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Davis, Writer: Writing from scratch is the most popular service that you can get at We can write from scratch any paper your prof/supervisor/tutor requires, including essay, coursework, research paper, dissertation, thesis, etc. Really any, even if you can’t find the name of desired assignment in the order form, don’t hesitate to choose the option «other» and type or insert the detailed instruction. If you feel something is unclear or want to clarify the details, our support agents who work around the clock to response rapidly are always here to help. You are welcome to send your request via the live chat to make sure you’ve chosen the right options for the order. Anyway, we will surely contact you if any issues, thus, stay calm and don’t forget to check your profile from time to time in case your Writer requires the additional information. Take your time thinking about the smart writing service benefits, and feel free to examine the samples of our writing, kindly presented by the actual writers in the blog section. For example, the argumentative essay that raises the controversial issue of euthanasia ( will help you not only to assess our skills but also to take a page, learning the structure and useful transition words. Talking about writing service, I can’t help mentioning the terms needed to complete any order. The possibility to choose the perfect time to get the written paper goes without saying! If something changes, you have the opportunity to change your deadline as well. All you need to do is to send the message via your order's profile or notify a support agent, and we will do our best to meet your requirement. In general, any deadline that is convenient for you is possible: from two months to 12 hours, the professional writing crew will create an excellent paper for you. Moreover, despite the shortest possible terms of writing, the quality of the paper remains consistently high!

Charlize, Editor: “Editing is the second most popular service among proofreading, rewriting and revision. This is the perfect decision for everyone who was brave enough to bring him/herself to write this paper but something went wrong and no forces left to edit it properly. My team of editors and I stand ready to take your paper to make the necessary corrections according to the academic standards, make sure your writing follows the style, pay close attention to the words’ choice, take a fresh look at the logical coherence of your text, adding, deleting, or moving the paragraphs to reach the perfection. Our main objective is to polish your writing without changing the meaning thus don’t expect the editor to introduce the new ideas to your paper. We are here to check your writing accurately and send the perfect paper back to you. What about the deadlines, it is obvious that editing usually takes less time than writing, therefore it is better to order this services with deadlines from 3 days to 12 hours. Of course, you can (even should) place your order in advance but the majority of our clients prefer to procrastinate till the last minute, wake up the day before passing and require hysterically to edit their writing as soon as possible. And we gladly help them! We are aimed at your study success, we care about every student, that's why we chose the profession of an editor. Except for the productive working days, we made a habit of constant upgrading to stay up-to-date and provide the best quality editing: the day in and day out we master the new skills and discover the new details of editor's profession. That's why you can be sure you are in the very capable hands by ordering with us

Benjamin, Proofreader:  “This is my first job after graduation. As I’m still in the process of mastering the editor’s skills, I practice by performing the English grammar and spelling check, proofreading in one word. After I’ve completed the order, my tutor checks the quality of my work, detect the mistakes, explain the grammar rules and help to avoid them in the future. First, it was a hard time for me, as I didn’t get used to sit still and focus on the paper for a long time. Frankly, I couldn’t stand writing papers during my student time, I’m not so good at writing now as well, nevertheless, I discovered the magic of editing and proofreading, as it turned out I adore finding and fixing the mistakes of others. I’ve become the true Grammar Nazi and can annoy my friends by correcting their mistakes. Finally, I feel my power so that everyone will respect my grammar authority!

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Alison, Rewriter:In this sphere of activity the frequently asked question is «What is the purpose of rewriting?». Eventually, the day when I can answer this question once and for all has come! Rewriting is redoing your text to make it stronger and avoid the plagiarism without changing its meaning. Even the most brilliant ideas won’t guarantee you the high grade if your wording is weak. We work on your vocabulary, sentences structure, and logical coherence. The pleasant bonus is plagiarism report you will get free together with the rewritten paper on your mail to make sure it is 100 % original. You probably know better than us that the plagiarism checkers may consider a paragraph as a plagiarized even if you write it almost by yourself. Therefore, contacting the cheap and quick essay rewriter is the wise decision. Despite this service is in demand, from time to time I moonlight as the writer to continue my professional development

Michael, Support Agent: “We are the kind of mediators between the customer and the company. We process your chat requests and explain you the details of the smart writing service functioning. And don’t you dare to think that it’s an easy deal to be a support agent! We work day and night to ensure the constant communication, answer your questions immediately, give you a discount or help you with placing an order. If any issue arises, you know whom to contact first! We answer hundreds of questions, asked by English-speaking students from different Earth corners. We are always glad to be of any assistance and want our customers to be completely satisfied with the services he or she gets at!

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