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Money does matter: how to plan a student’s budget

For many young people, becoming a student means a great change and the first step towards an independent adult life. On the one hand, this, of course, is good, as a young person finally gets the long-awaited freedom about which he or she was dreaming, however, on the other hand, there are certain difficulties because now we have to rely only on ourselves. It is you who organize your life and only you, not your mom or dad, so, it’s high time to learn to do it. Nevertheless, don’t expect you will get this rocket science immediately, as even the wisest people can’t master the art of living a hundred percent. The wisest decision that can be taken is to try your best planning your life, and not to feel too bad when your plans are ruined.

According to the fast UK proofreaders from, the most difficult issue of independent student’s life is how to spend money sparingly because there are so many temptations around, especially for the young and wild. In addition, as you know, the scholarship of students leaves much to be desired, and parents cannot always provide financial assistance to the student. How to spend money economically and plan your budget is a whole science for the student. Do not expect that everything will turn out right away, you need to practice a little and learn how to limit your desires. With a little effort and patience, it will all work out, and you will not only learn to live economically but also save money for something really important.

Many students, especially at the very beginning of the study, faced a situation when the money sent by parents or scholarship received was wasted for a couple of days, as a result, you may barely make the ends meet until the end of the month. You have to save on quality of your life, ignoring the healthy food and activities, in favor of the cheapest ones. If such situation is quite common, and face it a month in and month out, then, you should think of being more economical for your own good, and experts able to write, edit, or proofread any assignments will gladly help you to improve the quality of your life!

These are the efficient ways of how to spend money economically:

Take control of your expenses

The first step is to learn how to take into account your expenses. So, the main expenses are money for travel, food, and housing. After the happy moment of receiving a scholarship or money from your parents, it would be great to put aside the amount needed to pay for the hostel or dorms, food, and transport expenses, as well as money to pay for communication services.

The remaining amount of money should be divided by the number of days in a month, thus, you will calculate the pocket money that can be spent per day. However, it doesn’t mean that you should spend the same amount of money day in and day out, and can’t go party with friends on Sunday, use the principle of balancing between your expenses. If you spend more today, you should spend less tomorrow. Quite simple!

Editor’s choice:

- Create a table with expenses, incomes

It might seem to you that this couldn't be more simple, you should only put down the sum of money you’ve spent and the item or service you’ve bought. However, many young people have difficulties with this process. The simplest option is to record how much money is available on the first day of the month, what this money is spent on. Therefore, the student will know where his means go. These records will reveal unnecessary waste. In addition, after the analysis, it will be clearer how to allocate the budget.

- Benefit from being a student

When buying a ticket for a transport, do not forget that you can take advantage of your social status that will cut travel expenses. Student ID card or ISIC card in the US is a great way to discover a bunch of the brand new opportunities at less price than others! The essential is to find out how exactly it works so that you may use your card whenever you need, and save your money!

- Find a part-time job

In most cases, the student's income is a scholarship and financial assistance from the parents. However, if you decide to get a part-time job while studying to increase your budget, it is important to remember that this should not interfere with your studies. In general, you will barely be surprised by the abundance of vacancies for students, however, any man who wants work can find work. All you need is to put some forces, never give up scrolling the job vacancies, and boost your creativity ( to find something really great.

Do not spend more than you have!

Another important rule of economical student: do not spend more than you have, because this will lead to permanent debts, get out of which is quite difficult, and sometimes impossible without the outside help.

Plan your meal for a week, or even for a month, so that it’s easy to make the purchases buying everything you need at once. Sometimes, you can find the product you need on sale, or buy in bulk at a more profitable price. Anyway, the money has a way of disappearing, therefore, it’s extremely important to buy the food items for you in advance. This way, you can be sure that you won’t starve. Incidentally, among the bloggers, the topic of surviving for the little money per month is quite popular now, therefore, you may watch such vids to get inspired and understand that you don’t need lots of money to be fed. In addition, here are top 20 tips on how to survive with very little money that may become your inspirational source as well.

If you want to have a snack during classes, choose cheaper options, for example, a college or university canteen. You may also prepare some sandwiches or salad and take with you in one of the cute food containers. For some students, it isn’t cool to take own food at university, however, you may always play snob and refuse to eat the «junk» food that can be bought near your educational institution.

In addition, don’t forget about the parents’ help, as it can come in handy exactly at the moment you need. However, here you also shouldn’t count on it too much. If you want to start an adult life, you should rely on yourself most, nevertheless, in the most situation, no matter how old you are, you will always get a timely help from your nearest and dearest.

How else can you save?

- Refuse or at least restrict the bad habits. This will save both health and budget. After all, a significant amount of money is spent on the daily purchase of cigarettes and beer. However, the experts from affordable essay writing service, being the students once, advise you not to prone to extremes, as sometimes, the one cigarette or a glass of wine can save our organism from the nervous breakdown.

- Try to spend less on mobile communication and texts. In case if you haven’t done it yet, the various messengers may replace the communication by phone, and save your money as well. However, make sure that you pay for the mobile Internet, as it is literary the life savior.  

- Learn to cook on your own, it will be much cheaper than buying ready-made food or eating out. Yes, it can be difficult, yes, not all people like it, however, it is the great investment in the future, as the earlier you learn to cook, the easier your life is. You may even start writing down the easiest and the tastiest recipes so that they are available all the time. We recommend you to take a close look at the Mediterranean diet that is both healthy and tasty:

- Transport expenses. If your living place is located near the educational institution, then you will not have to spend money on reaching it day in and day out. It means that you should think strategically during searching for the best living place for the nearest year(s). If the sequence of events has brought you to choose the living place located far from your university, the ISIC card, mentioned above, will do a good job for you!

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