Essay About Obesity: The Disease Of Modern Society


Essay About ObesityIt is not a big secret that nowadays people move noticeable less than, let’s say, a hundred years ago. Mention in your essay about obesity that a lot of people work in offices and spend the biggest part of their days sitting in front of the computer without a single move, except typing on a keyboard and clicking with a mouse. Now let’s see what these people usually eat during the lunch-break or with their tea or coffee. As a rule, it is something from fast-food restaurants or some kind of sweets, cookies or pastry.  This type of food contains a significant amount of calories, sugar and fat. Besides, after a working day is finished the majority of office workers go home and spend their evening in front of the TV eating a dinner, which is usually consist of some kind of unhealthy snacks. Consequently, office workers usually put on weight quickly. But these people are not the only one vulnerable group. Today even children and youth suffer greatly from this sickness. Obesity influences our lives immensely. It prevents us from moving freely and doing easy day-to-day things. It also has a huge impact on our health, length and quality of our lives. Physicians are highly worried about this issue and try to fight with it giving us some pieces of advice on how to prevent obesity and stay active and healthy. In our essay on obesity we will gladly share these tips with you. Besides, we will talk about the scientific view on this problem and discuss its causes and effects on human’s health. By the way, to create your own essay about this immensely important issue you may apply to our professional writing service.

What are obesity and the medical view on it?

Practitioners of medicine usually define obesity as a state of person’s health, when the amount of body fat has risen to the point when it could possibly have an effect on his/her health. It is also considered to be a chronic metabolic disease which may start in any age and cause a huge weight gain. Experts emphasize that this illness usually accompanied by the sharp increase of sickness and death rate among the population. Obesity is usually caused by the imbalance between the consumed and spent energy. In other words, when a person eats more food than he/she needs for doing some activity, he/she is likely to put on weight. This disease does not depend on genetic factors; however, it is quickly spreading today. Scientists name three main causes of obesity which you should mention in your causes of obesity essay:

  • Increase of nutrition and decrease of moving activity;
  • Diseases of pancreas, hepar or bowels;
  • Genetic disorders.

There are also several vulnerable groups:

  • People who  have not enough activity;
  • People who have such genetic factors as heightened or reduced activity of lipogenesis enzymes;
  • People who have some endocrine diseases;
  • People who suffer from some kind of psychological eating disorders (for example, emotional overeating);
  • People who have an inclination to stress;
  • People who sleep not enough.

During the evolutionary process human’s body accommodated to accumulate fat when there is an abundance of food in case of lack of food in future. This process helped people to survive. That’s why in ancient time stout people were considered to be rich, healthy and fertile. Many ancient statues and pictures prove this thought. There are some countries that suffer from obesity more than others. Among them are Mexica, the USA, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Chile, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, New Zealand, Russia, Great Britain, Israel and some others. According to the last UN report there are from 25 to 32 per cent of people with obesity in these countries.

In 2016 The Lancet has published the results of the latest research which show that there will have been about 20 per cent inhabitants of the Earth suffering from obesity by 2025.

For obesity diagnostics physicians usually use body build index. The index from 18.5 to 25 is considered to be normal. Results from 30 to 35 points show the first stage of obesity, from 35 to 40 – the second stage, more than 40 – the third stage. You will read in many obesity essays that BBI remains a single international measure for obesity stage estimation. However, may people do not trust this method, because it does not take into consideration muscle and fat ratio that may lead to great amount of mistakes. Anyway, Magnetic Resonance imagining is proved to be the most precise method of estimation of fat amount in the body.

The abdominal obesity may be especially dangerous, because it usually leads to a number of heart disease and high blood-pressure. People suffering from any kind of obesity are ten times more likely to get atherosclerosis. Besides, obesity affects our mental activity and thinking process. And did you know that obesity causes sexual function disorders and people become unable to conceive a baby. In addition, it may result in type 2 diabetes and cancer. Sometimes it can also cause asthma, hepatic steatosis and sleep apnoea.

There is a popular opinion that almost all American people have problems with high weight. And one should admit that it is true. Many Americans suffer from obesity due to their life style and nutrition culture. Anyway, remember that if you are interested in the issue of American obesity or you have to write an obesity in America essay, you are welcome to use our writing service.

How to overcome obesity once and forever?

There are several ways of fighting against obesity:

  • Keeping a diet with high content of fiber and vitamins and reduced amount of carbs;
  • Physical exercises;
  • Medical treatment;
  • Psychotherapy which should prevent weight problems in future.

Surgery could be used for obesity treatment as well. It is able to make stomach smaller and a person consequently will feel full after eating smaller amount of food, which lessen chances to gain more weight or gain weight again.

So if a person is determined enough to lose weight, he/she has a lot of opportunities to do it. However, if you have a significant amount of redundant weight, you’d better not start losing your weight by your own. Use some professional help. Ask your dietitian and coach for advice and practical help. In would be a good idea to use the help of psychologist. That will make the process of weight loss much easier for you. Talk to your friends and relatives about this problem and ask them for support. They definitely will not refuse. And the most important thing: stay positive and motivated. Try to heighten you awareness on the subject of obesity. Learn some facts which will motivate you when you will feel like stopping. For example, did you know that overeating and obesity are as dangerous for your health as alcohol abuse? By the way, you may read our alcohol addiction essay.

We would like to sum up our argumentative essay on obesity wishing you strong health and slim waist. Love yourself and care about health of your body.