desire to keep the quite good relations with the customer and desire to save your company and not lose public face. Secondly, very often the author of a letter apologizes not for his mistakes, but for a blunder of the subordinated employees or workers of other department. But anyway it is necessary to apologize.

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When do we need to write a letter of apology?

It is desirable to send the letter of apology to the client without waiting for his claims in the next cases:

  • Non-executions of clauses of the contract or the assumed liabilities.
  • Violation of business etiquette or incorrect behavior of your company staff in the relation to or in the presence of the client or the staff of the client's company.
  • The force majeure circumstances which led to agreement breach. Yes, you do not bear responsibility for mass power outage in the city, a flood or an earthquake. But it is necessary to tell about it.

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Structure of the letter of apology

The letter of apology is a type of the business letter therefore rules of its creation and structure do not especially differ from rules of creation and structure of any other business letter. Universal rules of writing business letters are described here.

In a subject of the letter it isn't necessary to specify that it exactly an apology letter. Let it will be neutral: "About the contract supply …", "About signing the act of the performed works" and so on.

The text of the apology letter is written on behalf of the head of department or, even better, the head of organization. Thereby you show that the management is aware of a problem and personally aims to its solving.

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The letters are usually printed on the official form of the company for business letters and are always registered as outgoing correspondence according to the standard procedure.

Contents of the apology letter

The text of the letter can be divided into several semantic parts:

1. Apology

It is the first paragraph or the first offer. Apologies are made only once at the beginning of the letter!

For example:

“Dear Samantha!

In connection with current situation we would like to apologize for the actions of our employee …”

2. Explanation of the reasons

In this part of the letter you will write about the reasons which led to a conflict situation. You shouldn't embellish details or, especially, to think out nonexistent details. It won't lead to anything good. It is also desirable to avoid such phrases as "there was a misunderstanding", "a small problem", "an accidental delay" and so on. Even if you consider that the arisen situation really is small misunderstanding, then it is worth thinking that for the client it can be a big trouble. Apology essays should always contain explanation of the reasons!

For example:

“Delivery of products was detained because of the mistake which happened in sales office: the incorrect commodity code was inserted in the registration form.”

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3. Expression of regret and chagrin

The main thing here is not to repeat and not to begin again to apologize. Once at the beginning of the letter it was already made, it is not necessary to do it anymore. The purpose of this part is to let the client know that an unpleasant incident is an exception of the general rule.

For example:

“We are extremely upset that you had to waste your time for a trip to our office.”

4. Inform the customer, that you have put in place the necessary remedial measures.

The subtlety of this fragment of the letter of apology is in that here you need to try to avoid future time. Phrases "we will try to understand", "the employees guilty of this situation will be punished", "measures will be taken" and so on. Write as if all measures are already made.

For example:

“We have given a talk with workers of a trading floor about inadmissibility of incorrect behavior with visitors. Authority punishment in the form of the reprimand is applied to a prime consultant.”

5. Conclusion

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Here you need to thank the client for the shown understanding, patience, to express hope that similar situations will not repeat in further.

For example:

“We thank you for the shown understanding and we hope that this incident will not influence our old and effective cooperation.”

Cases when it is worth writing the letter of apology to your partners or clients can be different. Working competently, you have all chances to make dissatisfied client the loyal and benevolent partner.

With a help of this plan you may write an apology essay to teacher, to your parents, to children and so on.

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