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As you can see, it’s not hard to place an order with us. These simple actions can be your first step to happiness, as you shouldn’t do the boring assignments yourself, and have some free time to do what you really like. However, what are the other secrets of happiness? Alternatively, we should rather demand what habits it’s better to avoid to reach the happiness? You don’t know? In this case, this post on the bad habits that prevent us from being happy by our academic writing team will come in handy!

So, what SHOULDN’T you do to reach the happiness?

#1 Compare yourself to others

Comparisons won’t result in anything good, for sure. Frequently, we begin to compare ourselves, our study successes, and even our relationships to many people at once, and each of those people seems to have a much better life. It can backfire on you so that you can completely lose your individuality and start living according to the useless patterns that you create in your head yourself. As a result, you will get only a low self-esteem, and your nearest and dearest will be the first victims of the destructive habit to compare yourself to others. What is more, if you choose such a behavior model, and don’t want to change it for a long time, it can even lead to a relationships break, as nobody wants to tolerate a constantly unsatisfied person next to him/her.

If you’ve noticed this problem exist, try not to get too involved into the stories of other people, most likely you’ll notice only their successes, and ordinary life with its problems will remain out of sight. In addition, who can be sure of the trustfulness of such stories? Be aware of the positive moments in their lives, however, you still should focus on building your own happiness. Believe in yourself and above all in the fact that you have everything you need to succeed. It’s only a matter of time, as the online English writer & proofreader is sure that some ideas just require more time to implement them.

#2 Lead a sedentary lifestyle

It isn’t a big secret that our happiness and emotional state, in general, depend on how healthy we are. Thus, keeping fit is a great idea for young people, especially those who suffer from anxiety or mild depressions, as during any physical activities endorphins or hormones of happiness are produced in the body. Doing sports is one of the great ways to boost your immune system as well. Start to lead an active way of life, and you will quickly notice how all negative thoughts will disappear from your mind replaced with only positive ones. Remember, how pleasant it is to feel tired after a long walk, skating, or a good workout, and just repeat it again!

Editor’s choice:

#3 Live in the past

Do not cling to your past, no matter how beautiful it was. By staying constantly in our memories, we often get stuck in one place and stop moving on. Now, it’s the new page of your life, you quitted your home to enter the university of your dream (or maybe not exactly), however, the fact remains: everything has changed, and you are on your way to the adulthood. Leave your past behind and don’t look back, it doesn’t matter anymore. Start living for today and appreciate the events that happen to you, even if they don’t seem to be as pleasant as you would like them to be. Perhaps, the problem is that you underestimate them, as God works in mysterious ways. In any case, you just must remember: what’s happening here and now will never happen again. Perceive happiness as a process, not as the ultimate goal of your life path. And remember, you can start this right now.

#4 Worry

Anxiety is a form of fear, and fear is one of the strongest base emotions of a person. Living without fear would be great but what is interesting is that we need it for self-preservation and survival, because it is a reaction for the protection, escape, or prevention of pain or threat. This is our nature. Roosevelt once said that the only thing that is really worth being afraid is a fear itself, but in 99% out of 100% cases, we seem to be afraid of other things that are not something to be afraid of. What will the prof say about your paper, will the girl/boy you like notice your new hairstyle, will you be asked the additional questions during an exam, or will you pass it decently, whom to pay to write your essay flawlessly, not to mention the numerous «What if…» that are the great reason for anxiety out of nowhere. Great and not so great fears poison our lives day in and day out. Instead of enjoying every day, sunny or rainy, we are afraid of essays writing, exams preparation, low grades, social life, and the future itself. Ask yourself «Will I be afraid of it in a year? In three years?» No? There is nothing to worry about then.

#5 Envy

One of the essential human’s qualities that prevents people from being happy is envy. One can find millions of reasons for being envy. Some of your group mates have a better academic performance than you, some of your acquaintances are richer than you, some are more talented and hard-working, some are more beautiful. These comparisons that we have already mentioned in the point number one, are eating you from the inside out, and one of their main reasons is envy. You should overcome your envy at short notice, using every opportunity to do it, as this feeling will get you nothing except for self-destruction. All in all, mind your own business! Make your life so exciting and fill it with the bright events so that you have no time for envy.

#6 Blame others

Frankly speaking, it's high time to stop blaming others for your failures if you still haven’t done it. The first step to a happy life is to realize that everything that you get is the result of your and only your thoughts and actions. Accusing someone or something of your mishaps, you, first, take off all the responsibility for what is happening with you now, secondly, you stop managing the situation, thirdly, you recognize the superiority of the mishap to you. Do you need it? Isn’t it exactly the time to remember that you are an adult, and responsible person, fully capable of managing your own life and worthy of happiness?

Learn more following these links:

#7 Complain

It’s obvious that we aren’t robots, thus, allow ourselves to complain about our lives to a friend, mother, or roommate from time to time. If this happens occasionally, you shouldn’t even worry about it (if you still worry, refer to the point #4) but if it’s become a rule rather than an exception, it's time to reconsider your behavior. The smart writer and academic editor know better than anyone that the world isn’t perfect and never shall be, the injustice and misery flourish, it's time to understand this, you are almost an adult, and instead of wasting time and energy on complaints, gather strength and do something useful for yourself, and for the world. In general, act! Complaining and despair is the path of least resistance, however, you should take the roads less traveled to reach your happiness.

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#8 Live other people's lives

As long as you were a child, parents, and teachers, by the kindness of their heart, told you what they think you should become. You grew up, this role was taken with pleasure by profs or group mates, and your parents will give you their advice to the rest of their lives. Now, if you are trying to meet the demands and expectations of these people, we guarantee you won’t become happier! One of the ultimate life goals (and the only, according to the smart writers) is the self-realization. Do your best to find the sphere of activity you would like to try yourself in, and try, try, try, until you understand that it isn’t your cup of tea or until you catch a wave. We hope, you’ve chosen your uni or college according to your desires and not of your parents’ wish? If no, maybe, it’s high time to change the field of study replacing it with the one that will surely make you happy? Here, the hardest is to understand what do you really want to get from your life, after it, setting the right goals won’t be a big deal for you! To make it even easier, check this post on goal setting:

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