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To illustrate this point, we’d like to share with you this post on how to make every your conversation successful. Therefore, if you have some problems with your communication skills, go on reading, as this post is exactly for you!

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Acquiring communication skills is another direction in working on building your confidence. It is impossible to achieve self-confidence without communication skills that’s why we decided to tell you more about this in the post. To make this process easier, we’ve sorted out the following set of actions you should do every time you’re having or stand ready to have a conversation. Thus, try to apply in practice this actions to make sure it really works!

Compliment and accept compliments

Unfortunately, people rarely compliment each other. We often notice that a person looks great or performs excellently, but rarely talk about it out loud, believing that this fact should not be discussed or that our opinion does not matter.

Do not forget that, according to the experience of the qualified essay rewriter at, from time to time people tend not to take a compliment. We are not so confident in ourselves, that’s why we do not pay attention to the approval of those who surround us. Therefore, if your compliment is taken coldly, do not give up, you may repeat it later or ask for a reason.

No less important is the way, which you choose to make a compliment. You need a clear and confident voice to praise someone and don’t forget about looking this person in the eyes. For example: “How beautiful that color is on you” or “You have done a great job!”. If you are kind to a person but do not tell him or her about it, then you refuse to use an important social skill, the manifestation of which will not only be pleasant to others but will also strengthen the confidence in yourself.

You will need to acquire the skill of accepting a compliment gracefully. If someone suddenly says that he or she likes the way you are dressed, then your answer like “This is my oldest shirt, I'm wearing it for a hundred of years” will be like a cold shower for both of you. Say simply “Thank you, I'm glad that you like it”. This will indicate that you are grateful for the compliment, and will make it clear to your interlocutor that his or her opinion is important to you.

Learn to communicate

Self-confidence helps not only to establish new contacts but also to find a way out of a difficult situation. The majority of people are afraid of communicating with a stranger, they are waiting for someone else to find the solution to the problem. Others, on the contrary, feel so relaxed that they do not allow others to insert a word.

The ability to find an approach to the interlocutor, engage and maintain a conversation with him or her is an important component of the self-confidence, which must be learned and used for good. Even the recent folk song that you’ve liked ( can be a trigger of a conversation, thus, use your imagination to become more sociable. Incidentally, the following point will give you more ideas to start the conversation.

Start a conversation

To begin the conversation, it is necessary to prepare an introductory phrase that would be relevant in any situation, for example: “Hello, it seems to me that we are not acquainted. However, I...” or “Let me introduce myself. My name is...”. In most situations, these simple phrases will be enough to make an acquaintance. 

The simplest way to start a conversation is to ask someone a question. But not too complicated, as it's a kind of hook, on which you can catch a potential interlocutor. For example: “Have you ever been to such an event?” Such a conversation may seem useless, but it is justified by the fact that it inevitably draws your interlocutor into a dialogue.

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Keep your conversation on

To keep the conversation going, keep asking questions. Form them so that the interlocutor could state his or her point of view when answering. For example: “How do you feel about the latest news about that?” or “What do you think about the new plan this?” Remember people like when their opinion is heard, and they are happy to talk about themselves and share their life experience.

This approach is more effective than the so-called “key question method”, which is used quite often and consists of asking for confirmation of your point of view, for example: “True?” or “A good idea, isn’t it?”

Questions serve as the driving force of a dialogue. Asking questions, you get rid of the painful need to make up what to say. Questions also allow you to maintain the conversation, as you listen carefully to the answer and find a topic for the next question in it. Asking questions, you flatter people’s vanity, suggesting that they are interesting to you because you have got into a conversation with them, and that they are good interlocutors since you listen to them. And while you’re improving your communication skills, we will be doing your homework

Talk about good things

From time to time, you have to face the fact that one of the people around you did something important or strongly objected to something. However, just noticing this is not enough if you want to strengthen your communication skills. If you do not express your approval, it will not give any result. Later, you will regret that you said nothing, especially if the time shows that your opinion could do a good job for a person.

Remember that a confident person is not afraid to talk about his or her feelings. For example: “I really liked that you have accepted/haven’t accepted the view of the majority, although it did not coincide with your point of view” or “I'm just amazed at how cleverly you’ve got out of the awkward situation.”

If you think that a person has committed an act that is worth noting, just tell him or her about it. This is a simple and proven way to strengthen your relationship because in the opinion of the best site to order essays papers, an approval will be pleasant not only to him or her, it will cheer you up as well.

Acknowledge your shortcomings

The majority of people perceives misunderstanding, ignorance, or inability as a sign of weakness. They believe that by confessing to their shortcomings, they admit their weaknesses. Nevertheless, in this way, they just express their self-confidence.

If you say “I've never been strong in arithmetic, explain this to me in simple words, please”, then you will give the person an opportunity to make sure that you are just a human like he or she.

The sincere recognition of their weaknesses is inherent to the self-confident people (those, for whom the opinion of others is not of great importance). An insecure person never confesses to his (her) weakness. If you learn to recognize your shortcomings bravely, you will show others that you are as imperfect as any of them. This way, the professional academic writer from is sure that in your company, people will feel truly comfortable.

Draw conclusions

Regardless of what do you prefer, to take the initiative or sit on the sidelines, always listen to others carefully and compliment, express your approval and try to take an active part in the conversation, even if you should overcome your social anxiety to do it. This is a very effective way to improve communication skills.

Thanks to such actions, demonstrating your self-confidence, you will be able to demonstrate the friendly attitude towards the others.

To draw the right conclusions and improve the situation, you should analyze your relationships with others and answer the following questions.

  • Do you know what role a compliment plays in acquiring the reputation of a self-confident person?
  • Do you understand that accepting compliments favorably, you make it clear to the interlocutor that you appreciate his or her attitude towards you?
  • Do you agree with the opinion that it is relatively easy to start a conversation?
  • Do you think that it is possible to maintain and develop a dialogue by asking questions?
  • Are you ready to express openly your approval if the actions of others deserve it?
  • Do you find it difficult to recognize your shortcomings?
  • Do you know that an open and benevolent attitude towards people is an inalienable quality of a confident person?

To sum up, the tips from this post will work out if you:

  • make sincere compliments to others;
  • accept compliments gracefully;
  • have several ways to start a conversation;
  • get full answers to the questions that begin with the words “what” and “how”;
  • let people know about your approval of their words or actions;
  • are prepared to admit the people’s shortcomings, especially if it is useful for the common good;
  • realize that assertive behavior is of great importance for the strengthening of relations between people.

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