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Is it possible to reach success both in life and studies?

It’s the million-dollar question, as many people are trying to balance life and studies or career but only a few of them reach this goal. However, if with the first part of your life, namely studies, our service can help you, the second part, personal life, should be fixed yourself.

To achieve success in life, it is important to believe in yourself and not be afraid of difficulties. How to become self-confident? What do you need to develop this valuable quality? The professional writers’ team from essay service tried to figure it out and find the answer.

Psychologists say that self-confidence is a person's belief that he or she:

…is able to cope with life situations;

…can find a way out of an embarrassing situation;

…can deal with fears and doubts that rage in the soul.

Many people think of how to become bolder and more confident because they understand well that shyness greatly complicates today’s life, prevents the study progress (a student is shy about answering in front of everyone, for example), communication with people, and making friends.

Confidence and success

Looking at the successful people, you may draw the conclusion that they know exactly what they want, overcome the obstacles in life easily and achieve both their long-term and short-term goals ( It often seems to us that confidence is an inborn feeling only the chosen ones have. However, this is not true. The self-confidence is the result of constant self-improvement. The difference is that some people need to work on themselves more, and some less.

The first rule of becoming more confident is to believe in yourself. Nevertheless, we need a particular reason for being confident, therefore, try to develop the qualities that are the characteristics inherent to confident people.

- Eliminate self-pity, as it is the quality of weak, insecure people.

- Learn to respect yourself. Each person is unique, inimitable, and definitely has his or her own sort of talent. Set yourself the task of sorting out the qualities and actions for which you should be respected, concentrate on this feeling, and develop it.

- Make sure your appearance is flawless and smile more. It is much easier to demonstrate a strong character and self-confidence if the clothes, make-up, and hairstyle are in a perfect order. The people who surround you feel a positive energy and pay attention to it. The impeccable appearance raises self-esteem and gives self-confidence.

- Strive for personal fulfillment. Except for your studies, it is desirable to find an occupation that brings satisfaction and joy to you. A hobby helps to stand out from the crowd, find a fulfillment, and meet like-minded people. You can start a blog, organize a shelter for homeless animals, do sports, etc. People will appreciate achievements, and this will help raise self-esteem.

The main thing is not to be afraid of having a fresh start, change your behavioral stereotypes. Stop accepting the role of the second plan, and brighten every your day It is quite difficult but still possible. Look back the only time to think of how many opportunities are missed, how many tasks you left incomplete, how many meetings you were afraid to go because of lack of self-confidence. It's never too late to stop being shy. You can always work up the courage and develop your self-confidence that will help to achieve respect, become brave, and live a full life.

Step-by-step instruction from the best essay site

Many tips on becoming confident bring real benefits and help work on yourself. To take a real advantage of all kind of recommendation including these ones from smart writers, it's important to set a goal and not to deviate from it. Only in this way you may become a confident person.

Also in this section:

Track your progress

To some young people, it might seem strange but the method really works. Small successes are difficult to keep in mind, people are embarrassed to talk about them, thus, they quickly forget them.

Use an ordinary notebook and put down in the evening the progress you managed to make during the day. It is not necessary for them to be epic, it can be a new hairstyle, a good purchase in the store, a successful project at work, a new acquaintance, or a perfect place to buy a good paper online etc.

Periodically re-read this kind of diary to remind yourself of your successes. This gives a confidence at the subconscious level. Little by little, you will notice that there are more and more achievements. One day you will realize that you have become a more confident person.

Fight your fears

To achieve the desired, it is necessary to overcome obstacles. Children will not be able to learn how to walk until they fall several times and they do not get a couple of bumps, and an athlete will not become an Olympic prize-winner without injuries. To gain self-confidence, you must constantly do things that you are afraid of.

Afraid to talk to a guy or smile to him, just do it. It is difficult to read a speech in front of a large audience, bring yourself together to do it. Want to wear this strange T-shirt but scary to stand out from the crowd, put it on right now! Need to hire college essay services but still hesitate to do it? It’s high time to contact us!

This will help you to find a way how to stop being shy and become more confident. The actions you are going to take to get out of your comfort zone shouldn’t obligatory have a deep meaning for your life, they end in themselves to help you become more confident. You should be patient and apply all your force because overcoming fear is difficult. Nevertheless, every new achievement will fill you with confidence. You will quickly notice that shyness and discomfort disappear, and you become calmer and braver.

Writer’s choice:

Give up comparing yourself to others

Self-confidence often comes to dust when a person begins to compare himself or herself to other people. This shouldn’t be done in no way, as you are guaranteed to downgrade your self-esteem immediately. People do not resemble each other. This does not mean that some are worse, others are better. It's just that we are all different.

Don’t dwell on the failures

Do not focus on failures. When something does not work out, do not scold yourself for it. Just analyze the mistakes you made and forget about what’s happened. If you dig up the past for a long time, thinking of the different scenarios of the events unfolding, it will become much more difficult to make an important decision next time, the best college application essay writing service knows it for sure. Nobody is safe from mistakes, the essential is to learn from them.

Criticism is not always good

Psychologists have noticed that children, who were often criticized, grow up as insecure people with a low self-esteem, for whom it is difficult to achieve success in life.

Becoming adults, try to avoid communication with people who speak ill of you and strongly criticize. Their negative emotions downgrade your self-esteem even if they say a complete lie. If you face such a person in your life, and he or she starts to criticize you for no reason, it's better to forget about the trouble and say: «I'm calm, I'm confident in myself and in my abilities.»

Change the manner of speaking

To become more confident in yourself, it is important to be on an equal footing with other people. Speak clearly, without hurrying up, do not show excitement or fear. Do not be afraid to be active during the classes and lectures, express your opinion, ask questions if something is unclear, take part in the university life.

Improve your communication skills, as this is one of the essential skills needed almost by every human. Find like-minded people and communicate with them on topics that interest you. Having been carried away by conversation, you will forget about uncertainty, speech becomes clearer, brighter, and in due course, you will learn to speak so always.

Praise yourself

How to become a confident person? Praise yourself more often! By tracking even the smallest your successes, you will get a good reason to make the life happier by buying an unnecessary but cute thing you always wanted to have, or by giving yourself a large piece of pizza, etc. In addition, don’t forget to praise yourself out loud to boost morale!

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A few more tips

A self-confident person possesses a good posture, sense of humor, and an open mind.

- Do not hide a sense of humor (if you have it, of course). A good joke brings people together, allows them to be closer to each other. This is a good way to become more sociable and self-confident.

- An insecure person, as a rule, avoids looking into other people's eyes during a conversation. If you have such a habit, eliminate it.

- In order to become self-confident, it is important not to seek excuses when one does not want to or is afraid of doing something. Get rid of this habit and master a new knowledge boldly, work hard, read more, communicate with people, travel. With each new success, self-confidence will increase.

The last tip from the professional custom papers company

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